Planning application for houses on Broadstairs memorial tree site submitted prior to second sale at auction

Chestnut Drive plot Photo Sue Wall

An application to build two houses has been made for a green plot of land in Broadstairs which was auctioned by Taylor Wimpey homes last month and has been sold again at auction today (December 8).

The plot is one of two auctioned despite the sale initially being halted following a plea from residents, a councillor and the town tree warden who want both sites preserved as green space.

The housebuilder had put one 9,417 sq ft plot by The Silvers/The Hawthorns and another 10,046 sq ft plot off Chestnut Drive up for auction. Both plots had a guide price of £15,000 for the freehold.

At auction last month the Chestnut Drive plot sold for £28,000 while the green space at The Silvers brought in a whopping £52,000.

The green space plots in Broadstairs

However, the Chestnut Drive plot reappeared at auction by McHugh & Co estate agents today, with the speculative planning application listed in the details. Bidding closed with the plot selling for £32,000.

The plots were originally withdrawn from sale in May with a pledge by the housebuilder company to engage with residents about future plans. But the sites were then relisted with Allsop auctioneers.

Both plots, which are on the estate built by Wimpey in 1972, are marked as Green Space in the town’s Neighbourhood Development Plan and the district Local Plan. The land off Chestnut Drive is also the site of a memorial tree planted for a resident of the estate who walked there every day.

Taylor Wimpey said the land was to be sold as a green site – its existing use – and that it is unlikely permission would be granted to build on it.

A CGI of the proposed houses

However, an application has been submitted to Thanet council requesting permission to build two 3-bed houses on the Chestnut Drive plot.

Several objections have been lodged, including one from the son of the man who has a memorial tree at the site.

He says: “The land is designated as open green space on the neighbourhood plan and has many trees on it including a memorial tree planted on behalf of my Late Father• through the Broadstairs tree warden. He walked his dogs on this land for over fifty years and the land has been used by many residents for a similar period.

“All the trees on this plot and adjacent plot have just had a Tree Protection Order placed upon them

“The land also has no vehicular access to complete the build upon and also because of this also has no parking which is at a premium being situated in a popular housing estate.

“I hope these points will be taken in to consideration when the planning application is considered resulting in planning being declined.”

Cllr Mike Garner

Ward councillor Mike Garner said: “As the local ward councillor I’ve asked that the application be called in to be decided by the planning committee if the officer is minded to approve it so that the community have a chance to express their views.”

A decision on the planning application is yet to be made.


  1. The money grubbing developers won’t rest until every bit of green space is covered by bricks and mortar. TDC MUST REFUSE THIS APPLICATION.
    However, I won’t hold my breath whilst waiting.

  2. So the land is listed on TWO separate council plans as open space, yet someone has put a plan in to build houses on the site? This application should be thrown out and not even reach the planning stage. Plus this site has numerous TPO’s.

    But we all know if the brown envelope is bulging enough, things like this can be overlooked and green spaces on a map can be altered. I’m sure the developer will promise to plant 2 trees for every 1 tree currently protected by TPO!! There’s always someone who wants to build on a site you’re not allowed to build on. Why else would they buy these sites? To cut the grass they now own?!!

  3. How can anyone trust the people on T.D.C. or their Town Council. Yes, Brown envelopes come to mind, and remember the councillors and elected members of parliament years ago. I think we had our own currency, enough said I think

  4. I think there are plenty of residents on the Estate that would like to voice their opinions on the taking of aGreen Space with Protected trees to the Application Commitee. What are Laws for if they can be overturned easily?

  5. ‘If the officer is minded’ – say no more, a nod’s as good as a wink…..who is the officer? We can probably all think of one or two who might be ‘minded’.

  6. just saying,, IF nothing Had ever been developed by ‘greedy developers’ where would we all be living? and in what?

    • But this is different. For many years, at least since the Second World War, Councils always have development plans where they have an Ordnance Survey map and zone it into areas for retail/commercial, residential, open space; etc. Not just for when the map was compiled, but for the future too. That’s how areas were developed. Sometimes these plans are altered over time, such as with Westwood Cross. But this development is infilling on land deemed as green space/open space and with numerous TPOs on the site too, with no access road or anywhere to put one. And developers are riding roughshod over the plans by submitting housing plans when they know they should never be allowed to even suggest such a thing for this specific site.

  7. There’s no access to the site for vehicles. How on earth are they going to build houses there without that ? The only potential access is to cut across people’s front gardens from Chestnut Drive or somehow take over the entire footpath from The Pines and therefore stop people from using it.

    • Access to any new houses on this site will be put in place unilaterally by the governing authorities. Local residents will likely not have the financial resources to counteract any unilateral action by the TDC. All concerned should reflect on the emasculation of Jackie Bakers, to prepare the area for future development in order to better understand the lack of interest of the TDC towards the citizens of Thanet. Jackie Bakers was given to the people of Ramsgate in perpetuity via a covenant for use by the people of Ramsgate by Dame Janet Stancombe Wills. The TDC, despite their usual Star Chamber public hearings will bulldoze through any and all development they deem necessary. Do you remember the old wrought iron fence surrounding the boundaries of Jackie Bakers? This was the hard border of Jackie Bakers. The TDC simply ignored this reality to implement their brutalist development of Westwood and environs. Yes, the TDC swapped bought farmland to make up the difference in appropriated land but the point is: the originally donated land should never have been touched by the TDC. This, in conclusion, should illustrate to all that if local governing authorities want to appropriate your land you have little or no recourse.

    • I’m not sure it’s to make money – I think it’s officers shrugging their shoulders, seeking a quiet life to pension age or acting macho to be seen to ‘an achiever’ ready for the next job; most elected members first priority is themselves, pleasing the party leader and moving up the party ladder; the party leader falls in with the national party line with the hope of a gong.
      Nowhere in TDC is there a champion for local communities and local people, no one at TDC guts or community spirit to say to government (as they have in Bristol) ‘we will not be using your targets, we’ll do what’s best for us’.
      And don’t be taken in by the supposed abolition of targets, it’s a change of vocabulary not a change of policy.

  8. The N.P.P.F planning regulations that the Conservatives bought in to appease their main donars who happen to be the big building companies, will allow these applications to be overturned on appeal even it the planning Committee throw them out. Then the Thanet tax payers will be left with the Leagal fees when they lose.
    The only safe areas in England are Conservation Areas & National Parks.

  9. Where Will the roads be from pysons road at the of chestnut drive.This this thing is rediculous. Surely they will not steal the gardens from the 5 houses

  10. So sad to see this. I was one of the first residents on this estate, and this land was always meant to be an open space for recreation. Permission was even turned down to put play equipment for children there, but now it’s ok to build houses?! A sad day if this goes ahead.

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