New Ramsgate Arts Primary teacher works with pupils on Queen collage

New art teacher Kelly Smith and pupils

Kelly Smith’s debut project as new art teacher at Ramsgate Arts Primary was a tribute to “our inspirational Queen.”

She worked with pupils from all year groups to creative a poignant collaborative art work memorial to The Queen that now is proudly displayed in the school.

She said: “It was inspired by the Queen’s favourite flower – Lily of the Valley. Pupils from Years 1-6 each produced content for the tribute from a range of styles including print making, drawing and collage.

“I loved putting all the different outcomes together and really think the piece makes an inspirational impact within the school.”

Beside the work is a silhouette of The Queen with one of her inspirational comments in ornate lettering on a gold background. It reads: “The best attributes are universal, encouraging people to combine their efforts, talents, enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together.”

Kelly is now looking forward to helping enhance RAPS’ creative reputation in the community. She added: “I look forward to making an impact and have lots of creative ideas and projects in the pipeline.”

A teacher for 13 years, she has previously worked in secondary education as an art/design technology teacher and photography specialist. She said: “I decided to make the transition to primary as I’ve always been very interested in the freedom and creativity that primary art education offers to students.”

Head of School Nick Budge said: “The work for the display montage is representative of girls and boys of all ages. It was painstaking created, with work beginning within days of the announcement of Her Majesty’s passing. Over the weeks it has come together a fitting memorial.

“As a creative arts specialist school we are looking for many more exciting, interesting and thought-provoking projects involving our children under the guidance of Kelly and the art team.”


  1. Good grief, would fit right in at the Turder Centre or Emin’s lewd stick man studio. Inspiring words indeed-from a corrupt billionaire that stole from the public for 70 years to fund her ludicrous gold palaces lifestyle & whose husband was a racist.

    Maybe they could get Randy Andy-who she got off the hook so she could have her last moment of narcissism to come round to see the tribute to her & mingle with the children? Maybe not.

    • It’s primary based art work, lots of kids clearly enjoyed creating these pieces. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but don’t bleat on with your royal twaddle.

    • These pieces were created by primary school children who clearly show more maturity than the content of your comment.

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