Police cordon in place in Ramsgate following reported stabbing

A police cordon was in place Photo UKNIP

A police cordon is in place in King Street, Ramsgate, following a reported stabbing.

A fight is reported to have broken out at M&M’s kebab shop with a man suffering stab injuries.

Emergency services were called and it is understood a man has been taken to hospital.


Broken glass, a lump of wood and discarded clothing remain at the scene. The cordon is outside M&M’s.

Kent Police has been asked for further details.

UPDATE: Four men arrested after violence in Ramsgate town and possible linked stabbing of taxi driver


  1. Cars over turning, two stabbings in a week, a cannabis farm !

    It will soon be saver to live in dipperpool !

  2. Sleepy old Ramsgate. As a previous comment said. ‘ Never happened in my day ‘ but that was late 60’s, and no kebab shops. Still its glad to know ‘some’ older people think the town, without a police presence is ‘safe’ at night.

  3. It’s not the presence of kebab shops that cause crime. It is partly the presence of pubs and clubs which are allowed to stay open till very late at night. Perhaps “very early in the morning” is more accurate for some places.

    • No, its the idiots that frequent the said venues and the toxic mix of chemicals and alcohol they imbibe which along with their neanderthal tendancies and full knowledge that they can do pretty much what they want without any real sanction , thats the problem. A return to proper policing of the past ( with its attendant brutality from the perspective of some) would do much to put things right.

  4. Getting WORSE and WORSE. Thats why i NEVER go out in the evenings in the town center not just Ramsgate-Everywhere.

  5. Wimp? Not a very politically correct comment from someone like you? If Mark Durrant feels like that you do not have to belittle his personal concerns.

  6. Evening starts when it gets dark. Which is teatime in winter. Is Mark Durrant really too frightened to go out at teatime?

    • You better ask him. I was referring to you calling individuals ‘wimps’without any knowledge of the background to the reason to Marks comment . Anyhow I’m not going to waste my time in a backward and forward to discussion with you.

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