Calls for 20mph zone and chicanes in Dane Valley Road following serious crashes

Dane Valley Road Photo Jack Packman

A crash in Dane Valley Road at the weekend which seriously injured two men has prompted calls for traffic safety measures to be installed.

The men were travelling in a car which crashed into a tree on Saturday night. Both were taken to a London hospital with serious injuries.

The Dane Valley Residents Association has now launched a petition asking for the road to be made into a 20mph zone and to have chicanes – a raised curb and bollard in one half of the road, with a sign to explain the vehicle traffic priority – added.

Jack Packman, from the residents association, said: “Residents who live on the Dane Valley Road and surrounding areas are now seriously worried about their safety, their families safety and that of the community.

“Over the last few years four serious incidents have happened in Dane Valley Road with two in the last three weeks, resulting in near fatalities and serious injuries.

“It is traumatic for those who live on this road to keep experiencing these incidents as well as having their own cars written off. The current traffic calming measures do not work. The speed bumps are not fit for purpose.

Photo Jack Packman

“The Dane Valley Residents Association is campaigning for a 20mph speed limit which the petition is for and we will be campaigning for Chicanes to be installed.

“We will be launching a speed watch project in March with recruitment of volunteers starting in February.

“ I have a meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Area Commander and Chief Inspector of Kent Police on January 14 to address these types of issues in Dane Valley.”

Cllr Barry Lewis

Margate county councillor Barry Lewis is backing the petition and taking the request for the 20mph zone and chicanes to Kent County Council.

He said: “I have reiterated my demand for traffic calming measures on Dane Valley Road, one of the most dangerous roads in Kent.

“I’ve asked for a 20mph speed limit and chicanes, both of which we have in other areas of Thanet. The present traffic calming measures in that road are inadequate.”

So far 167 people have signed the petition.

One of those who have signed is Hannah Barrs, who says: “I run a children’s group in Dane Valley and fear that another serous accident will happen. People use Dane Valley road as a race track.”

Find the petition here


  1. Roll out those magic 20mph signs! If drivers currently don’t adhere to speed bumps and 30mph signs, they definitely will take notice of some magic 20mph signs. Do it. Do it now. Think of the children.

  2. In the previous article on this incident , lots of people jumping to say that it can’t be assumed it was speed / bad driving that was the cause, which is fair enough. But this article seems to squarely lay the blame at the speed of this and other vehicles.
    Assuming the vehicle was approaching from the mini roundabout side, quite how many measures to improve driving are you meant to have to make people be responsible,
    Mini roundabout , traffic island just after, bus stop straight after that , all in a 30mph zone, mention of speed bumps on the road too.
    Evidence from state of the grass and the vehicle /caravan parked on it that it’s used regularly by vehicles.
    No doubt we’ll not hear as to what the investigation of the incident decides was the cause, but in the event it’s bad driving rather than illness or mechanical failure, then perhaps it’s about time the penalties for such behaviour are far harsher.

  3. On this logic all roads would be 20mph.

    And yet we would still have accidents.

    Many of us manage to drive at 30 in 30 and not have serious accidents.

    Why is this road special…. Surely all roads surrounding need it too….

    I don’t understand resident associations like this… all they are trying to do is send traffic away from their houses and make their road quieter.

    That’s all it is.

  4. We don’t know what caused the car to crash into the tree it could be a whole range of reasons. Just this morning a car in Sturry Road Canterbury has crashed into a house. It’s was not speeding.

  5. Before you go putting speed restrictions in place, you need to look into why they crashed into the tree?.
    Most times it’s not the speed that causes the problems it’s the person driving.
    And as other people have said you can put all the reduced speed limits in place, but if no one is going to take notice, then what’s the point. And also what a waste of tax payer’s money. The other problem with reducing speed limits is, when the traffic gets busy, you will get traffic holds up, causing more problems.

  6. People are quick to criticize 20 mph zones.
    But there clearly is a problem. Pedestrians, cyclists and other road users have suffered death and serious injury because of bad driving.
    What’s the solution? Do nothing? Accept “collateral damage” as a consequence of motorists’ right to drive just as they want? Ban cars altogether? Something in between?

  7. Knowing that road shown in the picture,with the speed bumps every 50 metres of so ,a good driver will not exceed the speed limit ,it doesn’t stupidly drivers

    • “Knowing that road shown in the picture,with the speed bumps every 50 metres of so ,a good driver will not exceed the speed limit ,it doesn’t stupidly drivers”

      There’s that high standard of education you attained in the army again, pal…

  8. 20 miles limit works. For example no reported accidents in the roads that have introduced the lower speed limit.Athelstan road and margate seafront. Dane Valley road safety will be according to residents in the area by a combination of chicanes and a lower speed limit near the children centre. Of course there motorists who think they own the road and those who ignore traffic lights and any speed limits and that’s why I support the introduction of the residents speed watch initiative in the area.there is a problem and as a councillor it is my duty to make margate roads safer

    • Nonsense. I saw a quad bike crash on Margate seafront in the summer. Police and the fire brigade were there. Your statistics are flawed.

    • No money to help save lives though sadly. Because KCC have given it all to the modern art lot, to stick old rags on walls, doodle childish scribbles, throw paint at a canvas & draw stick people with mammoth breasts & penises-as per Emin’s ‘expert artists’ tutor friends & keep doing so every year.

    • “20 miles limit works.”

      Except going across Margate seafront, you’d clearly see it doesn’t. Even Police doing 30/40 through there on the regulars (without blue lights).

      “that’s why I support the introduction of the residents speed watch initiative in the area.”

      You mean the highly visible, dayglo vest wearing clipboard bells, whom drivers would slow down upon seeing, then speed up again after they’re out of view?

  9. Educate the people who step off the pavements without looking and teach cyclists to ride safely. Flashing speed signs are a good idea

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