St. Laurence C of E Junior Academy introduces book swap scheme for parents and carers

Book swap scheme

St Laurence C of E Junior Academy in Ramsgate has launched a new book swap scheme exclusively for parents and carers. Inspired by the success of the existing book swap for students, the school’s English lead Mrs Mountjoy, along with the help of Mr Pointer who crafted a book swap cabinet, has introduced the initiative to encourage parents and carers to discover new books and foster a love for reading.

The book swap is in the school’s main outside area, making it easily accessible for parents and carers during drop-off and pick-up times. The cabinet is well-stocked with a diverse range of books for adults, including fiction, non-fiction, catering to different interests and reading levels.

Parents and carers are encouraged to browse the books and select titles that pique their interest. They can take home the books they choose, read them at their leisure, and then return them to the book swap once they are finished. In this way, the book swap promotes a sense of community engagement and encourages parents and carers to share their reading experiences with one another.

Mrs. Mountjoy said: “We believe that reading is not just for children, but also for parents and carers. We wanted to create a space where parents and carers can discover new books, share their love for reading, and connect with other members of our school community.” She also extended her gratitude to Mr Pointer for his contribution in creating the book swap cabinet, which has added a touch of creativity and functionality to the program.

The book swap has been warmly received by parents and carers alike, with many expressing their enthusiasm for the opportunity to explore new books and engage with literature. “I love the idea of the book swap. I can’t wait to look through the new books!” said one enthusiastic parent.

The introduction of the book swap for parents and carers at St Laurence C of E Junior Academy is part of the school’s commitment to promoting literacy and fostering a love for reading among all members of the school community.