Four men arrested after violence in Ramsgate town and possible link to stabbing of taxi driver

Police cordon at the site of a brawl last month Photo UKNIP

Police are appealing for witnesses following a violent disturbance in Ramsgate which resulted in four men being arrested.

The suspects were detained following a fight at M&M’s kebab shop in King Street, which happened shortly after 2am today (March 25).

It is reported that the men had previously been involved in an altercation in the Harbour Street area.

Police and ambulance crews attended, and two of the men were arrested at the scene and taken to hospital. Their injuries are not life threatening. One of them has injuries believed to have been caused by a knife.

The two other suspects were detained shorty after.

A police cordon was in place Photo UKNIP

Officers are appealing to anyone with information to contact them, including people who may have mobile phone footage and residents with doorbell and CCTV cameras.

Drivers who were in areas around King Street and Harbour Street are also urged to check dashcams. If you have information call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting 46/54058/23.

You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, or by using the online form on their website.

Linked assault

Police are also investigating the possibility that one of the suspects arrested is linked to a separate incident, which involved an assault on a taxi driver.

The assault happened at around 11.20pm yesterday (March 24), in Margate Road, Ramsgate.

The victim was allegedly robbed by a passenger of money and suffered injuries consistent with a stab wound. The injures are not life threatening.


  1. And still licences are granted for virtually all night boozing and takeaway venues when we all know what the consequences will be.

    • Of course it’s the businesses that are to blame and not the persons directly responsible for the incidents
      How can a takeaway establishment be held to account ? If the perpetrators were on drugs to we blame peru or the vietnamese ?
      What is the reason for the preoccupation for attacking the easy target and not the offender?

    • Just wait until they are spilling out of Dreamland after the 4AM concerts all tanked up. Of course the concerns of the police, local businesses & neighbourhood groups were all ignored by TDC, for the sake of keeping the hedge fund debt machine they have invested so much in going a bit longer.

      • That of course remains to be seen, but you’d have thought that given the concerns of the police and licenscing , TDC would have granted the licence extensions for this summer only to see how things pan out rather than the 18 month extension which will make it much harder to restrict the venue IF there are problems.
        It would also have been sensible for TDC to have made the new licence conditional on a aprk and ride scheme for the larger events and details as to how thanet would cope with 20,000 people attending a large event especially in terms of accomodation if evvents that size are over more than one day.
        Does anyone know how many bed spaces the thanet hospitality sector has ? I’d put money on it being totally inadequate for an additional 5k let alone 20.
        Though obviously just because a licence permits such numbers it doesn’t necessarily follow that evwnts of such a size will follow.

      • How on earth has Dreamland got a licence to have live and recorded music blasting out all night when neighbours are disturbed and cannot get any sleep? TDC is ignoring all those people living nearby. It’s a scandal really.

        • They don’t. The outdoor music shuts off at 11 in line with environmental health legislation. Their indoor venues, are licensed and sound monitored and don’t leak acoustically. Signed, someone who lives in weeing distance.

  2. I really feel sorry for the taxi drivers. They are trying to earn a living to provide for their families, but are given so much abuse from morons who are pi..ed up and demand to be taken home safely.

      • And, if the truth is known, the people who deliver food are also the victims of abuse ( ie, what took you so f…..g long, now it’s cold etc.)

        • Unfortunately that’s just a reflection of the attitudes of today. At least in those instances , the delivery address makes identifying the cretins in question a bit easier.

          • Likely also that most of the delivery people speak & read limited English & don’t know the area. I have had many over the years turn up at my address by mistake, due to a somewhat similar sounding road, close or avenue & then you have to try to explain to them where they need to go & it can take several minutes.

  3. All I see in these comments are “wagging fingers” like ‘I told you so’. When the fact of the matter is that as soon as they started kicking off at the harbour they should of been reported so at least they can be kept an eye on even if the police didn’t come straight out. A wannabe gangster twat will always be a twat wether you close places earlier or not so unfortunately if they can get away with it they will and unfortunately that night the twats ended up in Ramsgate. There’ll get away with it and it’ll be drawn out for months then dropped cos lack of evidence and then the cycle continues. If ppl are a threat to others just cos the bars shut later then get rid of the ppl, bang them up or bang them out, either way, this is unfortunately life and pointing fingers at everyone except the culprits is why we are a joke. To the world. We let anybody and EVERYBODY wLk allover us and constantly try bringing ppl down. First and last time I’m commenting on here. It’s mentally draining and so negative

    • Absolutely agree,,,, definitely not the late night businesses fault,, just some idiots that can’t handle their alcohol or whatever and want to cause trouble.

    • ” bang them up or bang them out,”

      Yes, the solution to late night, drug and booze fuelled violence, is more violence.

      That ALWAYS calms a situation and never begets more violence as retribution. No, sir. Not at all…

      “pointing fingers at everyone except the culprits is why we are a joke. To the world. We let anybody and EVERYBODY wLk allover us and constantly try bringing ppl down.”

      Say what you REALLY mean?

  4. Shut all these places at a decent time to allow neighbours some rest and peace, then there won’t be the customers on the streets stabbing each other.
    Only brave or stupid people will be out after 2.00am looking for Pizza.

  5. The problem with what happened was a large group of young males were made aware that someone had stabbed their friend , so then a mob of angry young men hunted the knife wielding man down and set upon him, but he was the one that had stabbed someone and carried on swinging the knife at others , so lets remember they hunted a knife wielding lunatic and beat him up and possible knived him with his own knife . Irony .

  6. Same pondlife that used to cause chaos outside KFC.
    Worst bit is parents who defend them!

    Scum breed scum

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