Liz Truss named as new UK Prime Minister


Liz Truss will become the UK’s new prime minister.

She received 81,326 votes to Rishi Sunak’s 60,399 and will fly to Scotland tomorrow to be sworn into office by the Queen. Outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson who will also travel to Balmoral to formally offer his resignation to the Queen.

Liz Truss said: “I am honoured to be elected Leader of the Conservative Party. Thank you for putting your trust in me to lead and deliver for our great country.

“I will take bold action to get all of us through these tough times, grow our economy, and unleash the United Kingdom’s potential.”

She has promised to take ‘decisive action’ on the cost of living crisis.



North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale said: “The new Prime Minister will be taking on a huge task when she is sworn in by the Queen at Balmoral tomorrow. At the top of the agenda must be the cost of living and fuel prices.

“We need well-targeted measures to help the most vulnerable, care and residential homes and small businesses – particularly in the hospitality sector. If she seeks to deliver on these issues then she will have my full support. We need a breath of fresh air and honesty in Government.”

Liz Truss entered Parliament in 2010. She was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education and Childcare in September 2012. Elizabeth served as the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs from July 2014 until July 2016.

She was Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice from July 2016 until June 2017. She was Chief Secretary to the Treasury from June 2017 until July 2019.

She was appointed Minister for Women and Equalities on 10 September 2019 and was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs on 15 September 2021.

The mother-of-two formerly worked in the energy and telecommunications industry for 10 years as a commercial manager and economics director and is a management accountant.


    • So, only a total of 141,725 conservative party members have inflicted this muppet on us Peter! That just about sums up why this country is moribund, and the fact there have been four Tory Prime Ministers inflicted on us, in 6 years, Duurh! I give Truss a year!

      • On reflection Peter, out of the 4 Tory Prime Ministers in the last 6 years, one resigned after cocking up the Referendum, and two resigned in office! One was a women, who like Thatcher the Tory’s got rid of similarly to Johnson! It beats me why anyone votes for the Conservatives, they can’t run a bath!

    • If you’d been born at the turn of the 20th century, I bet you’d have had a NSDAP membership card in single figures and eagerly awaited your annual ‘Strength Through Joy’ holiday to recharge your batteries, after all the hard graft daubing stars of David on shop windows.

      You are everything that is wrong with this country.

      • I am assuming your comment was intended for Peter Checksfield, Astonished! I was born in the first half of the 20th century, my older sister Beryl was killed in the blitz, my mum and I survived and became refugees. My dad was in action throughout the war, and his regiment landed on Sword beach Normandy, on D-Day plus 2. His regiment was used to guard Belson survivors from infecting the local German population with typhoid, and other lethal contagious diseases. A further 13,000 inmates died in the six weeks after liberation! I married a German girl, but that was many years after the war, and who I met in the UK!

  1. I personally have reservations. The new leader and her underlings have a lot of expensive issues to sort out before the next election. The national debt will continue to rise leaving a debt for my great-grandchildren to clear.

      • Why another Thatcher that women was pure evil. Destroyed communities, destroyed mines, shipyards, steelworks. It was all about the money men and her mates.

        Sold of utilities companies

        Sold our council houses so her landlord mates could make a killing in high rent and poor quality renting market.

        Thatcher destroyed this country turning it into a me me society sod other people it’s all about me.

        And you esnt another MP like her ? God help us.

      • The Tory’s sacked both Thatcher and May Peter, and will probably do the same with Truss, once she screws up being Prime Minister!

      • How? He would have renationalised utilities, procured free internet, imposed higher taxes on the rich, launched a crackdown on tax avoidance and tax evasion and established a much needed house-building policy. This is a time of change. The Tories have ruined the country for ordinary folk and created a haven for the super-rich. Truss has been elected by default not by election and as such, has limited time

  2. all of them are only in it for themselves and always have been , i doubt if she knows or even cares where thanet is !

  3. Thanet use to be lovely when I was a kid here growing up, it’s such a shame now the state of it crime rates etc

      • Some parts are still very nice – mainly the villages, though I do still occasionally enjoy visiting the better parts of Broadstairs and Ramsgate.

        Unfortunately with newspapers and news sites, the bad news almost inevitably takes prominence (and that isn’t a criticism of anyone, it’s just that people tend to gravitate towards negative stories more).

  4. Its perfect, another great advert for any party but the Conservatives for the next election, the Conservatives truly have no idea.
    They will tear her to shreds in QT.
    Dont forget she called the “Taoiseach” Tea Sock, so its gonna be golden TV with this one in charge.

  5. Grim news indeed, in the short term.
    She plans to cut taxes and NI: both if these will benefit the rich, not the poor.
    She’s going to fund Social Care – by taking money away from the NHS.
    As the effects of climate change become blindingly obvious, she plans to scrap the green levy and promote fracking.
    A disaster.
    However, to look on the bright side, it’s almost certain the the tories will get a complete thrashing in the next GE, and it won’t just be the “red wall” constituencies.

      • Indeed, unless some radical action is taken by the new PM, most of us will be.
        I say “most of us” because the rich and very rich will become richer still, at the expense of poorer people.
        The obvious thing to do with energy costs is to tax the producers, rather than tax the poor to inflate the profits.

        • Andrew, we both know that you never ever post anything positive on here (for a long while I assumed everyone in Ramsgate had the same gloomy outlook as you, Rees and Quot, but I’ve since discovered their are actually some very jolly people there).

          • I rather think that there’s not much to rejoice about over the next few months.
            Unless you get a jolly good laugh out of the prospect of starving children, freezing pensioners, businesses going under, people losing their jobs and pubs going out of business. Let’s have a jolly good chuckle.

  6. Gawd help us. Like most politicians she makes it up as she goes along, doing u-turns through opportunistic expediency in order to pick up the Tory crown after it was thrown into the gutter by that appalling clown and serial liar, Boris Johnson.
    Tory members who voted for Lis Truss have a lot to answer for … the mediocre choosing the mediocre. Mirror images of themselves. Bugger the Tories, what about Britain and the ordinary British people? Watch how they are about to be pushed over into the abyss while Truss ignores them by cosying up to the Ukrainians forever demanding weapons and money. Look after your own first.

  7. I expect Peter’s new book will be called “Dreams” because the Tories have been a nightmare. With one exception the DCO for Manston Airport was the best thing they have done.

  8. Best thing about Thatcher was her funeral, that wicked twisted woman sold the U.K. off to her crooked mates. Leaving the rest of us still paying for the harm she caused she even took milk from children when education Secretary how low can a person be thuan that. Thatcher thatcher thatcher wicked wicked wicked.

  9. Peter Thatcher was mentally off the wall long before she apparently died of “dementia” she could not live with the fact her own MPs kicked her out of office. She boasted on radio 4 shortly after winning her second election “ where I’m very fortunate is I only need two hours sleep a night a large scotch helps me get there” if she was normal then I’m well pleased with myself.

  10. Ann it was Margaret Thatcher!
    I think Boris Johnson was the worst PM ever, until the next one.As for sad old white blokes,I would keep quiet if I was you Mr Checksfield.

  11. RE so millionaire Starmer is not the alternative for you then. Or money grabbing Iranian, Moscow supporting Corbyn., must be the ginger mouth almighty who is another unmarried mother.

    • Starmer is a Tory in the wrong party clothing. He had betrayed the working class long ago.
      I supported Vladimir Putin from the beginning. War in Ukraine did not start with his incursion to defend the independent republics in the Donbass. It started in 2014 when Ukrainian units were bombing and shelling Russian-speakers in the Donbass. The Western media forgets these facts when demonising Russia.
      I don’t give a flying fig for your party system in the UK. Corrupt from top to bottom..

  12. What about your past leaders ‘old boy’ shall we start with champagne multi millionaire SIR Tony Blair, now, wasn’t he the Prime Minister who took us to war on a lie, or Gordon Brown, poor he was not. As for Corbyn who plays down his education to suit the narrative.
    You lefties need to address the broader picture about your party.
    As for some of the cruel comments about Margaret Thatcher, it just shows up what the Labour party is truly about.
    How about stepping back on your attacks on Peter Checksfield, it is like the ‘pack’ closing in, but says a lot about socialists.

    • Mr Gibbons, the Labour Party is not my party. So don’t presume.
      In the Commons, you will find snouts in the trough with perverts and shysters.
      As such, I would not vote for any of them in what, in reality, is nothing more than popularity contests posing as something serious.

  13. Some of the “righties”‘ comments here show all too clearly why socialism is far better than Conservative ethics.

    • Ms Rees, I have reread all the comments and with mine it makes 3 supporting the Conservatives and 42 not.
      None of these 3 have made what I call almost ‘hate crime’ comments about Margaret Thatcher or any Labour leader.

      To say the best thing about her MT, was her funeral,from somebody called Ann is truly despicable.

      Most hide behind stupid pseudonyms, not having the guts to put their real names.

      So, as I said, you should all look at the broader picture.

  14. I hope she can repair some of the serious damage this country has suffered over the last 12 years. Plenty to do and act on. I will give her a chance. Her campaign was all over the shop and unfortunately lacking detail and already U-turns. I hope she sets out a clear and sensible plan to deal with the many major issues we currently face.

    Good luck. We don’t have any choice at this point but to hope she can make a positive difference.

  15. I see that Miss Truss(t) has promised to fix energy bills to no higher than about £2000 until January. (What then?). She’ll do this by borrowing money from rich people.
    We, and our children, and possibly grandchildren, will have to pay it back over decades, with interest.
    So, the rich money lenders will get richer, and the very, very rich energy producers will get unbelievably rich.
    And the poor will pay for it.

    Alternatively, the government could have ensured that *our* gas came to *us*, at a reasonable price.
    They could have broken the link between the price of international gas and local green electricity.
    They could have invested in more gas storage (instead of getting rid of it).
    They could gave built more nuclear reactors.
    They could have renationalized the energy industry.
    But they didn’t do anything, other than to ease the way for the rich to get richer.

  16. The answer is more simple, Andrew. End this perpetual Russophobia and restore our economic links with Russia. After all, we are only doing this at the behest of the United States who are only interested in their own imperialistic interests. Ukraine? Stop all this support and force them to come to a deal with Moscow. Why should our people suffer?

    • Ms Rees, dictator is one of those words used as childish abuse. Putin’s popularity with Russians has gone through the roof and he has doubled the strength of the Russian economy. Sanctions have not worked according to several EU top leaders and his oil and gas goes to China and India while Truss fantasises about taking on Russia along with the mad war-monger Ben Wallace who wants to lead the charge of the Light Brigade.
      All power to Putin and his righteous crusade.

  17. Have you been to Russia, Robert Edwards? Very little evidence on the streets of a contented working class in Moscow anyway. Quiescent, maybe. Russia is not a socialist state, their system is an even nastier, more desperate capitalist one than ‘ours’. Poor Russians suffer greatly but it’s highly advisable to keep quiet there.

  18. Clarina, do not believe everything you read in The Daily Mail or The Daily Express. Two papers that spew out anti-Russia propaganda on a daily basis. The BBC is just as bad.
    As for our politicians, they all mimic this rabid Russophobia based largely on stupidity and ignorance.
    Gazprom is state-owned and doing well, despite the sanctions. Our own privatised utilities are nothing but money-spinners for absentee shareholders and the super-rich bosses. They now make massive profits while we face huge energy bills.
    Victory to Russia and the Russian people.

    • Robert Edwards. If Russia is so wonderful in your eyes, how is it that you haven’t decided to live there?

        • Of course you live here quite happily. You can say what you want. Try saying in Russia what the authorities don’t agree with you would be soon sorted out.

          • Laurence, there are some things you can’t say in this country without being “cancelled” or arrested. Even humour is disappearing.
            Go back to your Daily Mail or Daily Express. People in Russia get jailed for fraud and similar crimes yet the West claims they are “dissidents”. The BBC’s Joshu Rosenberg goes over there to slag off Russia yet he is untouched.

    • I read a bit more widely than that, Robert Edwards. And I am highly sceptical of politicians. I have been to Russia though. Not that that means I ‘know’ the place and its people, but we walked & walked, looked & talked. And always with an open a mind as possible. Incredible country, incredible history. Many ordinary people we spoke to suddenly looked unwell when their government was mentioned. And those living on the streets were in dire trouble.

  19. Multi-gendered? There are still only two genders. Lizzie Truss couldn’t dance for toffee nor could the obese Quasi-Kwarteng, now on the new government front bench.
    I see some of the Black and White Minstrels could be up for Cabinet positions.

  20. I have just read a teacher in Dublin has been jailed for refusing to accept the new pronoun for a so-called transgenda.
    So much for free speech in the West.
    What has Lizzie Truss got to say about that when attacking Russia?

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