Man charged following report of Margate burglary

Image Kent Police

A suspect has been charged within 24 hours of police attending a burglary in Margate.

Kent Police  was called to a report of a break-in taking place at a commercial premises in Marine Drive at around 8.20am on Monday 8 August.

While attending, officers also received a report that a residential property had also been burgled nearby.

James Sansom, 42 of Dalby Square, Cliftonville, was charged with two counts of burglary on Tuesday 9 August.


  1. In recent months, Dalby Square has had a stabbing, arrests in connection with a London shooting and now a burglary suspect. And thats just what’s been reported on here. Yet another indication that the areas woes are linked more to its residents and their behaviours than the quality of housing in the area. Quite what has the MTF and 10 years of selective licensing really achieved?

  2. LC, Thanks to evil Thatcher the public utilities / council housing / who sold off all our services to private companies so the greedy capitalist get richer leeching off the workers who have been made poorer as a result the “ Dole by the Sea” policy that has turned guesthouse land in Cliftonville to the sea in to slums by the sea. Incredibly despite the immense harm that woman caused to the UK the Tory party still praise that woman as some kind of goddess.

    • No chip on your shoulder then ? How many years of labour government have there been since Maggie was in number 10 ? The high point of those was our joining an illegal war in order to ingratiate ourselves to the americans. None of which of course gives a reasoned response to my OP.

  3. Maggie thatcher was the best priminister since Churchill she had the guts to stand up for this country unlike all the wokes who have run this country since .And incedently she had the complete backing of her entire government ALL MEN

    • I worked in Argentina around 2000, the respect for Maggie over the way she took on defending the Falklands was surprising, a common comment was along the lines of “ if only our leaders then and since had balls half the size”.

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