Newington Fish Bar aiming for a win in National Fish and Chip ‘Oscars’

Newington Fish Bar

Newington Fish Bar had reached the top 40 finalists for the National Fish and Chip Awards – and boss Nigel Derrett says this year they aim to hit the winners’ list.

The Newington Road business is one of just four in London and the south east to make the shortlist for the Fish and Chip Takeaway of the Year category.

Judging criteria included having to demonstrate high levels of knowledge of the fish & chip industry including customer service, and environmental and sustainably good practices.

Nigel said: “We have made the top 20 for quite a few years but never quite made it to the top 10 so hope to do that this year.”

Nigel says the business has a top ingredient for success – and that is the staff.

He said: “Our staff are dedicated and proud of their work. It is a good achievement that they are getting recognised for an award that is the Oscars of the industry.

“It’s also about quality, working well together and communicating through facebook where we explain about sustainability of food – such as my videos field to fork, following the potato to being a chip, and ocean to plate, explaining that process.

Newington Fish Bar opened 42 years ago

The Newington Road business was opened by Nigel and his brother Ken in 1980. The pair were both working in separate, busy restaurants and both had young families when they decided to use their skills and Trust House Forte training to set up a business in their hometown of Ramsgate.

The rest is history.

Andrew Crook, President at The National Federation of Fish Friers said: “Being able to announce the top 40 finalists for this category is an absolute pleasure. It is no secret that the industry are facing some challenges.

“That said, this industry is built upon British stoicism. And with spirit and determination we are committed to supporting our members and seeing through tough times. We cannot wait to celebrate at the awards ceremony in February 2023.”

The National Fish and Chip Awards has been celebrating the nation’s favourite dish for more than 30 years, recognising and rewarding the people and businesses who provide us with the best fish and chips across the UK, both in terms of food and service.

The finalists list will be whittled to the top 20 and then the top 10. The winner will be unveiled at the awards ceremony held at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge on the 28th of February 2023.

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      • Good to know, will remember that if I’m in the area. Up in Seahouses, the 3 excellent fish ‘n’ chips shops have no onions, gherkins and pickled eggs – but instead offer a choice of mushy peas, gravy and curry sauce! Bizarre.

  1. You cant beat the fish n chips from the chippie next to Mary D’s by the Etihad. Cooked in lard with mushy peas and gravy. Almost as good as watching the champions play.

    Why dont chippies around here sell steak n kidney puddings ? Or sell gravy ?

      • Lol , I put on half a stone when I went to Blackpool many years ago when it was a place for children. Chips and gravy every pier was only there for the weekend.
        Don’t get that down here.
        What’s this got to do with Newington chippy lol.Think they sold frog legs at one time, I passed on them.

  2. We recently had fish and chips cooked in Lard at a seaside chippie in Essex and it was far better tasting than cooked in vegetable oil.

  3. Lard is so much more tastier.

    But when we first moved down here we were shocked to be severed fish with skin. I mean what’s all that about ?

  4. A real community minded enterprise .Nigel is generous and great to work alongside, providing work experience for those who need support getting into work and food for kids during some half term holidays.

  5. I have been a customer for 40 years since it opened, the food has always been cooked to perfection , the staff are all very friendly and helpful , it has improved over the years from where there was just the two of them , go in after bingo just across the road and Ken looked like he wanted to be in bed rather than serve customers.
    However i have had some very greasy fish that i have had to bin, i think this is caused when they stack fish on top of others so the grease drains to the bottom.
    I have had bits that i have put on kitchen towel to drain and its full , the same as the chips put into same container they soak it up. I still buy from them but hope its not greasy.

    • I must admit I do fine these awards strange.

      I have had fish n chips from here and was far from impressed, so much so I never went back !
      The chippie in my little village is good yet never gets into these awards.

      Personally any chippie that cooks in lard beats anyone using oil hands down. They is no competition. I havent found a chippie in thanet that uses lard.

      That’s the thing with awards its personal. Some judges will like chippie A some will like chippie B etc.

      And if it doesnt serve gravy or steak and kidney puddings, well lol.

      I agree with sharon about the community work that the chippie does is brilliant. Well done and keep it up and good luck.

      • Sorry I have to agree with happy Manc, I found the chips soggy, so ended up only eating the battered fish, usually Huss which is excellent!

      • I’ve had a few not so nice ones but this is over a 40 year period so that others don’t get the wrong idea, must have had hundreds . I have tried others but not really found better, apart from a kebab that is most likely to be worse but when covered with hot chili sauce and after a few pints I not a clue what it tastes like .
        With Newington chippy I tend to go as late as i can just before they close, most times they cook a fresh bit of fish which is very nice would say the best I’ve had however the chips have been in the pot whatever one calls it for a while.

        I won’t do what I did a few weeks ago, fancied a savaloy after visit to chemist , £2.20 thought that a bit much £1.50 or £1.80 think would be a fair price but maybe that’s the price everywhere.

        I do wish them well they have a business to run, staff ,bills to pay and if they are busy have to stack the fish on top, most would moan about waiting or not return.

  6. Moved here from the North East several years ago we use this Chippie as best in area do enjoy the Fish nice batter only down fall are the chips down to what they cook them in no better in other Fish shops around area thou I was spoilt coming from Whitby.

    • Dumpton, finding the same chips soggy I have bought fish from there and popped over the chicken shop for chips , freshly cooked or you have to wait 2 mins , not if you pop in on way to chippy and pay. Think chips are cheaper , not called chips but they are to me.

  7. I’ve bought chips from Newington chip shop twice over the past decade and cannot understand how they can get onto the best chippy list, and I’m NOT alone as others feel the same. There are many far better chippies locally!
    Chips cooked in dripping have always been the best, same as roast potatoes, but I believe that they all use oils nowadays.

  8. Yes I think overpriced £2.40 for small chips think its £3.70 for a standard size, I know things have gone up and if you want fish you wont get much change out of a tenna, maybe that’s the price anywhere .
    I can get two bits of chicken and chips just across the road for £4.29 well that’s what i paid last time, its a meal and does me and its half price more or less.
    I think at these times when everyone is cutting back to afford heating one can get a bag of frozen chips for a pound or one fifty and 20 mins to cook and fish about £4.50 cooked in oven 20 mins and that’s for four bits have found two does me so that’s about £3.00

  9. It’s a good fish and chip shop ran by lovely people, but Thanet has some amazing ones, does anyone know how judging and nominations work? I remember a few years ago reading about industry awards you pay to be considered? Is this the same? It would take nothing away from the achievement, it would explain why others in Thanet aren’t considered as it always seem to be newington that pops up? I believe the one at the bottom of broadstairs high street won an award a few years back.

    • I I didn’t like to say this, my neighbour he was well known locally as was a miner, golfer and was chairman of ramsgate football club, I say this because he knew a lot of people.
      He stopped using Newington fish bar because he said they were paying for it and he thought it unfair on other chippies in the area because they refused to pay.
      I have no idea if this happens now.
      As a poster said they have no idea how they get an award.

      A few have said the chips are not the best at times I thought it was only me.
      But maybe and I say maybe money does talk and will attract business , lets go there.

      • I think they do good chips but not the best in Thanet and I am shocked top forty U.K. if judges came to Thanet and randomly tested I’m fairly certain they would be the shop represented for Thanet.

        I know the kebab awards you pay 50k plus to be involved.

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