Broadstairs teen aiming to take ‘top girl’ titles on the banger racing circuit

Lily-may behind the wheel Image Olè Hutchings/Apex Photos

Broadstairs teen Lily-may Burbridge is aiming to take ‘top girl’ titles on the banger racing tracks at Lydden and Smallfield racetrack in Surrey.

The 18-year-old has been competing on the track since she was 10 and aims to become a well-known name in the sport like her dad Andy.

And the on-track action is a proper family affair with older sister Grayci, 19, also racing over the past eight years.

Lily, Grayci and Andy are all competing this Saturday at the Kent Outlaw Oval Racing event at Lydden Hill.

Apprentice carpenter Lily-may (pictured above) said: “I’ve been racing since I was 10 and started at Essex arena but it unfortunately got closed down.

“I’ve been going with my dad to race meetings since I was 5 and I’ve always loved doing it and watching it.

“I want to be well known like my dad when he raced when he was younger.”

Lily-may and Grayci (pictured above) race bangers that Andy finds online and then rebuilds – with the essential adaptions such as roll-cages to protect from the on-track crashes. The teen says they also get help from Andy Gillman, dad of Ramsgate racer John Gillman, and friend Darren. She also thanked mum Tracey, adding: “She means so much to all of us because she helps with everything.”

Lily-may races a Lexus IS 200 at Lydden and a Citroën Saxo at the Smallfield track.

She said: “My favourite racing is caravans and joint bangers. We put ourselves at risk each time we roll onto the track. We have to wear safety helmets and harness and neck brace to ensure we do not seriously injure ourselves.

Lily-may rolled on track in the 2018 English championship

“I finished top 5 in banger racing at Smallfield raceway and top girl (this year) and I want to get the title as top girl at both Smallfield and Lydden.”

Photo Olè Hutchings/Apex Photos

Former Royal Harbour student Lily-may and dad Andy – known on the circuit as Mr B – will  compete in the open salons category at Saturday’s race while sport science student Grayci will be in the Euro Rod category.

The gates at Lydden Hill track will open at noon with racing from 3pm. Entry for spectators is £5 with under 14s getting in free.


  1. Top girl ? How can that title be allowed ? Surely that would be sexist ?

    Surely boys, girls (and all those in-between) compete on a level playing field in motor racing ?

  2. Did your dad ever race at Crayford greyhound stadium on the shale track and was he in the formula stocks, or at Iwade track as the name is familiar iin the sport as used to watch for many years stopped going about 2 years after Crayford shut due to problems travelling to arena and Iwade also Dover, wish all the best in your racing. Go for it.

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