Application for new roof at Hartsdown Leisure Centre likely to be approved in bid to reopen pool


Thanet councillors are expected to approve an application to replace the roofing covering Hartsdown Leisure Centre swimming pool.

The pool has been shut since damage was caused to the roof by Storm Eunice in February.

A report to councillors on the planning committee says the existing roof has Stramit roofing boards that are no longer available as it is an unreliable material that loses its structural properties when wet.

Instead the roof will comprise of metal cladding.

The report adds: “The replacement of the roof is necessary so that the swimming pool can reopen, and therefore the proposed works ensure the ongoing continued use of a community facility.”

The property is owned by Thanet council. Your Leisure, which is the operator for the centre, has told customers the pool will not be open until next year because of the work needed.

In a statement on its website operator Your Leisure says: “It is with deep regret that the extent of the damage to the Hartsdown pool roof has created further complex required works due to its construction.

“Upon further inspection by engineers and building experts, it is likely that these works and associated building requirements will take much longer than previously expected and will extend the closure of the swimming pool into early 2023.

“We sincerely apologise for this news, we know it is not what you wished to receive but please be assured that we are working hard with our partners at Thanet District Council, structural engineers, contractors and building inspectors to ensure that these works are commenced and completed effectively to ensure the longevity of the facility.

“As you will appreciate, the current supply chain and inflation issues may also hinder progress in relation to the procurement of specialist materials.”

Your Leisure says affected members will have courses moved to other centres or subscription/membership frozen.

The application for new roofing will be discussed by councillors at a meeting on October 19.


      • Given the age of the building, are the “complex” works, because of asbestos laden concrete/construction materials?!

      • Would it be possible to get a definitive answer? As it seems ridiculous that it’s taken 8 months to even get to the point of agreeing what’s going to happen let alone have the pool reopened.

  1. Let’s see if Ms ‘Puke On A Canvas’ Emin will fund something for the benefit of the majority of Thanet? Thought not.

    • “Lets see”, your foregone conclusion. Stop allowing your bigotry to show you up as a bit of doughnut. What is funny is she has donated a ton to a bunch of good causes, including the £1m skatepark to be built in Cliftonville.

      • That does not benefit the people of Thanet at all-it will benefit a few yahoos who are into this niche ‘sport’ to cause trouble, just as pointless as her ‘art’ studio.

        What would benefit Thanet is the majority of people being able to swim to improve their health, but of course it isn’t ‘sexy’ like a lecture on black hair that draws an audience of 10 people or another ‘art hub’ that get millions thrown at them by KCC etc.

    • I have the rather old fashioned view that those using their own money to fund projects are quite entitled to choose where that support goes.

      • I totally agree LC-unless they & others start saying/printing rubbish about their cash injection benefiting people in Margate, when the reality is this has no bearing at all on 97% or more of the population, while a swimming pool roof that would I doubt cost anywhere near 2.3 million & would benefit the majority mentally & physically in a deprived area like Margate has to be begged for & jump through hoops, just in the hope if might get funded.

        • Let them print or say whatever they want, it makes no difference in the real world. But they’ve stepped up and invested their own money in something they believe in, as a result even a tiny improvement in thanet as a result should be welcomed.
          Personally i find it hard to believe that ,had Hartsdown pool been properly insured and maintained , we’d be at the point we are now. There should be no expectation that others should come to the rescue of a flawed public ownership model.

    • Steve. She is not responsible for funding properties which are publicly owned. Why should she be? She has just sold one of her paintings to fund a project in Margate which will be of benefit to some people in the community. People who aspire to be like her and make a living out of art. I have known Tracey since she was 8 years old and believe me, she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had nothing when she was a kid. For a large part of her youth she was seen as a waster and was exploited and abused. Through her love of art, inspired by one of her primary school teachers, she managed to turn her life around.
      Now she is investing in a project which will help and inspire other people like herself to maybe turn their lives around as she has done.
      You might not like her, you might not like her artwork, it’s not my cup of tea either, but she is investing in people. She is not doing it for profit, she is doing it to give something back to the community where she grew up.

  2. I agree. Legislation should be brought in that all new construction is this country should have solar panels. With our climate they will not be efficient year round, but every little helps…. And with the amount of sunshine we had this summer, they would be a tremendous benefit.

  3. I’m somewhat encouraged and cautiously optimistic. Quite agree that solar panels would be absolutely ideal for a building that has huge fuel costs all year round.

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