Two men in serious condition following Dane Valley Road crash

Emergency services

Two men have been taken to a London hospital in a serious condition following a crash in Dane Valley last night (January 21).

At around 10.20pm a black Toyota Auris was travelling along Dane Valley Road towards College Road when it left the carriageway and collided with a tree.

The driver, a man in his 20s and a passenger, a man in his 40s were treated for injuries at the scene and then taken to a London hospital, where they remain in a serious condition.

Kent Police’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU) is carrying out enquiries and officers are appealing to anyone who saw what happened, or has relevant dashcam or CCTV footage, to come forward.

Anyone with information should call the SCIU appeal line on 01622 798538, or email [email protected], quoting reference HW/DH/007/23.

Drivers with dashcam and residents with CCTV that may assist can upload the footage using this link:


  1. Sorry to be pedantic but cars don’t “leave the road and hit a tree” – it’s drivers who crash vehicles and collide with fixed objects. Another case of needing strictly policed speed limits.

    • Unless you can physically restrict car speeds, the introduction of speed restrictions with signage is moot point. People need to have their license taken away and more custodial punishments. This may help but whilst you have humans at the wheel, we will see these types of incidences.

    • Sorry to disagree but vehicles DO leave the road and hit trees and other things besides!
      The proof of that is, as reported, the vehicle left the road and hit a tree.

  2. At least it does say crash and not accident. Newspaper articles usually play down or ignore the role of the driver as you say. There was some research reported in the last few weeks suggesting that the public accept people getting killed and maimed if cars are involved, but not by other means – somewhat concerning – see the research here:

        • You implied the injured men were not innocent by referring to pedestrians as innocent…If you cant fathom that concept then perhaps you need to get someone to comment for you in future or wake yourself up.

    • I know the driver,a good safe driver,u are obviously not a driver otherwise u would of noticed all the dangerous po holes,why do pedestrians blame the drivers when u get retarded pedestrians just walk out in the road with out looking or are on there phones

      • Hi Andy you mentioned in a comment that you knew the driver my brother was the passenger we haven’t been told who the driver is can you tell me how he is doing thanks Richard

    • Hi Keith, lets hope that is the case. You wouldn’t want to be slandering a driver who suffered mechanical fault, or WORSE, medical incident now, would you?

  3. It is just possible that the driver suffered a heart attack or a stroke.
    Let’s not be too keen to apportion blame when we know nothing about the circumstances.

    • Odd, seeing as whenever somebody crashes into a car, wall etc elsewhere in Thanet everybody here & likely yourself included immediately says speeding & possibly drunk or or on drugs-the only difference here is the car didn’t/couldn’t leave the scene.

      What are the chances of somebody in their twenties having a heart attack? Maybe a week or two back we could have said the ice caused it. If they were driving at 20mph, as per the speed bumps in that area, then they wouldn’t be in serious condition in hospital, would they?

      You need only search to find complaints from people in that area about people speeding all the time & one lady who has had to write three cars off in as many years, due to people ploughing into them. Sadly as always, likely nothing will be done until somebody(usually somebody minding their own business & behaving correctly) dies.

      • Not very well lit, road humps unpainted and no warning signs to let unfamiliar motorists beware of humps. Some of the humps are larger than others and are not the usual shape. Road surface in poor state. Mini roundabouts on road junctions that are not visible at night.
        KCC need take a look at the dangers along there. There have been several incidents like this in past year or two.

  4. I saw the news story on Meridian earlier, the Tree protrudes onto the road from the grass bank edge , it might have been a slight lack of concentration by the driver to be fair.I wish them well .

    • Surely if the vehicle was travelling at no more than 30mph and the occupants were wearing seat belts and the vehicle merely glanced off a slightly protruding tree – the occupants are unlikely to have sustained sufficiently serious injuries to warrant them being transported to a London hospital ?

      • Correct John, a lot of people don’t drive properly at any time-even when the roads are slippery or covered in ice, late at night etc. That area is known as a boy racers haunt.

      • It is often not the thing struck by the vehicle or the crash itself that causes grave injuries but the sudden stop and the effect this has on the internal organs of the body.

  5. The weakest part of the car is the Nut holding the steering wheel.

    Wish the injured a quick recovery.

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