E-scooter stolen in knifepoint robbery in Ramsgate

Image Kent Police

Police officers are appealing for witnesses after an e-scooter was stolen in a knifepoint robbery in Ramsgate.

The robbery took place between 6.50pm and 7pm on Wednesday 14 September, in an alleyway by the Warre recreation ground near to Newington Road.

A teenager approached the victim and spoke to him before threatening him with a knife and making him hand over his e-scooter.

The e-scooter, a black Mi Pro 2 with red wiring and wheel trims, was ridden away by the suspect in the direction of the train station.

The victim was not injured during the incident.

The suspect was described as black, aged between 16 and 18 years old, slim and between 5 ft 3 ins and 5 ft 7 ins tall. He was believed to be wearing a black bandana covering his nose and mouth, a dark grey or black jacket and dark trousers.

Detectives would like to speak to anyone with information regarding the robbery, anyone who has seen the scooter or has CCTV or dashcam footage taken in the area.

Witnesses should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/180009/22.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form at https://crimestoppers-uk.org/


      • DFL Lives Matter.
        Truth hurt, dummy?
        How long have you lived here, escaped from the gangland that is so much in parts of London? Things have changed in Thanet in recent times thanks, amongst other things, to gang members moving down to control the drug supply – and yes, we had this problem years ago, it has just got noticeably worse of late.
        Xenophobic? I guess by that you consider yourself a foreigner here by that. I thought Londoners were British just like myself but you seem to see it different.
        Your Nom de Plume says absolutely everything about you and your attitudes. You’re an idiot

        • How long did you live in London, “Ton”? I lived there for over 40 years, mostly in one of its most deprived boroughs.

        • Ton, try to catch up. Xenophobic does not mean what you think it means. No surprise you are wrong, considering you are thick as submarine door. Dont pretend you know anything about county lines just because you managed to finish reading 1 column from the daily heil. And, how long have you been here? 2 weeks? Get back to your caravan park you chimney sweeper, you cant afford living in Ramsgate no more.

          • Mervin, why siding with the ‘born and breds’? They have had their chance and time in Ramsgate. But they cant keep it clean and tidy, they cant keep the houses in good order, they cant keep the businesses going, so they need to go. They ruin the look of the place. Gentrification will make sure they have to go. They can claim their jobseekers and disability allowance anywhere they want. They rant about county lines, we cant bear the Salvation Army lines. They rant about dinghies, we despise their toothless biddies

  1. now let the naysayers put some spin on this latest one ? this place is a crime infested dump , wake up and see it for what it is!

    • Fred.
      They are not illegal to own and are not illegal to have in your possession. It is only illegal to ride them in a public place.
      However, the part that is a SERIOUS crime is someone being held up at knifepoint and robbed.
      If you ever have that happen to you you would not forget it for the rest of your natural.
      This was a serious and frightening crime.

    • They are only illegal because they are a threat to the car industry if allowed to be promoted properly.

      Thats why the media tries to demonise them

  2. e-scooters are illegal to use in a public space. Canterbury Council have terminated their e-scooter program because they are so dangerous. The victim needs to be pulled up on this. No sympathy at all.

    • I would like to shove those things where the sun doesn’t shine, these people who are nearly always far too old for such things whizz right up behind you on the pavement & you cannot hear them until the last second.

      Interesting to see an actual description for once, have the police given up on the not wanting to ‘offend cultural sensitivities’ routine at last?

  3. I would like to mention that all these comments are rather extraordinary and have been taken too far. I know this person that was attacked and he was not meeting anyone for drugs he was Simply walking home after work, his e scooter was his way of getting to and from work. I really think people need to understand the seriousness of what happened here instead of making stupid irrelevant comments about a 19 year old who’s now scared to walk home or anywhere in the dark.

  4. I cannot understand why e-scooters are banned and mobility scooters are not. Mobility users are an eyesore

    • My comment was edited so I see sensering is here to stey. Why are comments against DFLs allowed but other comments about mobility users sensered?

      • Because it was a really unnecessary insult about people who are elderly or disabled. Freedom of speech is not about saying anything about anybody no matter how rude/offensive.

        • Hang on, but you do keep the unnecessary insults to DFLs, and the constant racism and xenophobia. The constant hate speech against ‘illegals’, etc etc.

          Why are older adults (not elderly, patronising term) different to ‘illegals’? When are you going to police the hate speech? Since when do you decide what ‘freedom of speech’ is?

          • I delete/edit a lot of comments, sadly they are quite hard to keep up with. It would be much easier if people refrained from making these comments in the first place instead of expecting me to constantly monitor it. I am becoming increasingly tempted to turn the comment function off completely. My job is to write the articles. Playing referee in the comments is very time-consuming.

  5. I feel very sorry for anyone who is a victim of knife crime. Yes, I don’t like e-scooters either but that is nothing in comparison of what happened. By reading some of the comments here people are more concerned about a scooter on the path than being mugged at knife point ! That is a sad reflection on how small minded people in Thanet can be. I don’t wish being mugged on anyone as know how debilitating it can be for many years. Lock the culprit up if the police decide to investigate and catch this dangerous being.

  6. Well, if the e-scooter owner wasn’t using it illegally, then he wouldn’t have been mugged! They are a bloody nuisance, they don’t have any insurance, so if anyone is injured, or they cause damage to a third party, they are unlikely to receive any compensation! I see young children, possibly 9 or 10 years old regularly on these machines, sometimes 2 on one machine! I have a mobility scooter that is limited to 4 mph on the pavement, and 8 mph on the road, and I have insurance! If the police recover the scooter, they should confiscate it the minute the owner gets on it in a public place!

  7. Wow there are quite a few petty tiny minded people focussing on the fact that it is an e-scooter. You people are a source of great irritation in all walks of life. Grow up!

    • The inbreds out in force today. The person mugged guilty of having something they could not afford in 12 years of jobseekers allowance. Ramsgate in a nutshell.

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