Armed police and dog unit in Clements Road, Ramsgate

Police at the scene Photo Claire Bellamy

Clements Road in Ramsgate has been closed off by police this afternoon (October 7)

Residents report armed police and a dog unit in the road. The police helicopter was also scouring the area.

Photo Claire Bellamy

Officers have surrounded one of the residential blocks and both motorists and pedestrians are not able to enter the road or leave.

Kent Police officers were called out after a man with a knife was seen behaving erratically.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police officers are currently at a property in Clements Road, Ramsgate following a report that a man in possession of a bladed weapon was behaving erratically inside.

“No one else is believed to be in the property and no injuries have been reported.”

UPDATE: Man arrested following armed police and dog unit attendance at incident in Ramsgate


  1. Ramsgate is becoming the worst place in the South East.What is wrong with it.Grafitti and litter everywhere, intimidating people,foul language abundant….seen better standards in so called Third World countries.Ramsgate you are resembling a failed state.It cant always be everybody else!

  2. I’ve always been for the UKs position in weapons but ironically I think the US is right to have the 2nd amendment as we were very different countries both geographically and socially.
    The use of weapons by criminals appears to be increasing and the willingness of Police to get involved with burglary and theft compared to hate speech suggests an imbalance where we may have more armed criminals than Police and an unarmed populace.
    Something may give soon.

  3. I think its unfair to pick out ramsgate, its thanet.

    Thanet as a whole has gone downhill dramatically over the last few decades. I wont go anywhere after dark. I don’t feel safe. I dont recognise thanet anymore its not the place I grew up in.

    The smell of weed is widespread you smell it everywhere, from houses, cars, people clothes as they walk passed.

    As for the weeds, litter and graffiti etc. The weeds etc around are mostly down to kkc ? Arent they reasonable for pavement and roads , litter down to TDC ? But who puts the litter down ? People of thanet. Graffiti down to the locals or artists depends on your views I guess.

    I agree with others the closer you get to thanet the worst weeds, litter and graffiti gets. It’s as clear as the nose on your face.

    Look at how many of those canisters you see around the place, that the kids inhale.

    • I think it is unfair to blame the people of Thanet for litter.

      Most of it is either dropped by refuse collectors (who no longer carry a broom and shovel on their vans) or via seagulls and foxes ripping open bags or knocking over bins… The TRUE blame lies with TDC who don’t sweep most roads anymore. Herne Bay, Whitstable and Faversham are nowhere near as dirty!

      • Agreed Peter and Costaload KKC I believe don’t come past Herne Bay unless someone knows differently, I know someone who is an habitual rubbish dropper they just don’t realise they do it I’m not joking they pick it up when told 59 years old and even if a bin is literally in front of them and they walk around it it would still just be dropped, it doesn’t matter where they are even indoors the amount of people who do it is mind blowing and dustmen and people in vehicles are the worst litterers, Peter I have to say that we can blame people from Thanet for littering our area well some of them not all I would say up to 30% all ages do it without realising they are doing it the odd sweet wrapping an empty can put on a wall the takeaway box they don’t realise how quickly it mounts up.

  4. This man may have mental health issues. And that happens EVERYWHERE. Think of the poor residents that cannot get back into their own homes.

  5. Just look at the crime statistics. Ramsgate is the second roughest area in Kent with only Medway beating it. This is what happens when you move all of London’s problems – Ramsgate ends up with them. In addition to this, parents of youths in Ramsgate are mostly crack addicts who leave their feral kids to play on the streets, causing more crime.

  6. As a (very) Senior Citizen, I can say that Ramsgate has no fears for me. I’m out and about whenever it suits me. And often it suits me to leave a pub or restaurant at 23:00, and even later if I’ve been to a friend’s party.
    I note that neither Irish bombers nor terrorists’ attacks have stopped tourists visiting London.
    I feel quite sorry for those Ramsgatonians that are so timerous that they only dare to emerge in daylight.

  7. Phyllis are you the caped crusader Batman in disguise? Maybe you can be the towns hero then and get all the scum cleared up for us all

  8. All comments make me laugh…As a night food delivery driver I can say Ramsgate is lovely and safe place …8 years delivering food from 5pm till 1am six days a week ..never had any problems with someone in Ramsgate ..

  9. Thanet has gone down over the years , Cliftonville used to be a nice place , I often ended up at a night club , yes there were a few fights but always sorted by the bouncers there was no need for the police.
    I also used to hang about Ramsgate town just chatting at night, there was not the trouble there is today , no knives or anything like that.
    I am going back to 1974 1976 ish.
    Would I visit any of these areas now NO

  10. Guarantee it’s someone over 50. Always is. I see older people walking in the street I cross over. The parenting and education of that generation was all wrong. They often act out on violence and are very very volatile. Let’s hope no innocent younger people were caught up in it.

  11. Not impressed your a genius not you wrote your post well after everyone knew he was 51 give yourself a round of applause.

  12. The man in that flat has mental health problems that’s why he was given the flat in first place. He tried to burn the flat down 3 years ago also. I think the police response was OTT. The man had a pizza slice in other hand.

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