St Laurence Junior Academy pupils explore Monkton Nature Reserve

Exploring Monkton Nature Reserve

Youngsters from St Laurence Junior Academy in Ramsgate have been exploring Monkton Nature Reserve.

The pupils’ visit follows on from Eco workshops hosted by Anna from the reserve earlier this month.

To continue their learning the children were invited to visit the reserve and spend some time exploring. Monkton Nature Reserve is a unique environment for British flora and fauna that thrive on chalk-based habitats. It is a managed by charity The Thanet Countryside Trust.

Neither rain, mud or  a very chilly morning could dampen the children and adults spirits as they piled into the coach and made their way to the reserve.

Once there they were invited to take part in a series of activities such as nature bingo, sculpture hunting and exploring the site with only a map and their wits.

Head of Geography, Mrs Mountjoy, said: “This was an amazing experience for our children – many who didn’t even know the nature reserve was there.

“To allow them to get out and about in nature, not worry about getting a little bit muddy and to just have the freedom to explore a place is an experience that our children won’t forget. Thank you Anna for having us.”

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