Road closure after two people hit by vehicle in Ramsgate

Emergency services have been called to the scene

Police closed off a road in Ramsgate following a collision where two pedestrians were hit by a vehicle today (December 15).

Officers were called to the scene in Leopold Street after a report of an older couple being knocked down. South East Coast Ambulance Service was also called.

The road was closed from the corner with Queen Street with assistance from Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 2.16pm to reports of a collision involving a car and two pedestrians on Leopold Street, Ramsgate.

“Officers are currently at the scene with the South East Coast Ambulance Service and the two pedestrians are being taken to local hospitals for treatment.”

A South East coast Ambulance Service spokesperson added: “Ambulance crew have attended the scene following reports of a collision involving a vehicle and two pedestrians reported at approximately 2.20pm today.

“The two pedestrians have been assessed and treated at the scene and are being taken to hospital for further checks.”

UPDATE: The road has now been reopened


  1. It’s high time that something was done to slow down vehicles and focus drivers’ attention on to what’s going on in front of them.

    • Indeed and I don’t remember seeing Leopold Street listed in the proposed 20mph limit which seems strange

  2. So,another 2 people hot by a car in Leopold Street,only a few months after that drug fueled,piece of sh.t killed 2 innocent people.
    There is no mention of the driver,who hit them.

  3. It’s a dangerous corner, added to the junction with Effingham St which is two way. Perhaps make Effingham St one way up from Queen street?

  4. The 20mph limit plans are very, very limited. Thanet Green Cllr’s have been pressing for a “Twenty’s Plenty” for the whole town and I think Ramsgate Council has formally requested this.
    As many contributers on IoTN have said before, this measure will have limited value without enforcement, but it’s a start we have to make. Next would be re-designing roads to force motor vehicles to be driven slower and introducing more pedestrian crossings.
    A 20mph limit is unlikely to have prevented the recent fatal collision at the bust stop on Leopold but a different road design might have.
    People need to write to their Cllr’s and MP to put on pressure. Including the head of Kent police would do no harm either. To make this more effective we need to co-ordinate what we do.
    Who’s up for a campaign?
    Reply here and let me know.

  5. That area needs traffic light controlled crossing ie pelican or puffin, then pedestrians can safely cross the road, There are other serious road hazards in that area. So many near misses there everyday.
    Change must happen, tdc have government funds for improvements.

    Wish the couple a quick recovery.

  6. be honest when did you last see a police car or a ( proper copper ) on the streets ? we have as much power as these plastic policeman that wander the town talking to the dossers. those roads are like a race track

  7. “ Kent is the region with the highest number of accidents in the UK
    Data has shown that Kent has the highest number of accidents by local authority, with over 49,216 reported accidents since 2009 involving 92,310 vehicles. It’s reported that the highest age bracket involved in these accidents is 21 – 30, with 7,163 accidents occurring in this age group. There are currently estimated to be 1,855,000 people living within the Kent County Council area, which means there’s an estimated one accident to occur in every 38 residents making it arguably the most dangerous place to drive.”

  8. They’re not “accidents”. They’re “Road Traffic Collisions”
    It would be more useful to compare the number of RTCs with the size of the population. Obviously, if there are more people, there’s more likely to be RTCs.

  9. I saw that hope the 2 people are ok. That’s a dangerous corner and road. Only yesterday a female pedestrian got hit by a car by the roundabout st Lawrence/Newington Road. Ramsgate she’s in a London hospital. It’s high time these roads were sorted out . Traffic calming or a 20 mile speed limit near the town

  10. We urgently need a pedestrian crossing in Leopold Street. I often see people having great difficulty getting across safely. My heart goes out to those hurt today. I believe their dog was also injured and was taken to a local vet. I hope they all make a speedy recovery. So sad

  11. People keep saying it’s a dangerous corner. I was always taught at school to find a safe place to cross.
    Move down the road until you have good line of view, dont cross between parked cars etc.

    Everyone seems quick to blame the car driver but why cross at a dangerous place ?

    Only the other evening at Leopold street a man in all black crossed in front of me from behind the bus. I wasnt go fast about 20mph but still had to brake. I didnt see him till the last minute. He was invisible ! All in black. I guess if I had hit him you lot would be blaming me !

    • Very useful info about traffic incidents in Kent. It makes the argument for better/safer streets compelling.
      When it comes to safety the human is the worst control measure because we do all sorts of silly things – drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.
      Accordingly we design safety features that prevent problems or reduce the potential harm.
      Cars have features that protect occupants. Some measues on some cars like bonnet height and rake prevent pedestrians being forced under the vehicle.
      But the only way to stop collisions is to entirely separate people from road machines. This is generally impossible so we have to consider the machine, how and where it’s used.
      This means street features that reduce speeds and poor driving behaviours.
      An alternative would be to ensure every road machine was fitted with poison tipped spikes that each driver would face. This would make most of us drive very, very carefully!

  12. I hope those injured are well? I was passing the spot on foot immediately after it happened and again almost an hour later when the ambulance and other emergency services were still on scene. Well done to the group of ‘civilians’ who were tending to the injured.

    There have been comments about people crossing at a dangerous point. It’s only dangerous because of the speed of motorists round that blind corner. Where this happened the driver should have had a clear view of the pedestrians well before the collision.

    It is a designated crossing point with dropped kerbs and tactile pavers to assist people with impaired vision…Maybe it needs a proper pedestrian crossing or lights?

  13. This road is sooooo dangerous to cross. I fear for my life when I have to cross it. There are now large vans parking outside the estate agents, so you can not see round the corner to spot oncoming traffic. How many more people will be hurt before something is done about it. I try to teach my daughter about finding a safe place to cross and this is definitely not one!! Happy to start a petition anyone in??

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