Man arrested on suspicion of drink driving over collision with parked vehicles in Cliftonville

Damaged vehicles Photo Glen Carne

A man from Margate has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving after a report of a collision with parked cars in a Cliftonville road.

Kent Police officers were called to Cornwall Gardens at 9.40pm yesterday (August 8).

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a car in collision with parked vehicles at 9.40pm on Monday 8 August. Officers attended the scene in Cornwall Gardens, Cliftonville.

“A 41-year-old man from Margate was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and taken into custody while enquiries are ongoing.”


  1. More inconsiderate people parking their cars & causing this fine upstanding citizen, that no doubt always obeys the laws & follows the Highway Code religiously, to crash into them.

  2. If police did more spot checks, stop and check drivers the police will find it is a common problem, drink drugs and driving

    • What , drugs in Cliftonville , never its such a nice place to live. Look at how many holiday and stop forever.

  3. I reckon his breaks failed as that looks like more than a scratch .
    It is clear the owner of the parked car is at fault by parking there ,didn’t they think that cars have faults . Compensation claim for the driver for injury , had that parked car not been there.

  4. And only days after the police did a check on loads of vehicles and drivers and found 38 offenders be it car or drivers now another one, might be worth doing a check more often and in more different places.

      • Noddy what a numpty you are, I am being polite because you did not read the whole News Thread as if you did you would see that only 6 of the 38 offences were for number plates, I guess it must have been your big ears getting in your eyes Noddy. I would say getting any dodgy drivers and vehicles of our streets is a winner the 3 drivers caught for having no insurance and vehicles seized is in my book a winner for all of those legal drivers.

  5. you are stirring up a hornets nest here , with the real truth of it , denial club we hear so much from

  6. Cornwall Gardens was such a nice road once. The posh end of Cliftonville. Hard to believe there was a branch of Russel and Bromley. It needs its own police station now.

    • The only thing wrong with Cornwall Gdns is the behaviour of the people in the flats near the pharmacy. Rubbish gets strewn all over the pavement by seagulls because they don’t dispose of their refuse bags correctly.

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