Ramsgate Arts primary pupils collect 30 bin bags of litter in town clean up

RAPS litter picking youngsters

Armed with litter pickers and rubbish sacks, a group of children from Ramsgate Arts primary have been clearing up their town.

The ongoing clean-up campaign fronted by town mayor Cllr Raushan Ara has inspired girls and boys from RAPS to once again reinforce their efforts to support their community.

The group from Years 5 and 6 tidied Montefiore Woodland off Dumpton Park Drive and then turned their attention to the Boundary Road park closer to the town centre. They were joined by Ramsgate Town technician Maxine Morgan and pupils and staff from Chilton primary.

Assistant Head of School Hannah Dannell said: “They did a great job and filled around 30 bin bags full of any litter they could find including bottles, cans, plastics, carrier bags and much more. They walked more than five miles and were really tired when they returned to school but were glad they had managed to lend a hand in cleaning up parts of their community. It was a terrific effort and they should feel very proud.”

RAPS also has its own group of children acting as Eco Guardians who monitor how the school cares for the planet, the community, and they look at issues including recycling, litter clearing, reducing the use of plastic and using electricity wisely in school, and protecting wildlife.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “Our core value at RAPS is that caring for the environment never stops.

“As they progress through our year groups our children become actively aware of how important it is to be responsible ranging from clearing rubbish and recycling through to the impact that humans have upon the environment, deforestation, climate change, pollution, fair trade, and renewable and non-renewable energy.”


  1. Were they also responsible for clearing the alleyway between Dumpton Lane and Cecilia Road? It looked awful on Monday, but this morning it was clear.

  2. Re. the dire litter situation in parts of Cliftonville … why not get children from local schools to do something similar in that area?
    It would need to be organised very sensitively and positively – I’m not talking about shaming children whose families may be responsible for some of the worst littering and they would need to be safe from hazardous waste. But just some clearing up, with much praise and encouragement … well, that might send a message they might then take home with them.

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