Homes plan at Ramsgate garage site approved by Thanet council

The application site

An application to knock down a garage/workshop and build four 3-bed homes in Ramsgate has been approved by Thanet council.

The properties will be built at the Westcliff Works site in Addington Place up to the boundary of the flint wall in Hertford Place, which will be retained. A parking space is provided for each house.

The plans have been amended from an original proposal for 4-bed properties.

The site is within the Ramsgate Conservation Area.

The proposal was called in by ward councillors Tricia Austin and Becky Wing due to concerns of over-development.

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However, a report to councillors said: “The proposal is for the demolition of the existing building and the erection of 4no. Dwellings, part 2-storey, part 3-storey in height. The existing building is of no historic value being a workshop garage. The only historic element is the flint wall along the northern boundary of the site, but it is intended for this wall to be retained, and as such the proposed demolition works to the garage are supported. The proposed dwellings are of a traditional design within a terraced block. The character of the surrounding area is predominantly terraces of a traditional design, and therefore the proposed layout would be in keeping with the surrounding pattern of development.”

The development is between an existing commercial office/storage building, and a block of domestic garages.

An application adjacent to the site by a different developer for five terraced homes was refused permission last year over concerns about parking and cramped conditions. The application has since been submitted for an appeal and is undergoing further decision.

Permission for the Westcliff Works development was granted this week.


  1. So, cramped conditions and parking issues next door gets a rejection but this gets approved? Same old TDC, forget the last decision, nod this one through – bet the flint wall get accidently knocked over too.

  2. Better to redevelop existing town centre sites and minimise development of agricultural land. Yes, this is only for 4 homes but if you go around Thanet and see how many spaces like this have development potential, it could mean fewer larger developments. At least these all have one parking space although personally I think there should be two for a three bedroom home. And nothing wrong with the design in a conservation area. Hopefully the adjacent development will amend their plans from a 5 home to a 4 home one also with parking and also get approval.

  3. As a carpenter in the construction industry for most of my working life ,town houses are taboo ,they offer ground floor kitchens ,first floor daytime living accommodation and top floor sleeping quarters , now when anybody finishes a hard day’s work the last thing you need is traipsing up and down stairs ,to prepare food ,use w.c. facilities ,then climb more stairs to go to sleep .These dated town houses should be a thing of the past ,they’re victorian and ugly , whatever people say about conservation areas the likes of Addington street should be bulldozed flat and decent insulated house of ground floor and one storey construction built in their place , conservation of old fashioned properties is ludicrous , take liverpool lawn area ,having worked in some they are small rooms and a labyrinth of narrow stairs from floor to floor . These buildings now would not come under modern building regulations . So summing up T.D.C.planning office need to look more carefully at what they pass and build .

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