The 1,000 tonne Haven SeaChallenger jack-up barge has left Ramsgate Port

The Haven SeaChallenger leaves Ramsgate Photo Mark Stanford

The 1,000 tonne Haven SeaChallenger jack-up barge  which has been stored at the former Sally Line berth at Ramsgate Port has now left on its journey to a new owner.

The structure, built by Japanese manufacturer Nippon, has deck dimensions of 50 x 24m and a leg length of 55m and has been bought by marine and renewable energy firm Red7Marine.

Photo Mark Stanford

The company offers nearshore marine infrastructure and renewable energy, port infrastructure, coastal protection and flood defences and alleviation schemes.

Red7Marine has been awarded the piling contract at the new marina within Dover Harbour.

Photo Ian Shacklock

Haven SeaChallenger has been taken to Portland. It left Ramsgate Port on Saturday (September 10) towed by tug ‘Fortitude’ with tug ‘Pullmoor’ in assistance.

Red7Marine has the piling contract at Portland for its new deep-water berth, which will allow larger ships to dock in the Port.

Photo Ian Shacklock

Jack Up platforms can be used for drilling and installation operations. They are mobile units and can be either towed like other barges or have propulsion units at the aft that move the structure under its own power

Main Dimensions -Length 50m, Beam 24m, Depth 4.3m, Deck Area 1200m2 Max, Le glength 55m

Jacking System – Speed 30m p/h – Stroke 3m

Standard Equipment – Hydraulic Power Packs, Navigation Shapes and Lights, Bollards, Handrails, Welfare Facilities.

Optional Equipment – Hydraulic Winches, Safety Boat, Knuckle Boom Crane, Access Walkways, Cantilever Platforms