Assistance dog Niko welcomes pupils at two Ramsgate schools

Niko with Dame Janet children

Pupils at Dame Janet Primary Academy and Newlands Primary School in Ramsgate have been welcomed back to class by therapy assistance dog Niko.

Niko belongs to Clare Lawrence, the designated safeguarding lead for both schools, and he joins her in her office at either school, where he has no end of admirers.

Niko has been meeting children since April, even joining Miss Lawrence on gate duty in the mornings, but in June Niko took the first important step to being fully qualified by passing his initial assistance dog suitability assessment.

Niko will be trained and assessed by registered company Pawsable, which specialises in supporting owner trained therapy assistance dogs, on his journey to become a fully fledged therapy assistance dog.

Niko at Newlands

Clare said: “I am very proud of how Niko has taken to being in school, he is incredibly calm and loves the attention from children and staff.”

Research has shown that dogs working in schools can aid improvement in academic achievement, increase in literacy skills, teach children responsibility and respect for all life and help prevent truancy.

It has also shown that spending time with animals can increase confidence, social skills and self-esteem in children whilst helping to calm behaviour and motivate youngsters who may be less attentive.

People can follow Niko’s journey to being a fully trained assistance pup via his Instagram page Niko.thecavapoo


  1. Should have been allowed years ago like 50 I may have gone to school then.

    New one to me lol when someone says you carn’t spell mate , nah my dog wasn’t allowed to go school .

  2. 50 years ago i saw teachers kick, punch & throw blackboard rubbers across the room. The dog would have been set on someone, stolen or abused by abused pupils. Not great.

    • Yeah thinking about it the teachers were a nasty bunch , I got belted by a wooden stick , his partner in crime had a slipper . I was beaten often.

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