Former Thanet Fire Station site to be auctioned

Site of the former Thanet Fire Station

The former fire station site at Westwood is to go under the hammer at auction.

The plot covers 1.69 acres (0.68 hectares) and is at 477 Margate Road. Auctioneers say now the buildings have been cleared it is possible that the site could be developed as long as all necessary consents are obtainable.

The lot is among 162 listed for sale by Clive Emson, the land and property auctioneers, ahead of its next sale.

It will be offered with a guide price of £800,000-£810,000.

Photo Frank Leppard

Auctioneer John Stockey said: “This substantial site also includes a telecommunications mast.

“With its favourable situation and potential we anticipate a lot of interest from builders and developers.”

It is understood that a Kent County Council Highways proposal exists for the possibility of a new relief road to run through the site which will necessitate the need for an area of land to be purchased by the Highways Authority. The proposal has not been formerly adopted as a definite scheme to be completed.

Photo Frank Leppard

Following demolition of the former buildings there remains on site an underground 4,532 litre diesel fuel tank which has been decommissioned and filled with foam.

The Thanet Fire Station began its closure process in 2011 when crew members relocating to Margate and Ramsgate.

Photo Frank Leppard

Clive Emson Auctioneers holds auctions eight times a year. It offers specialist advice for auction purposes in Essex, London, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, and the West Country.

The latest sale will be held on Wednesday 21 September.


  1. Potentially another housing development considering the amount of undeveloped land on the former Sainsbury’s site. All ripe for commercial buildings.
    If it is or were developed for housing would this help to stop the further loss of top grade agricultural land especially in Margate, Garlinge, Westgate, Birchington and Minster.
    Regretfully NO. The likes of Redrow will continue to destroy valuable land that should feed the nation.

    • Report says new relief road
      You seen size of mast you could not build a sand pit there oops they filled that in with foam lol

  2. Westwood cross,when busy,just about flow’s . obviously needs new road access both ways.were fire station was.we also should have had road comein from Tesco Extra,where new build, being built.mergeing towards drivers, should be asked where future roads should to be traffic could run smoothly.cost shouldn’t come in to it.

    • Taxi drivers omg cut you up on roundabouts they dont know right to left.. Take them off the road if cant drive in proper lane

  3. 1000% agree leisure pool etc ! CoMMON SENCE ( none mobilen single parent wiv disability think ov us all !!?????

  4. I would not build swfa on it
    Why, underground fuel.. Great explosion. Foam isnt going to stop a big massive explosion. RIGHT NEXT TO COMMS MAST.

  5. £800k? For a site with a telecoms mast, a buried fuel tank and plans for a main road to run through it!
    If this is TDC land, my guess is it won’t make the reserve then it will be sold at a knock down price to a ‘private buyer’ who then sells it on to KCC for a big profit when the road is built. Surely KCC should have first dibs on this?

  6. Sad. I followed it being built, I was in the army cadets in there base next door. (TA) those were the days. Marching, going too camps, a trip to Belgium, and of course the band, such good times. So I left and joined the RAF. Now living in Derbyshire. Anyway time catches up with everything. Not been down for a few years now, but I will be interested in what happens to the land now.

  7. If TDC have there say it will end up as another coffee shop/cafe or a food takeaway, which we have more than enough of already. Its not big enough for an IKEA if they did build one it would be there smallest, housing I very much doubt as it is not arable farm land never get past TDC planing. Favourite is a swimming pool but parking space would need to be sorted out as without the use of parking space in the area belonging to non council companies being agreed to with all parties I cannot see a pool like Hartsdown size being built due to the site not being big enough. Time will tell what it will be.

    • Ms Rees there is a swimming pool in Ramsgate as correctly say there is also one in margate though not in use awaiting repair, but as yet Broadstairs has not got a swimming and as the site address is Broadstairs it would not be in Ramsgate if that is what happens to the land.

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