Another legal bid submitted to challenge Manston airport development judicial review decision

Manston airport site Photo Swift Aerial Photography

Another bid for a Judicial Review challenging the government’s decision to give the go ahead for the development of Manston airport has been lodged.

Last week a Judicial Review application submitted on behalf of Ramsgate resident Jenny Dawes was denied by the High Court but now a fresh attempt has been lodged asking for a planning judge to review the decision. .

Ms Dawes made an application last September following a government decision to re-grant a development order allowing airport owners RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) to create a new cargo hub at the site.

The first decision to grant permission for the Manston airport proposals was announced by government on July 9 2020 after delays in January and May.

The Department of Transport approved the application to create an air freight hub at the site. A Planning Inspectorate Examining Authority panel of Martin Broderick, Jonathan Hockley, Kelvin MacDonald and Jonathan Manning  had recommended that development consent should not be granted.

The first Judicial Review bid was then launched by Ms Dawes with Ramsgate Town Council as one of the backers with the majority of councillors agreeing to donate up to £10,000 of council funds to the cause.

In December 2020 the Department of Transport acknowledged that the decision approval letter issued from the Minister of State did not contain enough detail and in February 2021 the DCO approval was quashed. Further consultations and a report from Ove Arup, which agreed with the Planning Inspectorate panel findings, then followed.

The development approval was again issued last August by then Transport Minister Karl McCartney.

Ms Dawes then launched a second Judicial Review application in a bid to halt the airport plans and crowdfunded for pledges to pay for the action, which she said was due to the view the airport would cause: “irreparable harm to the people, environment and the economy of East Kent,”

This was refused last week by the Honourable Mr Justice Lane.

Now a new application for renewal of the claim for permission to apply for judicial review of airport decision has been submitted with the request it is to be reconsidered at a hearing in open court before a planning judge.

On the crowdfunding page raising money for the legal action Ms Dawes says: “These grounds of claim are of significance to campaigners across the country and it matters that the process of decision making should be fair, transparent and based on all relevant information, not biased by political or personal interest.

“This is particularly the case, when the experts, including the independent examining authority and the government’s own advisers, have recognised that there is no need for Manston Airport. The economic case simply does not stack up. When the climate change impacts are taken into account, it becomes a no-brainer.”

Tony Freudmann, of RSP, said: “The applicant is exercising her rights under the JR rules. We expect a quick hearing at which we shall be represented.”

A claim for judicial review may only be brought with the permission of the court. If the court is satisfied there is an arguable case, it will grant permission for the claim to proceed to a substantive hearing. If permission is refused, a claimant can apply to renew the permission application at an oral hearing. If this is denied the claimant will likely face an order for costs.

Find the judgement from last week here

RSP aims to create aviation at the site with a cargo hub and associated business. Plans for construction will be phased over 15 years and will include 19 freight stands and four passenger stands for aircraft as well as warehousing and fuel storage.

Second legal challenge bid against Manston airport development permission is dismissed


  1. i wish this woman would just jog on , its getting boring now , thanet needs this development , she would be better off trying to stop these endless housing devlelopments that will do far more harm to the area

      • Fellow DFL, I don’t do social media. This and a couple of music & book forums are what I do during breaks between work, something I more often than not do from 6am to 10pm…

        Back to my original point, people should know when to admit defeat – and then move on, get a hobby, write a book, whatever.

  2. Oh please, when will all this silly action stop. Surely the money for all this blocking could be put to better use. Also the time wasted

  3. If people choose to appeal this decision again that is their privilege. However, the costs escalate. If the appellant were to have to fund this themselves things might be different. Were there to be any funds left over in the crowd fund this would not be returned.
    It will be interesting to see if another judge will have much of an argument against such an experienced person such as Justice Lane.

  4. Excellent news! If the failed airport is opened up again, it will of course fail again. But in the time it is open it will kill the growing tourism and influx of money into the area which will be disastrous for Thanet as the money will go elsewhere.

    Weatherspoons employs more locals than the airport ever would.

    People need to stop banging on about how great the airport would be for the area, stop listening to the lies these people tell you. Did you learn nothing from the lies and the disaster that was and is brexit. The rich only do things to benefit the rich, they do not care for you once you have fallen for there lies, you are cannon fodder.

    If you are pro lung disease and cancer and love your towns being destroyed by conmen that do not care for you, carry on supporting the airport.

    • It’s such a sad, sad shame you have this utterly ridiculous opinion about the opening of Manston Airport supported by your ridiculous, silly and very naive reasons.
      Quote : If you are pro lung disease and cancer and love your towns being destroyed by conmen. The rich only do things to benefit the rich, they do not care for you once you have fallen for there lies, you are cannon fodder.
      What absolutely childish and silly views.
      The opening of Manston Airport with state of the art buildings and facilities will bring hundreds and hundreds of good quality jobs to the area. Looking to the future there will be so much potential for thousands of jobs. Many businesses connected with freight transportation will open up in the area. There will be new aircraft that are far quieter than they are now. Electric and hydrogen powered aircraft will come in stream within the next few years. The airport will be a catalyst for so many exciting and new projects. The future is good.

  5. How many reviews of a review are we going to have we need government to close this loophole it’s stopping much needed investment in the area. Jenny dews needs to just move town if she does not like what the majority want which is now very clear that most do want this project to go forward

  6. It’s a “shaggy dog” story. Most of what RSP say about the benefits a cargo hub will bring are lies, even the punctuation!
    Our Gov’t has chosen to ignore their own examining inspectorate’s conclusion that a cargo hub is not needed (capacity elsewhere), it will destroy more jobs (tourism and services) than it creates, it will be carbon neutral (impossible without massively expensive and unavailable carbon capture), will reduce HGV traffic crossing the Channel (but all the cargo will use HGV’s to and from the hub), will secure a nationally vital strategic facility, etc.
    That another challenge is being considered is understandable for all these reasons. Gov’t consent, against the evidence, can only be understood by exploring who benefits – following the money.
    As with Brexit and the pandemic (and so many other examples) our greed-led “leaders” must be seeing £££££’s to add to their overflowing coffers. None of this will see its way, trickling down or levelling up, to improve the lot of our population.
    As for RSP’s potential investors, why is it that our MP refuses (I’ve asked) to investigate the sources of the off-shore funds? It’s because it is Russian in all probability. So the nationally important strategic facility (the runway) is vital but not to our nation – so maybe RSP’ real name is “Redundant Soviet Planes” or “Really Secured for Putin”.
    And you’ll say I’m bonkers but look at today’s headlines – Sunak agreeing measures that allow Putin’s allies to side-step our sanctions against them.

  7. We love Manston Airport. It was here before these snowflake EDLs came down here to interfere in our lives. Get those aircraft flying over Ramsgate. It is incredibly dull without them.

  8. So you turn Manston into a housing development. How many years do you think it would take to complete .Let’s say 10 years that a fair whack of pollution considering what a ton of cement cost to make . Jcbs pumping out crap all day. Your probably get more pollution from a housing estate once finished 1000s of cars.

  9. When I lived in Whitstable the planes would turn over the field next to my property. They were very low and you could read all the logo’s .My daughters were very young yet as soon as they heard to planes would run out into the garden to wave at the planes.

    • Quite right, Supachip. It was aircraft flying to and from Manston that inspired me to joing the Air Training Corps as a lad all those years ago. Going up in RAF Comets, trainer Chipmunks and even lifted up off the ground by Air Sea Rescue helicopters. Oh, and the gliding. It enriched my youth no end without any chest complaints or even a cough. I can look back with immense pleasure.
      Children running out into the garden to read the logos on planes flying over … what excitement for a child.
      Ms Dawes, stop being such a misery guts and do something useful.

      • I hope that children wont be running out in the garden every time they hear an airplane. With six or seven fights a night at busy times (RSPs own admission) those children could be very tired for school the next day

  10. For goodness sake, Jenny Dawes. I notice you are not spending t your own money on this NIMBY crusade. Ans shame on Ramsgate Town Council for backing it just because one councillor lives in the flight path. If I lived in Ramsgate I would be furious at the use of council finds when there are so many other deserving projects.
    Give the airport a chance to revive. We certainly don’t want more houses to be built which seems to be JD’s preferred solution. Maybe there are some vested interests here in building forms but of course that will never be made public

    • The airport has had endless chances to revive. It’s gone bust several times, at least once on Tony Freudmann’s watch.
      If Stonehill Park had been allowed their plans, then thousands of houses currently being built on greenfield sites round Thanet would by now have been built on Manston’s brown field site.
      I don’t actually believe that RSP have any intention of running an airport. They own the land. All they need is planning permission from TDC (lead by an airport enthusiast), a CAA licence, and they’re away. But they haven’t done this.
      If you read RSP’s proposals they are full of the most bizarre claims: carbon neutral, hydrogen planes, electric barges, 1000s of jobs, no night flights for example.
      But their business plan is basically non-existent. There is no unmet demand for air cargo in the UK, and, even if there were, Manston, in a remote corner of the UK, with poor transport infrastructure, no fuel grid, town of 42000 souls at the end of the runway, just isn’t the right place for it.
      All a JR does is checked to see that the process by which the decision was made is legal.
      I’m sure nobody wants an illegal airport on our doorstep.
      Meanwhile, hundreds of acres of brownfield land is just sitting there, going to waste.

    • This women needs to stop wasting tax payers money with her appeals , she needs to get over it and move on the airport will open and I hope her constant moaning gets quashed as she is getting closer to having to pay costs for the rejections.
      She obviously has too much time on her hands or she wouldn’t be moaning .

  11. Why do these people not just admit defeat, this is going on far too late, and it’s getting really boring,SHUT UP, and let’s get the airfield open for business, bringing much needed employment.

    • It won’t bring in much employment at all.
      Fewer than currently employed at the Royal Pavilion pub. And the environmental impact, the noise and pollution (acknowledged by RSP) on Ramsgate’s townspeople would be huge.

    • Oversight of the legislature by the judiciary is a vital part of the democratic process. If you don’t like living in a democracy – move.

  12. If an cargo hub is need in the SE than they is a perfect airport just 40 or so miles away in southend.

    Southend is the right side of the M25 the north side so it doesnt need to bloke the M2 and thanet way or the dartford tunnel.

    For the planes to land at southend airport is no different in time or fuel than manston.

    Why have a cargo hub where you can only travel west ?

    They is zero infrastructure at manston, no fuel grid, run off areas to short, no rail, no decent roads to the M25.

    Its failed 4 times all really because of its poor geographical position and nothing has changed !

  13. Is redrow funding your review. As they have a lot to loose given we’re there huge plot of land is situated right at the end of the airport. Still once built they can call the estate .The Duckers given its location .

  14. Folks would do well to stop personalising things. Jenny Dawes speaks for thousands of us and even more who support not only the JR but also the long term campaign to ensure Manston cargo hub doesn’t open and ruin our town.

    For those sentimentalists yearning for the days of seeing a plane low enough to wave at the pilot I find this particularly odd. Why would you want to see a giant old cargo boiler come in over the harbour 6 times an hour at 700 feet with screeching engines and spatters of fuel? Why?

    Supporting Manston won’t, and has not, stopped housing development. In fact, supporting Manston is making the housing situation worse, as you’ve moved all the developments onto prime arable farmland and green fields.

    The government inspection concluded a cargo hub will kill more jobs than it creates. Why would anyone support this prospect?

    Why would anyone want Ramsgate to lose 20% or more on house values. Why?

    This is all pet politics and cronyism and we’re not going away.

  15. Even RSP had to admit the jobs numbers were wildly exaggerated. Made up in my world. Why keep believing in someone with a remarkable track record of aviation failure?

    • My understanding is that TF has directly overseen the demise, often in catastrophic circumstances, of over a dozen airports scattered around the world.
      And a travel agency, leaving 5000 people stranded abroad.
      And what investor would trust their £500,000,000 with a embezzling struck off solicitor?

  16. Anti-airport comments – inspectors concluded Manston isn’t needed; Freudman has a history of failure; other airports are better situated; pollution threat to Ramsgate.

    Airport supporters’ comments – jog on; sad empty lives; snowflakes; misery guts; SHUT UP; boring.

    Unless you believe insults are more compelling than facts, there’s no doubting which side has the stronger argument.

    • This strange phenomenon has been remarked on several times:
      pro airport = rude personal abuse;
      anti airport = fact based logical arguments.

  17. How can Ramsgate town council donate money towards this woman’s appeal surely they should ask the people of Ramsgate first all the people I speak to are for the airport I even heard the mayoress is against it sack her she should be doing everything she can to bring tourism and growth the area with all this housing going up we need jobs not negative comments

    • RTC councillors (Green and Labour) made their views about Manston well known during the hastings. They were vited in. That’s Democracy for you.

  18. “Will no-one rid us of this tiresome pain-in-the-butt”? to mis-quote The Holy Bible.
    Give up lady! You are getting boring and wasteful of resources. Try objecting to this island being swamped with polluting and traffic attracting housing, or have you vested interests in that direction?

  19. It will be interesting how long this will be allowed to continue before the phrase “Vexatious Complainant” gets used by a barrister.
    At least five generations have lived under Manston flypaths. What’s so precious about the current cohort of Thanetians? How many of those complaining about an airport here don’t use air travel themselves, overflying someone else? Plain selfish!

  20. Ton, if you’re going to misquote, at least misquote correctly! You’re referencing Henry II and his alleged remark regarding Thomas Becket. Fancy that, an airport supporter not checking the facts.

  21. In the world of aviation, ideas and challenges come and go.
    When the first crowdfunded appeal with a generous cash contribution from RTC was launched, aviation was as it was at that date.
    Now aviation has changed,people who look back at history are not really considered re pp dco, That history has gone but the airfield being a wartime location has to be kept live.

    Happy there is another crowdfunded appeal, as a gambling person its another opportunity of winnings.

    Thank you for all my winnings, its what i do. i live in the real world with a future not living in the past.
    Ps dont tell my mrs’s about my gamble wins !

    • Haha, post of the day!

      Incidentally, I made a rare trip to Ramsgate today (I wanted to try out my new Senior Railcard for the first time!). I only strolled around for a hour or so as I’m getting over a cold, but was highly impressed with how good Ellington Park is looking these days, and Harbour Street is looking better (must try that Polish Bistro). The High Street is still almost as bad as Margate though… Busy B’s has been like that for years, yet Herne Bay has two thriving branches!

  22. Before anyone starts on about delaying things remember that RSP acquired the land over two years ago. RSP could have easily applied for planning permission from TDC and, as the site was listed in the Local Plan as for aviation use there would be no problem with permission being granted.
    However, RSP deliberately continued with the DCO with the inherent risk of delay by Ministers or potential appeals for judicial review. RSP clearly do not want any future local democratic involvement in future development or operational aspects of the airport. The question you should ask is why?

    • That is a question that’s intrigued me for several years. Just what do RSP Want the land for?
      Imagine you’re an investor with a few millions to spare (eg tax you’ve carelessly forgotten to declare). Would you invest it in a large housing development where there is a certain, large and timely return on your investment, or on a cargo hub, where even if there is any return at all (and the current CEO’s track record says there won’t be), it’s unlikely to materialize for at least 10 years.

      • I’ve also wondered about this. “The Producers” film by Mel Brookes might have the answer.

        Two charlatans create a crazy and offensive musical that, they plan, will fail. All the investors will get is a bankrupt legacy. Meanwhile Charlatans Inc. walk away with ill-gotten gains they’ve hidden away.
        If the Russian investors suggestion is true they’d better watch their backs unless this financial backing is part if the City Money Laundering project.

    • Markmywords,it would be unlawful for the present proposed development to be put before a local authority under the Town & Country Planning Act. Since it meets the criteria of a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project as defined in the Planning Act 2008 as amended (and was so certified by the Secretary of State for MHCLG) ,it could only be put be

      • Last sentence lost a few bits…. It could only be applied for under the PA 2007 regime Development Consent Order.

      • All that would be required is for RSP to adjust their (wildly fanciful) projections to 9,999 cargo flights per year and, hey presto it would no longer be an NSIP. RSP could then have commenced proceedings with the local authority but of course the risk is that local people would be in a position to have some control over future development or operational issues as they are with all other UK airports. .

  23. Just reading on another kent news site that manston will have over 1 million passengers per year within a few years !.

    I thought it was a cargo hub what’s going on ?

  24. You should not count your chickens, Unicorns or anything else before they are hatched.
    Doncaster airport has closed, Southend which actually has a rail connection is struggling, as is Cardiff, yet against all the reports, reviews, PINS recommendations, somehow this deadhead business plan still struggles on.
    I almost want RSP to try to find the finance for this lunatic scheme, but the time it would take for this to fail, would add yet more woes to Thanet’s economy and would damage any other economic levelling up.
    I presume all those supporting this venture will be investing their entire life savings with Tony Freudmann and RSP.I will expect to see some transparency here, so show us the share certificates, Messrs Piper, Pritchard,O’Donnell,Checksfield and any others here, who are saying this a good bet.

  25. it would be interesting to know which age group the fors and against the airport fall into , i bet it dont need much working out ?

    • The really interesting statistics are the analyses carried out in their business plan.
      They don’t have one.

  26. So the airport fails to materialze And the land does get sold most big house players today are slowing down opening new sites as demand has dropped off. In the current climate. Going by the amount of building going on around wwx then include Manston. There is no way the road network can cope with that volume of traffic. You could be heading for a congestion charge scheme . Thanet council would love that revenue. Call me mad but look what’s happening to London right now . The mayor wants to take that out to the m25 easy money.

  27. For the avoidance of doubt what is now being sought by Jenny Dawes can ONLY be a half-hour hearing in respect of her recent failed attempt to apply for a DCO challenge of the Re-consented Order issued in the name of the Secretary of State. Since she through Counsel will only have about ten minutes to make her case and it will then be vigorously opposed by Counsel acting on behalf of the Government and RiverOak, her chances of success are vanishingly remote. If she is refused, her whole folly of a campaign will have run into a brick wall. Apparently she is insisting that the Judge who refused her permission to proceed was not qualified to decide a Planning Appeal in the High Court. He did so in other cases (she or her legal team should have read up!), he is highly regarded,he would have been assigned this case by the head of the Planning Court, and Dawes appears to be running a real risk of being found in contempt of Court.

    • Hi Bobbi
      As you have no expertise in LAW maybe you ought to start your war & Peace missives with “This is just my opinion but”
      You forget that although the oral hearing is 30 minutes the presiding judge has plenty of time beforehand to read the appeal.
      Apparently she hasn’t “she is insisting that the Judge who refused her permission to proceed was not qualified to decide a Planning Appeal in the High Court.” at all but don’t let the truth get in the way of a good lie

    • “Since she through Counsel will only have about ten minutes to make her case and it will then be vigorously opposed by Counsel acting on behalf of the Government and RiverOak, her chances of success are vanishingly remote.”.
      Her chances of success will depend on the merit of the case, not the time available, surely?
      Or are you suggesting that she actually does have a really good case, but won’t have enough time to put it?

    • It is worth considering that the calibre of Mr. Justice Lane in dealing with matters of complexity may be gathered from the fact that he is President of the Immigration & Asylum Chamber of the Upper Tribunal and had previously been a Vice-President of the Immigration Appeal Tribunal He is also President of the General Regulatory Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal of the High Court.

      The Planning Court is part of the Administration Court which in turn is within the Kings Bench Division. It is overseen, proactively, by the Planning Liaison Judge. The PURPOSE of the Planning Court is NOT to require or restrict all judges handling cases within it to those who have had long experience or specialist training the would altogether preclude the involvement of other judges in the High Court. The Planning Court came into being for a quite different reason: to achieve greater speed in the resolution of such cases.

      It is the duty of the Planning Liaison Judge, however, to determine WHICH cases are likely to prove particularly difficult issues, and those cases are USUALLY allocated to a judge with significant expertise with the issues involved.

      All of this is clearly seen in official guidelines online. “The definition of a significant case will be applied broadly but can be thought of as those applications involving a defelopment with a substantial economic impact at a local, regional or national level or a case which seems to be particularly complex.”

      The Permission Stage of a Judicial Review is not a complex matter beyond the competence of any High Court Judge. And in this case, the Judge found that there was NO ARGUABLE CASE, that is, that it had no merit at all in law. That is, in fact, quite consistent with recent cases that have been decided in the field of airport expansion.

  28. I’ve always found it interesting that the road signs for Manston have been kept so clean and well-maintained!

  29. Well I truly hope everything goes to plan and the airport is what it is and busy as we would like it to be 👍👍

  30. Ewan, that’s because the anti-airport people have lost their fight to destroy Manston and now the restoration of a cargo-hub will go ahead no matter all the negative rubbish from the followers of the ill-fated Miss Dawes we read on here.

    • The people who destroyed Manston (when it closed in 2014 it was losing £10,000 a day, and had incurred total losses in the millions) were …. the people of Thanet. In their droves, they chose not to fly from Manston, choosing either not to fly at all, or to fly from a proper airport.
      A back of a fag-packet calculation suggests that for Manston to be successful as a passenger terminal, every man, woman and child in Thanet would need to fly from Manston at least three times a week.

  31. I have read all your replies. It does seem to me that there is no tolerance. If someone wishes to believe in one thing that does not make it wrong.
    Personnaly I would like to see the Airport up and running again. I do live under the flight path and I was always amazed when the MK planes came over my house.
    As a resident of Ramsgate I do believe as a resident I should have been asked if I supported monies RTC being given for funding the Judicial Review.
    I would also like to say I did also email Ms Dawes a couple of years ago asking some questions to date I have never had a reply?
    So I can only base my opinion on what I have read and heard.

      • Andrew, at no point did RSP suggest that the airport employed 30,000 people. The Azimuth Report forecasts about future employment were divided into groupings that were quite norm: direct, indirect, induced and catalytic jobs. If those terms used in this context are unfamiliar to you, I suggest you actually read Dr. Sally Dixon’s work on this with the care it deserves. The manner in which she analysed these impacts is now being followed in forecasts on other airport expansion or renovation projects, and in forecasting and policymaking by HMG.

        • And as Sally confirmed at the hearing and on record, viability wasn’t something she was asked to include in her report.

          So we’ve a matey decision, not based on viability and replying on one pro report that swims against the tide of 17 others including the expert commissioned by the government.

          And I think you’ll find 30,000 jobs was the figure plastered all over various RSP promotional materials.

          And yet obsessively supported by a vocal minority.

          Local government legislation also demands that Councils make decisions based on evidence not sentiment. How does TDC justify its support without these business facts?

          • I was at one of RSP’s consultations at the Pegwell Bay Hotel. Representatives of RSP, including Sally Dixon were there, proudly unfurling a banner, declaring that 30,000 jobs would be created. Some incredulous and astonished attendees queried the number, and the banner was quickly removed. It was subsequently explained that the 30,000 included the taxi driver who drove the pilot to the airport, the nanny who looked after the taxi-driver’s children, and so on.
            Sally Dixon explained to me that the success of Manston lay in its providing facilities to fly in pallets of daffodils from Holland.
            So that’s alright, then.

  32. The appeal will be quashed and then all avenues are spent for the consistent moaning people who don’t want an Airport.
    Then when the 1st plane lands it will be interesting to see their faces . They are creating jobs and in Thanet jobs are hard to come by . About time people just get on with it .

    • Since the airport closed, employment in Thanet has risen, particularly in the Hospitality and Tourism industries.
      “In Thanet, the percentage who were employed rose from 49.3% in 2011 to 50.2% in 2021. During the same period, the regional percentage fell from 59.0% to 57.6%.”

  33. As an-anti part of me thinks the appeal is waste of money because I believe even if it open it would go bust like the other 4 times.

    Be very expensive to fuel the planes from manston as you have to add on the tanker charge. No fuel grid so you have to pay a middleman to bring the fuel in. Something other major airports dont need to do.

    Haulage will be very expensive to moving goods around the country from the bottom right hand corner of England !

    No infrastructure for road all rail. The M2 thanet way will have to cope with hundreds of extra HGV’s, fuel tankers,

    Manston has failed before because of its poor location and poor infrastructure. Nothing has changed !.

    Than you have the ‘small’ problem of raising 500 million. Investors are going to want a quick return are investor going to do business with a company run by a struck off solicitor for miss us of clients funds ? I would trust him 10p yet people of thanet think big business people will trust him with millions.

    I googled TF the his career record is an amazing, full of failed projects.

    Anyway pro manston you carry on believing TF but have a google of him. Than come back and tell us why you believe in him

  34. The decision needs to be examined. Politicians clearly want to grant this DCO. However, the decision needs to be a planning decision not a political one. The most recent decision was made by Karl McCartney MP who was a junior Minister from July to September 2022. The SoS had to recuse himself but it would have been clear to the recently appointed Minister what his bosses’ views were.
    The Planning Inspectorate, after hearing evidence in open forum over several weeks, recommended that the DCO be refused. The Minister has disregarded this recommendation by planning experts. To justify this Karl McCartney has chosen to downplay the evidence of several industry specialist consultants; Falcon, Yorke and Ove Arup who all concluded that Manston would not reach the targets that RSP projected. He has given equal weight to the sole analysis of Sally Dixon and additionally, to give credence to unnamed testimony by third parties which the EA rightly had concerns about.
    The Planning Act 2008 does give the SoS power to consider wider Government policy. Yet again the Minister has been selective as to what evidence he takes on board. He has failed to adequately consider the Govt commitment to zero carbon emissions, especially with the additional road miles resultant from freight being driven away from Manston.
    In short, the decision is designed to appeal to populist Conservative ideology by a short time serving junior Minister who NEVER VISITED THE SITE. It really needs to be scrutinised.

    • Markmywords, decisions taken on Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects as defined in the Planning Act 2008 as amended, are intrinsically political decisions taken by Government.

      That Act, and what it determines to be NSIP Applications, was conceived and put in place by a Labour Party Government and has been endorsed by the Coalition Government and by successive Conservative Governments ever since.

      One of the objectives of the Act was to displace NIMBYism such as that which is well-exemplified by the No Fight Flights Group and the current majority of members of Ramsgate Town Council. The Act, clearly, is doing the job it is expected to do.

      MOST NSIPs are strongly opposed by local residents. It has been much remarked upon and applauded that there is clear evidence that the overwhelming majority of residents and businesses in Thanet strongly support RiverOak’s project. That’s a matter of great satisfaction to RiverOak and their investors, I understand, and much envied by many otehr airport and other NSIP developers elsewhere.

      There’s no doubt that scaremongers have worried some in Ramsgate, and there’s particular concern amongst those who have come to live here since the closure of the airport by Ann Gloag, Her claims to have intended to run the airport for two years and to put significant amounts of money into developing its infrastructure are belied by confidential papers that came into the hands of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Transport. Those included documents that informed the close questioning to which members of her team were subjected to by the Chair and Members of that Committee. Mrs. Gloag herself, of course, declined to attend any of the meetings of that Committee or to provide responses to questions put to her. What is clear is that very early on, Mrs. Gloag took steps to distance herself from the flack that was directed against her.

      The “buy out” by ‘the chuckle brothers’ was not what it seemed. The purchase price for 80% of the airport estate was paid by them from money lent to them by Ann Gloag. She therefore took the precaution of ensuring that no matter what happened to the Stone Hill Park project, she would be a net beneficiary. In the end, she was very much in hand both by the sale of as much of the Airport’s equipment as possible and by repayment of the original loan to the Chuckle Brothers and by the terms of the eventual purchase by RiverOak Strategic Partners of Stone Hill Park’s holdings within the DCO red-lined area.

      During the short period between Ann Gloag’s purchase of the airport and her closure of it, the airport’s management team over some months made it clear that they would not be bothered by users of the airport and by those who owed money to the airport if there were delays in payment of sums due. As uncertainty mounted, the outstanding sums grew. Disinterest in expanding the use of the airport by its users quite shocked those who had hoped to see it thrive. Plans by KLM to bring in an additional twice-daily service to Paris by their subsidiary Air France had to be abandoned because the management of Manston Airport just didn’t fully or properly engage. Offers made by Tony Freudmann were spurned even after he wrote offering what had been Ann Gloag’s asking price. RiverOak Investment Corporation joined Tony Freudmann and they, too, offered to purchase the airport but were rejected time and again. The much trailed “unsustainable losses” sustained by the airport as a reason for closure were not what they appeared to be. That strategy came close to succeeding, but public support for the airport only gathered more support. When the airport closed, it was a disaster for many. A number of local businesses went to the wall.

      What saved the day was the very strong support that came from the community and from many Local District, Town and Parish Councillors, support that morphed into a number of pro-airport organisations and to the commitments of RiverOak Investment Corporation and then to the creation of RiverOak Strategic Partners Ltd., registered in England and supported by a number of experienced international investors who are prepared to back the Manston Airport Project that has prevailed against the opponents of the airport’s redevelopment. The amount of money that they have already put into the project to win consent is now vastly greater than would have been required to deliver Tony Freudmann’s plans that TDC’s rogue officers quashed back in 2014-15.

      Thankfully, out of that came an upgrading of the whole ambition, scope and reach of that took shape when RiverOak and their Investors regrouped, upscaled and produced their DCO Application. They won’t be the only beneficiaries. Thanet as a whole will do so, hundreds of commercial entities, thousands of employees will, too, and so will travellers and tourists across Thanet, East Kent and beyond. The Nimbys, thankfully, have lost their attempt to stop this development in its tracks, and judging by what has been said by Jenny Dawes and her supporters about other grounds they wish to put forward in the High Court in a last-ditch effort to reverse the re-consented Development Consent Order (now set down in Secondary Legislation), it can be confidently predicted that this last ditch stand by Mrs. Dawes and those behind her will fail.

      • “. It has been much remarked upon and applauded that there is clear evidence that the overwhelming majority of residents and businesses in Thanet strongly support RiverOak’s project. ”
        Where is the “clear evidence”? And why does it matter?
        Manston airport will sink or swim depending on whether it is commercially viable. Your chum Tony ‘s track record on getting airports off the ground. As is his record in the travel industry, the legal profession and local government.
        When it comes to backing a loser …

        • Andrew

          I do wonder how many of the pro manston people would be happy to put the finances in the hands of TF.

          I wouldnt bet not many lol

          But in the other hand they think business people are going to invest 500 million with him !

      • John, I am well aware of the background of the 2008 Act having being involved in the consultation process. The Act was designed to provide a single process to enable NEEDED infrastructure to be brought forward not just to thwart what you call NIMBYS. There had been a series of projects where compulsory land purchase had been highly complex involving a number of owners or where there had been multiple local authorities with differing views had been slowed up, hence there was a need for a single process where professional planning experts could examine proposals and make recommendations to the Government. Unfortunately, politicians wanting to exercise power added an provision for a Secretary of State to include a political element, this should be to recognise other extant Govt policies rather than indulge in pork barrel party boosterism.
        When RiverOak failed to convince TDC they had the wherewithal to proceed the follow on nest of companies involving the same individuals, RSP looked around for an alternate approach and latched on to the idea of becoming a NSIP. Hence the figure of 10000 freight movements a year was plucked from the air as such a number had never been alluded to in the past by anyone.
        Finally, you do not know who the potential investors are so you cannot determine whether they are ‘experienced’ or not.

  35. Manston has been an airport for more than 100 years. Even though it has not been operating for a while it is still an airport. I don’t understand NIMBYs who campaign against something that was there before they were.

    • Yes Rabbie

      Manston has been an RAF base you are correct, no one can argue that point you are 100% correct.

      Manston was funded by our taxes 100% correct as are all our RAF bases.

      Once the RAF pulled out as they didnt have the funds to operate manston, manston than had to be privately owned and run.
      Since manston has been in private hands it has gone bust every single time. Fact

      What makes you think a stuck off solicitor and his mates will be successful this time ?

  36. This is a hugely contentious issue. Certainly not one that is enviromentally good for Thanet, however I’m interested to know exactly how many jobs in what roles and how much of the Thanet population this development would benefit, other than its MPs. I’m also keen to hear what additional infrastructure will be added to deal with the high volumes of freight and how this will impact existing infrastructure. Also who beyond those within 20 miles, will passenger services will appeal to. Thanet Parkway falls some way short of the airport, tickets will be overpriced and most flyers will be serviced by existing London airports. I note alo Robin Hood Sheffield has just closed and previous investment at Manston gas already failed. If it does go ahead. I give it 12 months.

  37. Jenny Dawes is part of a little clique who are based a Ramsgate Town Council feeding lies and misinformation to try and keep Ramsgate in the pits that they have kept it in for years, I have asked the justice secretary to look into these individuals motives and the cost to the taxpayers.

    • Bill

      What are the lies ?

      It’s not the location
      Its not the lack of the fuel grid
      It’s not the lack of infrastructure
      It’s not the fact manston has gone bust every time in private hands

      These are all true facts.

      So what lies are you talking about and do you know who I investing 500 million into manston.

      Tell how all this is going to be over come by TF and co. Than I will believe it might be viable, but TF and co havent provided any information as to how and where the funds are coming from

      Thanks for your answers in advance !

    • The JR will look at the process by which the SoS reached his decision. It will not look at the evidence presented by either party.
      The first crowdfunding effort attracted donations from 2000 people. That’s quite a big clique.

  38. Some of the comments about Jenny Dawes are grossly inaccurate as well as toxic and unhelpful.

    This is democracy. Jenny acts on behalf of thousands of us.

  39. Emmeline, if Dawes is so democratic why wasn’t she voted into office to act on our behalf? The truth is, she does not act on behalf of thousands but purely on behalf of her narcissistic self. She is a busybody who won’t accept she lost judicial reviews which she had initiated.
    I know one thing for sure, she does not represent me nor shall she ever.

  40. Anyone can raise a JR. Anyone can choose to donate to it. Its called democracy and you don’t need to be an elected official to do so.

    RTC was voted in, mainly on an anti Manston portfolio for L and G parties. They do act on our behalf.

    TDC and RSP don’t speak on my behalf

    See. Democracy. More than one voice and we’re not going away, whatever tantrums you and others wish to have.

  41. Was DFL in 1979,never seen much in the way of positives in the area,always negative and trivial bickering,am out of U.K and Thanet now,a good positive move,just concerned my 21 year old son will not have much to look forward to,think of your and your grand childrens futures.

    • Indeed so. Not to have their sleep disturbed half-a-dozen times a night, not to have aviation fumes pouring down on them, not to have their lives blighted by the a activities of a 24×7 airport on their doorstep.
      As for jobs: I quoted above from the ONS. Employment has risen in Thanet in the past few years. So no airport = healthy children and grandchildren with reasonable job prospects.

      • Total exaggeration from Andrew, the last resort of the zealot.
        I have never had my sleep disturbed by aircraft and I am on a flight path. Neither do I smell fumes; being on the coast I enjoy wonderful sea air with sea breezes. You are obviously a fanatic.

        • The problem with your argument is that you are attempting to apply your specific circumstances to the general situation. And it doesn’t work.
          There is plenty of academic research, perr reviewed, published in journals, to show the effect of disrupted sleep on the well-being of people.
          I’m so pleased that aircraft roaring overhead don’t disturb you. But for far too many their lives are made a misery.

  42. Confused. Your ramblings do not alter the lies and misinformation that this political self centred clique have been spewing out over the years. It’s none of yours or the courts where the money to reopen Manston Airport don’t preach to me about openness when these faceless sad individuals try to stop the airport. The judge will not be hoodwinked by the lies and misinformation.

  43. For all of those interested in the present state of affairs, I would urge you to listen to Cllr. Dave Green’s oral report to Ramsgate Town Council on the evening of 25 January 2023 (last night), although with a garbled time-line and narrative, followed by responses from Cllrs. Stuart Piper and George Rusiecki. To find all of that, just fast forward to the start of their contributions, with opening remarks by the Chair of Ramsgate Town Council, Cllr. Steve Albon, at 36:27. Remember it all when you come to vote in the May local council elections. By then the judicial review will have been conclusively dealt with.

    • When it comes to the Local Elections I will remember the councillors who strove to improve the quality of life for Ramsgate’s townsfolk, and those who didn’t.
      And I shan’t need any advice from Dr Pritchard.

      • Andrew, you can do whatever you like come local elections. It will make no difference to the future of Manston Airport. In fact, you are of not consequence whatsoever. So stop grizzling and get a life.
        Is that a large aircraft flying over? Let’s get outside and enjoy the view.

  44. I would rather watch RTC go about their democratic work than watch the leader of TDC speak at an event for a private entity such as RSP, funded by mysterious overseas cash and to obsessively promote their pet project.

    Failing to focus on sustainable jobs for our community is reprehensible.

    Fudging the local plan is reprehensible.

    Enabling the tourism economy to falter is reprehensible.

    Having an MP who actively promotes community divide is reprehensible.

    As too are your unprofessional comments about fellow local counsellors.

    Share your views of course, but why are the pro supporters quite so toxic in their comments? Democracy is at work here, sometimes it is painful but there’s no need to be undignified nor for folks to attack Jenny Dawes online.

  45. So it turns out that Jenny Dawes has not paid a penny into the legal pot because others have been daft enough to do so then when the legal pot runs dry and the legal costs exceeds all expectations Dawes who doesn’t own property will not be pursued for the money She will just go out with her begging bowl and asked for more in the hope the clique will be daft enough to give to a loss cause.

  46. Bill, you are a perfect example to my comment above.

    I don’t think your comment is appropriate. Aside from it being absurd and inaccurate.

    • Emmeline

      The pros never answer any points raised. Bill didnt answer any of mine lol.

      The pros believe every word TF says a man I wouldnt trust with my last penny.


  47. seems in the life of a plane supporter there is much that is nasty and evil however I am surprised that the editor continues allowing the lies, misinformation and Libel to remain on view. Especially as the main recipient of this abuse isn’t able to answer the trolls (you know who you are) here is a sample just from this thread:

    It was here before these snowflake EDLs came down here to interfere in our lives.

    Ms Dawes, stop being such a misery guts and do something useful.

    For goodness sake, Jenny Dawes. I notice you are not spending t your own money on this NIMBY crusade

    This women needs to stop wasting tax payers money with her appeals

    She obviously has too much time on her hands or she wouldn’t be moaning

    give up you snowflakes.

    No airport will simply mean a massive housing estate, Ie. London-on-Sea!

    “Will no-one rid us of this tiresome pain-in-the-butt”

    Jenny Dawes is part of a little clique who are based a Ramsgate Town Council feeding lies and misinformation to try and keep Ramsgate in the pits that they have kept it in for years, I have asked the justice secretary to look into these individuals motives and the cost to the taxpayers.

    if Dawes is so democratic why wasn’t she voted into office to act on our behalf?

    this political self centred clique have been spewing out over the years.
    So it turns out that Jenny Dawes has not paid a penny into the legal pot because others have been daft enough to do so then when the legal pot runs dry and the legal costs exceeds all expectations Dawes who doesn’t own property will not be pursued for the money She will just go out with her begging bowl and asked for more in the hope the clique will be daft enough to give to a loss cause.

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