Tracey Emin painting auctioned to fund TKE Studios in Margate sells for £2.3million

Like a Cloud of Blood by Tracey Emin

A painting by Tracey Emin auctioned at Christies yesterday (October 13) smashed through the £500-700,000 guide price to sell for £2.3 million.

Like a Cloud of Blood is one of the first paintings by Margate-based artist Tracey Emin created following her cancer treatment. It was auctioned to raise funds for her new artist studio complex TKE Studios in former Victorian baths and former morgue in Dane Road/Victoria Road.


The painting represents a return to the creative process for Emin, and an intimate vision of her recent experience which she is offering to establish a future for artists in her home town

The TKE Studios are titled with an abbreviation of the artist’s full name, Tracey Karima Emin.

The aim is for the  studio complex and residency programme to foster new generations of talent, and to create a thriving artistic hub in Margate.

Emin, who last month was awarded as a Freewoman of the town, has become a passionate advocate for Margate since returning in 2017 after buying part of the former Thanet Press site in Margate and converting it into an artist’s studio and flat.

The 59-year-old is in remission from bladder cancer. She was diagnosed in spring 2020 and underwent an operation in the Summer which meant the removal of many of her female reproductive organs and the need for a stoma bag.



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With 12 subsidised professional artist studios, a rigorous exhibition cycle and two-year residencies for 15-20 students with free studios, tutorials and lectures, Emin hopes to create an inspirational ‘artists’ haven’ at the TKE Studios.

Find out more via the Tracey Emin Foundation.


  1. Hang on people . . . if someone with £2.3m to spare has funded the re-purposing of the old bath house – then that has to be better than it being funded from our taxes (be it council tax or income tax or VAT).

    The painting may look like something executed by a four-year-old but as we are not paying for it and the money is being put to better use, then who are we to care ?

    I am amongst the first to criticise money being wasted on all the arty-farty nonsense around Thanet but at least this time it is private money and not public money.

    • It is just the concept of idiots paying 2.5 million for her decades old dirty bed & now 2.3 million for what looks like a load of vomit on top of a 3 year olds doodles on canvas.

      But really it is not 2.3 million being spent on things the town desperately needs, but 2.3 million going to yet another ‘art hub’ vanity project that does nothing for the town & if she is teaching them then it is not going to be actual art, but more of this rubbish.

      • Steve, you’re really mad about her spending her money however she chooses. You don’t even know what style of teaching she’d be employing, which other artists she’d be choosing as in residence teachers.

        We get it though, your post is dripping with jealousy that you haven’t made 4.8 million quid from your artwork.

        • Nope, she can spend it as she pleases. But when she, the media & people like yourself make the claim she is giving back to the area, others will call bs on it & ask how it benefits people here.

          What style of teaching? Well, any of us could do what she does-it is the throw as much you know what at a wall & see what sticks. Her teaching art is like Kwasi Kwarteng & Liz Truss teaching people about economics.

          If I made 5 million from that garbage, or any doodle I did on a bit of paper then I would be ashamed.

          If you think I am some frustrated artist that is jealous which appears to be case you are mistaken. I realised quickly at school I had zero ability, a pity Ms Emin didn’t, before she excreted it to the world & in the case of her bed literally as it has various excretions, that after 40 plus years of bacterial colonies multiplying must be lethal to anybody who touches it without a Hazmat suit on.

      • Please go to the Tracey Emin Foundation website. The pupils will be taught by a host of well-known artists. This whole project is clearly not ‘vanity’, but a passion for more nascent talent to realise potential that otherwise might never be used. And all, it seems, to be funded by Tracey Emin herself. Whatever one thinks of art, someone deciding to use their own money to help others really doesn’t deserve to be ‘knocked’. Shame on the ‘knockers’ I say – and I have no connections with the art world. Tracey Emin deserves a big round of applause, in my opinion.

        • Well David I went there & aside from the accountants & curators listed as visiting tutors who apparently will be doing this-not sure how an accountant can teach art, but hey they are no doubt just as useful in that regard as the artists, I searched for a handful of the actual ‘artist’s & to no surprise they are just as ‘talented’ as Emin.

          Take Sue Webster for instance, childish drawings of nude stick people that you would have been shouted at by your teacher for doing in infant school-what an amazing boost to Thanet this will be.

          • Hi Steve. I’m not going to enter into a ping-pong match with you. I can’t fathom how you don’t understand why somebody hoping to make a living as a self-employed professional in any field wouldn’t benefit from some early input from an accountant. My own accountant for 30 years, an FCA and partner in a substantial firm, has a business card which describes him as a ‘Business Growth Adviser’, to more accurately describe the benefits for clients. I have benefitted substantially from his advice over the years, but the most valuable was without doubt his very early input. My view – how clever of Tracey Emin to think of helping aspiring artists to feed themselves, not just paint.

          • Oh, I thought they were all teaching art, that is the impression I got from the site. Kind of makes sense-there is a lot of money to be made off of ‘modern art’ so it makes sense they would advise how to invest it & exploit it. Thanks David.

    • Excellent John… if it raises money, does it matter. It’s not my taste and if I had produced this I’d be lucky to get £2.30.

      Most people that have the cash to splash on artwork, buy as investments (paying for the name only)… they probably don’t even like it themselves… but if it’s a good buy and likely to increase in price they don’t care.

      It’s a win win situation really… a gorgeous restoration to a building, from literally a pile of rubbish…. The real meaning of get something for nothing!

    • Very generous there Supachip, doubt it took her more than 5 minutes. Quick doodle of a naked couple & then chuck some paint over it & smear it around.

      • and there we have it. Steve doesn’t believe things that take around 5 minutes have value. Why do you believe YOU have value, Steve? Given you were conceived in 30 seconds or less?

        • I heard my daddy was a 60 minute man baby. Because Anon, do you think the real artists did & do create something beautiful to look at in 5 minutes? No, they spent months, possibly years creating masterpieces.

          But that sums up ‘modern art’ & the modern world nicely-everything is fast food convenience, junk, nobody has any patience or attention span-so you have to dumb everything down for them, music is now just a dirge of overdubs & vocoders, where everything & everybody looks & sounds the same & none of it is remotely memorable. Once again that a dirty bed, a vomit looking piece of canvas, or some rubbish in a jar can sell for millions shows that the people buying it know the price of everything & the value of nothing.

    • It’s her home town now. The money raised from the sale of her painting will benefit Margate, not Croydon.

    • Amazing who Thanet’s top brass will claim as their own, if they have even a hint of fame-even if it isn’t true.

      • Amazing how bitter you are a woman has cemented her niche in the annals of art history. Cope and seethe more, Steve. I’m sure it’ll really benefit you. I hope you have a day befitting of your stature on the world stage…

        • 1. If that is what art is these days then who would want to be part of its history? That she could even be spoken of in the same breath as Constable, van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Turner, Lowry etc speaks volumes about the world we live in.

          2. Don’t need to cope-it is what it is. Just a shame we are going to have yet another ‘art hub’ that brings nothing to the area, while 2.3 million could have gone to many good causes for things that people really need in a deprived area-as reported in another story Hartsdown Leisure could really do with a new roof, the Theatre Royal & Winter Gardens are in dire straits, people are stuggling to eat & heat-but no, let’s carry on the tradition of the last decade & throw it all at modern art instead.

          3. You seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that I have any desire for fame. Unlike most self absorbed narcissists staring into their overpriced phones while pulling duck faces, injecting steroids/botox into themselves & acting like morons on reality shows, naming an ‘arts hub’ after themselves like a true egotist etc I have zero interest in any of it-they all have exactly the same talent as either of us, or Emin-none whatsoever. Just one got rich in a sham world selling her dirty bed covered in booze bottles, spent rubbers & other assorted junk. If any of us did that the council would be round taking it away as a health hazard, she makes 2.5 million for it-what a pretentious farce.

          • Steve. Whether she got £2.3 million or £2.50 for it, it was her property. She had the right to sell it and it is up to her how she spends her money. She does not collect money from taxpayers so the council’s responsibilities are not hers. The fact that her work commands such a price is testament to her and how she has marketed herself. I could paint much better than that (in my opinion) but I’d be lucky to get £2.50 for it because I’m not a known artist.

    • So a DFL (.Down from London) is putting her money into an area she loves what is wrong with that nothing, I’m good at painting but not your hanging a picture on the wall type, Tracy giving something back to the community that has served her well, she must know something about art and what she is doing her painting sold yesterday says so. Not my cup of tea but £2.3 million says it is another’s cuppa, we could do with a few more people like Tracey who have funds to put into other projects in the area,

      • Well Chris, Hitler’s possessions have been selling for years. Recently his watch sold for 900k. There are pretentious millionaires/billionaires that will buy any old rubbish.

        Maybe Ms Emin could actually invest in the majority of people here living on the breadline & things that will benefit them. Not a tiny, wealthy minority, who already have multiple ‘art studios/hubs’ doing exactly the same thing. Of course not.

  2. If she could knock out a few those each week,she could find the local health service.Now that would make her a Thanet celebrity.

  3. Forget trying to be an Art Critic, consider this the same way you would an investment for a Pension Fund. Best to remember this is a market where a bed that can be bought for £150,000 can then auctioned for £2,546,500.

  4. Thank you Tracey. (Not that she reads this) your involvement and financial support to make Margate an exciting place to live is really appreciated by the majority. Naysaying depressives that wallow in their own bitterness do cover themselves in fatuous verbal bile constantly on this news page. We’ll done 👏👏

      • Anybody who buys her & the other ‘YMA’ work is well done, maybe PJ meant she was well done-like the saw you coming shop in Harry Enfield.

    • Please explain how the hundredth ‘art hub’ in Thanet helps the town. It helps her ego of naming it after herself.

      It might help a few luvvies to sell their garbage at insane rates like her, most will likely end up nowhere & when the money is blown though is she going to carry on funding this vanity project, or does it fall to taxpayers to pick up the bill?

      Would it not be better served as a much needed food bank for the many struggling to eat & heat their homes, rather than a minority of rich toffs? Going to the local NHS, trying to improve the high street-which unlike the old town has not been rewarded by the old town Turder Centre hype?

      • 1) it isn’t the hundreth art hub.

        2) back in the day, people saw TV(artform), Painting(art form) and Photography (art form) as “garbage”.

        3) why, instead of assuming and projecting, don’t you just email her and ask where the funding will come from in its later years, Steve? Or is that too much like hard work?

        4)”Would it not be better served as a much needed food bank for the many struggling to eat & heat their homes, rather than a minority of rich toffs? Going to the local NHS, trying to improve the high street-which unlike the old town has not been rewarded by the old town Turder Centre hype?”

        How much do you donate monthly to those kinds of causes, Steve? Where can we find a breakdown of your expenditure? I mean, you do donate to them don’t you? Because if you don’t, you don’t really have any right to tell others how to spend their money.


        • 1. Feels like it.

          2. Maybe, but we are living in more enlightened times, or supposed to be.

          3. One I have zero interest in asking her, two do you honestly think she replies to peasants she doesn’t know & thirdly it should be something she is declaring.

          4. Difference is I cannot afford to Anon, you might be able to, but I just get by & am not that far off needing the food banks like many others locally & indeed all over the country. So your argument really is a Strawman & the usual snobby/shut up because I don’t want to hear it if you don’t cook you cannot give an opinion about a restaurant you eat at’s quality of food, or if you have never directed a film you cannot say you don’t like a film etc stupidity/snobbery.

          I am not telling her how to spend her money, I am pointing out we already have a plethora of ‘art studios/hubs’ in Thanet. Everything has been spent on alleged art/culture the last decade plus at the expense of everything else & that this, like those before it does not benefit the people of Margate/Thanet in any way.

  5. That is bloody ridiculous, food banks on the rise, cost of living crisis, pensions about to become worthless. Yet some people have a spare 2.3 million to spend on a scribble.

    The world has truly gone mad and I kid you not, I could do a scribble like that in 15 minutes. How do I get people to spend millions on my scribble ? My teenagers bed is still for sale.

    Honestly in this current climate of people having to decide between food or heat, it makes me feel sick.

    This isnt a knock at Tracey Emin, good luck to her that people spend this sort of money on her. It’s more the fact that the gap between the haves and the have nots is growing by the minute.

    But if there is this sort of money floating around in art (2.3 milllion) for one picture. Why does the arty community need so much funding from our taxes ? It really doesnt make. sense. Couldnt the TC just sell a few pieces everytime it needs money or charge an entrance fee ?

    • You need name value first. You will have to do a special stunt like painting naked in public with your body fluids, the art crowd/media will go nuts & then you can sell it for 2 million plus.

  6. Good on her, can anyone think of anyone else that’s single-handedly done more to improve the area? The creative sector is more than welcome to invest as much if its own money in thanet as it wishes, and being their own investment will no doubt be done so in the most efficient way possible and to a good standard.

    • LC

      I agree the art community can invest it’s own money I am more than happy with that.

      But with this sort of money clearly in the art community our taxes should not funding it. Our taxes should be in schools, NHS, affordable housing etc.

    • It is the same failed concept as the current idiots in government give more money to the rich, punish the poor & it will trickle down. There is no benefit to the poverty stricken in Thanet from yet another art studio-one of the most deprived areas in the land.

      It is all to benefit the egos of a champagne sipping elite-like Emin, the unlamented Victoria Pompousry & the one ‘running’ Dreamland-no, not the hedge fund, the one that sits on a board that votes more money for itself & their fringe/vanity project friends that bleed money, but unlike actual businesses never have to make money, because there are constant handouts from the Art Council, KCC etc.

      • Emin….ELITE…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MATE, SHE’S AS WORKING CLASS AS THEY COME. Just because she makes bank selling her artwork, that you’re HIGHLY jealous of the fact; does not make an elite…hahahahahahahahahaha

        • Anon, you should laugh at your own comments-working class people do not have millions in the bank. Do not sip champagne with the elites in London etc. She might have been working class 40 years ago-but not since then.

          I am not jealous of her making millions, just amazed so many zero talent hacks like her can sell dirty beds & scribbles that look like vomit for millions. But that is the modern art world for you. People with far too much money, no common sense etc-wasting millions of crap, while most of the world starves.

  7. if someone has that kind of money to spend on this rubbish , there should be an enquirey into where they got the money from ?, because anyone thats had to work for thier money would not waste it on this pile of s**t , but that said its value has probably increased since yesterday , its obscene in the extreme. she is the biggest con since boris johnstone

    • “because anyone thats had to work for thier money would not waste it on this pile of s**t ”

      You clearly didn’t work hard in your schooling. Just because you wouldn’t pay a few million quid for art, doesn’t mean others wouldn’t…

      2.3m is pocket change for an investment banker, art collector/trader, commodities magnate, but you knew this already before going on your ill thought out, misplaced tirade, didn’t you?

      “if someone has that kind of money to spend on this rubbish , there should be an enquirey into where they got the money from ”

      What a load of absolute b0ll0cks. It’s also bordering on libellous.

      • How could it be libelous Anon, when they haven’t even named anybody? When is your OBN coming from Queen Emin for you?

  8. A successful artist ( like the works or not ) and a financially astute one is giving back to her world of expertise . Food banks etc are not necessarily an area of expertise – however funding of such can be done anonymously – don’t judge – it only demonstrates your profound ignorance. As for being a DFL , yup she is – but she doesn’t try to be a at best a second best self styled local celebrity trying to be Robert Elms – who spends his time being the DFL agent provocateur . This artist has travelled the world , probably has met and sold to people the wanna be Elms would love to name drop .
    That Margate is deprived is not her fault – for the cause ,look to the dictatorship and their lame followers .

    • Well Baz, food banks may not be their area of expertise, but they are in an area of great need for them. There is no need for another ‘art hub’ regardless of whether she is funding it or the taxpayer is, when we have plenty of them already from the last decade.

      They do not benefit the majority of people in one of the most deprived areas in the country, there is no profit from them & she is not as being stated everywhere giving anything back. She is setting up yet another vanity project that doesn’t help the people here in any way, or help regenerate the area for the plebs who need help.

      • Not all people who fund for example food banks do so publicly.
        Art residency is being offered – seems that the arts way – she doesn’t need to do anything- a building has been regenerated – people were employed to do so .
        Will not council / business tax etc be due on your named “art hub “ – that goes to the coffers
        Could be argued pubs , churches etc may not benefit the majority of people but we have plenty of them .
        Why do you call the those you state need help plebs ?

        • 1. Well, until she does & provides proof she is not as constantly being claimed regenerating Margate/Thanet. It is just the usual nonsense like that spouted off by those who have run Manston airport since 1998-loads of wealth & local jobs, when the KCC report into it in 2015 said no company has ever even broke even there & combined lost 100 million plus & no real number of local jobs ever happened despite the promises & here we are in 2022 with the same empty promises being lapped up all over again.

          2. People would have been employed to whatever was put there, so it is a redundant statement.

          3. See point 2 & who knows whether she had worked out a special arrangement with those in charge?

          4. Yes, but we aren’t building new churches & I would argue that pubs do benefit the community as a meeting place.

          5. I include myself in that-plebs, as in the normal grunts struggling to get by. Most of Margate & Thanet, while 2.3 million is wasted by a multimillionaire on something that will appeal to maybe 2-3% of residents, who already have a plethora of other ‘art hubs’ that have been mostly KCC/Arts Council etc funded in recent years. I link to some of them here.

          When is it too many & funding is actually given to help the majority of the community? How many art studios does Margate need exactly? When are TDC & KCC going to stop pretending Thanet is Brighton, London or Paris, putting all their eggs in the art/culture basket that never makes any money-which is why it keeps getting funding year after year & actually help the people & businesses here that need it?

  9. I would just ask that with the unexpectedly huge amount over the anticipated sale price that she fund the desperately needed repairs of the toilets at the Clock Tower so that everyone benefits.

    • Not a chance Jane-art is all about feeding the egos of a minority of the wealthy, not about the masses. Hartsdown Leisure Centre needs a new roof-we will see if we can fund it, public toilets-not needed, Theatre Royal & Winter Gardens can go whistle. Oh another art project or BLM group wants to give lectures about ‘minority hair’ to an audience of 10, here’s another 5 million of taxpayer cash.

      • for a bloke that has”zero interest” in arty things you have a lot to say about it most of it of no consequence.

          • Not just art Samantha. The general waste of money, incompetence & corruption in a horrendously corrupt area. A shame more aren’t, but then if you are of the sip champagne, while waxing lyrical about how groovy the black hair lectures in 95% white Thanet is, how brilliant Emin’s dirty bed is & how wonderful we have so many ‘art hubs’ in an area where people have to beg at food banks to eat & many will freeze to death this winter then it will not interest you.

  10. Thank you, Tracey Emin, for raising all that money for the Oasis Domestic Abuse Service, so that they can provide a safe haven for people in real trouble.
    Thank you, Tracey Emin, for signing a cheque for approaching a million pounds – the ‘missing’ amount needed to build a world-class skatepark to keep our frustrated youngsters off the streets.
    Thank you, Tracey Emin, for spotting the potential that Margate has, to maybe become the South East’s equivalent of Cornwall’s St Ives. I remember St Ives as a pretty but impoverished fishing village. Art has brought so much to the town – guest houses full, shops of all types thriving, etc.
    Thank you, Tracey Emin, for having the foresight to go beyond just helping young people to develop their artistic talents, but to gain a wider perspective so that their talent will reach a wider audience.
    So Thank You, Tracey Emin, for deciding to make Margate your home and use your talents and business nous to help the town thrive in a discipline you know a lot about.
    I may not know much about art, but I recognise a good heart when I see one. And I can also recognise a generous benefactor and patron who would be welcome in any community. I’m so glad you decided to come back to Thanet.

    • The best comment!
      I don’t get the contemporary art thing at all but what she has done is truly remarkable. Shame some don’t seem to wish other people well

      • Thank you, Samantha Davies.
        I fear that Thanet will never regain its true potential (and beyond) if every positive act is demolished by negativity.
        By all means, people should challenge the government, nationally and locally, for reckless spending on the wrong priorities. After all, it is our money they are playing with.
        But nobody has the right to tell an individual how they should spend their own money. Artists in particular (painters, poets, sculptors, songwriters, performers et al) have been blessed with ‘something special’ that cannot be quantified in financial terms. I’ve been lucky to work with many entertainers and performers and it is nigh on impossible to define what makes them special, to ‘clone’ their talent or to quantify how much their outputs should be sold for. I’m sure that Tracey Emin counts her blessings and feel that her more recent health challenges have added a new perspective to her life. Whatever the reason, we must all be grateful when others CHOOSE to improve life for people they don’t even know. How unselfish.

        • Ah, so you are a luvvie David darling, now the sycophantic hero worship & boot licking of the famous, pretentious, arty types makes sense.

          Afraid the art investment in Thanet has also been funded overwhelmingly by taxpayer money for a decade plus now & has been a total waste of money that a deprived area really could have put to good use.

          You are correct, nobody can tell them, however when they, the media & brown nosers such as yourself paint this as heroically giving back to Thanet, helping the people of Margate etc, when the reality is this vanity project, like the minority hair lectures & the rest of this art/culture guff does not generate any money, nor help or interest 9.5 out of 10 people in Margate who are struggling, then you will be called out on it. Just like I did with your other semi-truths & embellishments about the Oasis money & the Skateboard funding.

          Please tell me what blessed with ‘something special’ she has-a dirty bed that is a health hazard & some awful vomit looking doodles that anybody can do.

      • Well not at all actually Samantha-as shown by my response. A quarter of the money(32k) made went to Oasis & likely little to none of it in Thanet, as it is a Kent & Medway wide operation.

        The skateboard park also seems to have been exaggerated from the 100k she put in up to nearly a million-which is the required amount & the town deal put in 750k-seems odd such a rich woman who ‘loves Margate’ could come up with only pocket change for her. But I guess it is like the bleeting pop stars & actors with their millions or hundreds of millions telling us to send our money to whatever their cause of the month is.

        So really nothing to help the majority of people in Thanet-a tenth of the money needed to fund a niche ‘sport’ park when the majority here have zero interest in skateboarding, a fraction of her painting sale went to a charity-not even a concept she came up with as the studios do it for a range of charities & maybe a fraction of that actually went to Margate & now an art studio that will appeal to a fraction of the community, while the majority struggle to pay their bills, eat, heat their homes etc.

    • Why not state the full story David? She sold a piece of her ‘art’ for 32 grand & only a quarter of it went to Oasis & one presumes all over Kent & Medway & not just locally in Thanet, where did the other 75% go? How much did Thanet actually get? Somewehere between 0-5% most likely.

      From Looking at the website it also appears that a proportion of all the money on many items goes to a charity-so this is not even something she came up with, but Counter Editions, who sell a fairly wide range of artists themselves. But keep polishing her Halo.

      How many people skateboard(very niche) & I have never seen an obese skateboarder that needs to lose weight via exercise. A lot more swim, yet for 8 months now the swimming pool used by many has been unavailable due to the damaged roof & they are having to beg for the funding. Why do kids need a skateboard park not to commit crime & mayhem? Why are you saying she signed a cheque for nearly a million for it, last I read The Town Deal were putting in 750k & she was putting in 100k-perhaps you could link in articles for this near million donation as I cannot find them.

      Art has bought nothing to anywhere but the old town-have a look up the high street or in Cliftonville. The problem is EMin & people like her want to pretend Margate is some art hub like Brighton, London or Paris-it isn’t, it is a run-down area that needs real investment for the majority of people, not a minority of already wealthy people.

      Have you looked at the people that will be teaching them? Basically just a bunch of zero talent hacks like her who draw nude stick people with the focus on genitalia.

      Pity she doesn’t make London her home again & take the equally uncouth drug addict, ‘hotelier’ former pop star with her.

      She knows nothing about real art & your OBN is being sent to you by her as we speak for that sickly, sycophantic post. Please allow 90 days for delivery as the country is ground to a halt via strikes from lowly paid & exploited mail & transport workers.

  11. Thank you Steve. You are quite right about the skateboarding donation, for which I must blame my memory. Whatever it was, however many people it touches, it will make a difference to some lives. That’s my aim too. I much prefer to focus on the positive then build on that, rather than another approach. Each to his own, I guess. Bonne chance, mon ami. Have a happy life!

  12. Could’ve got 2 Trevor Francis’s for that ffs
    Steve – for the sake and future of Thanet please allow Thanet Cultural Society and Noel Gallagher to put forth to auction ‘what’s the story Why not state the full story’ so the inevitable profits can subsidise a year round supply of Dr Beckmann for the Arbour arm toilets

  13. Reading all the bitter and jealous comments on here, I can’t wait for the gentrification wave to price you all out of the area so you can moan and complain somewhere else. Margate deserves better people now.

  14. Could Tracey knock a few dozen of these out next week and help save Thanet from TDC closing everything down and boarding it up?

  15. Art is essential to society, because it is an expression of an indiviuals existence. If you don’t understand what it is saying, it just means it not for you. Imagine what little we would know or understand of people’s lives in the past without their literature, architecture, paintings, textiles, ceramics, jewellery. To have gone through what must have been a very painful and traumatic illness such as cancer, to then start a studio for others to learn and grow from for generations to come, funded by the very work your illness inspired, is exceptional. It is not an individual artists’ responsibility to pay for swimming pool roofs or toilets. But maybe the community she is building will. As far as I am aware, nobody placed a high financial value on Van Gogh’s art whilst he was alive. Yet his and other male artists’ work are now selling for many many 10’s or even 100’s of millions of dollars now. I wonder how many of these male artists gave back anything to their community in their lifetime?

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