Margate woman due in court on charges including burglary at MiCommunity ‘affordable’ food and goods shop

Image Kent Police

A woman is to appear in court charged in connection with a burglary at the MiCommunity shop in Margate’s Old Town, which provides affordable food and household goods for their clients as well as advice for benefits, budgeting and more.

Kent Police received a report that between 7am and 8am on Tuesday 30 August, the premises in Duke Street had been broken into and a number of food and drink items, as well as children’s toys, were stolen.

On Friday 2 September, officers arrested 32-year-old Natalie Lindsay of Dalby Square, Cliftonville, and she was charged the following day with the burglary.

She was further charged in connection with offences reported to have taken place on Thursday 1 September; theft of alcohol from a store in Margate, burglary of a purse containing cash and bank cards from a building, and two counts of bank card fraud.

She has been remanded in custody and will appear at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court today (September 5).

Police investigation following burglary at MiCommunity ‘affordable’ food and goods shop in Margate


  1. The illiterati among us will get caught sooner or later.

    So she has been named – let’s hope the follow-on shame will hound her for years to come.

    Aside from this single brain celled low life, a trend is emerging: free-for-all robberies and petty crime seemingly on the rise. Just don’t leave your £10 Sports Direct trainers on your doorstep folks!

  2. Just another piece of cliftonvilles detritus that has chosen to avoid work and instead rely on benefits and petty crime to fund their miserable existence and in doing so drags the local community down.

    • LC what a, gross statement.

      I lived in Cliftonville and loved it and you get criminals anywhere LC. I despise you saying that those in Cliftonville don’t work. So do many all over Thanet even Uk. LC dont need to be nasty. No need at all.

      Im shocked Kathy to see the name in the report.

      Shocked to read LC comments saying those in cliftonville dont work

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