Motor cruiser wreckage towed into Ramsgate harbour by lifeboat crew

Towing in the remains of the cruiser Photos Julian Newick and Nick Goodall

Ramsgate RNLI has towed in the remains of a cruiser which ran aground at Louisa Bay last Sunday (December 4)

On the day of the incident the Ramsgate Lifeboat volunteer crew launched both boats to the assistance of the small motor yacht.

The boat had suffered engine failure whilst crossing Louisa Bay in Broadstairs and was found to have been swept closer to shore with the incoming waves breaking over its bow,

Photos Julian Newick and Nick Goodall

Under difficult circumstances the crews managed to safely take both casualties off the motorboat and transfer them to the all weather, where they were taken into the wheelhouse to warm up.

However, they were unable to do anything to save the craft.

The following day HM Coastguard Margate were re-tasked as parts of the vessel had broken off and washed up on the shore.

Photos Julian Newick and Nick Goodall

Today (December 8) at 12:46pm the Ramsgate crew launched after UK Coastguard received a report a person in difficulty off Ramsgate main beach.

On scene the crew carried out an extensive search of the area with no person found. They did, however, find wreckage from the cruiser and tied a line to it and towed it into the travel hoist in Ramsgate harbour.

Ramsgate RNLI launch both boats to sinking motor yacht off Broadstairs