Dispersal order put in place at Margate seafront following yet more disturbances

Police put another dispersal order in place for Margate main sands(Image Thanet Police)

A 48 hour dispersal order was put in place for Margate seafront last night (July 19) following yet more disturbances where arresting officers were kicked and spat at.

Three teenagers from Medway were arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker. In a separate incident later the same day a teenage boy was assaulted and needed hospital treatment.

The order gives officers the power to disperse people under Section 35 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, they can also seize any items used in the commission of anti-social behaviour.

Those under 16 could be taken be to their home address, and follow-up work will be done with parents.

For those who continue to disregard police once given the advice to leave, fines will be issued.

Area covered by the dispersal order

Beach concession holder Adam Pegden, who operates Kiddies Corner on the sands, said the area was “lawless” and revealed he had cleared away 57 canisters of nitrous oxide gas.

He said: “Yesterday in Margate it was lawless and we lost control of the town. There were constant fights and antisocial behaviour all day long on the beach and seafront.

“I kept Kiddies Corner closed due to the higher temperatures. I’m glad I did as it would not have been possible to open rides for children with such serious incidents going on in the town. It’s just so sad to see.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a disturbance in Marine Terrace, Margate at 1.20pm. One officer who attended the scene was kicked and another was spat at.

“Three boys, all aged 17 and from the Medway area, were arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker and have since been bailed pending further enquiries.

“Officers were called back to Marine Terrace at 5.15pm on the same day following a report of a fight on the beach.

“A teenage boy told attending officers he had been assaulted. He required hospital treatment for head injuries and enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

“A 48-hour dispersal order was put in place for the town’s seafront at 9.30pm that evening, giving officers extra powers to move on anyone causing trouble in the area and arrest those who persist.”

Clearing the beach mess this morning

Thanet District Commander Detective Inspector Matthew Smith added: “We are working with partner agencies to keep Margate Main Sands a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

‘It is totally unacceptable that police officers working in difficult conditions to respond to incidents on the seafront should be assaulted or abused.

‘People who come to Thanet to cause trouble and commit criminal offences must know that they will be arrested and we will do everything we can to bring them before the courts.”

It the third time in less than two months that trouble has flared on Margate seafront and  the second time in the same period that a dispersal order has been put in place.

Teenage boy and girl arrested during disturbance at Margate Main Sands

Extra police patrols for Margate and huge clean-up operation following mass disturbances on main sands


    • Margate over the past two summers have just attracted the worst kind of tourists possible. Young thuggish guys and the silly girls that hang round them. They only spend any money in newsagents and mcdonalds. The good tourists won’t come back. I know I wouldn’t after what I saw down there

      • There was another brawl at 7.30 pm yesterday that the Police also attended.

        I see little point in the Dispersal Order for only today and tomorrow. The feral youths will be back at the weekend if the sun is shining – drinking beer, drinking spirits and filling their empty heads with more nitrous oxide.

        Surely there needs to be a presence to prevent this from happening in the first place – not just continually picking up the pieces after it has all happened – again and again and again.

    • What no violence between mods & rockers spreading from harbour to Dreamland forcing families to run for cover,is this someone rewriting history,because I am of an age to remember it well,there was lots of violence and trouble ,with special courts sitting to deal with the trouble makers

      • As a Mod living im Margate in the 60’s it was the Sunday newspapers who would hand out 10 shilling notes if we would run across the beach in a group on Saturdays so they could take photos for the Sunday papers. Most of us would then meet up with our rocker friends for a coffee at Pelosi or the Silver slipper (nicknamed the Rusty Boot) at the top of the high St.

  1. I spoke to youngster other day he said basically you have a free pass till 18 beause any criminals records get gets wiped out or filtered before you turn 18 !

    • No, it’s all blah blah blah from any spokesman at TDC regarding anything extra during Summer in Thanet. Same old tosh before every season what they are doing but in reality nothing changes, there are never any officers or security on duty!

  2. At the end of last summer the Idiot in charge at TDC decided to offer the Security Contract to tender to ensure the best value for tax payers. The winner was a janitorial company in London who decided to branch out with no experience or staff within 60 miles of Thanet. Now due to a national shortage of SIA qualified staff they are unable to provide their contractual obligations.

  3. How very sad that it is not safe for rides to open for children, those rides have been on the beach for years. If they had to stay shut because of antisocial behaviour it would be a crime in itself.

  4. There’s a significant percentage of the population who we need to cull from society. 99% of Margate Main Sands visitors fall into that category.

  5. So many fastgaz canisters in that photo, They cost around £30 per canister. Seems the youth’s get to much pocket money~

    Some concils dont accept them for curbside or street recycle bin collection, if they are in found that recycle could be classed as contaminated and not collected.

    They can be collected (read all the safety information first) and usually taken to council recycle sites and placed in with the metal recycling.
    Maybe tdc could reply and offer advice.
    Or why not collect them and take them to a scrap metal dealer, stainless steel =££’s

    Just trying to prevent them containers going to landfill.

  6. There needs to be a permanent Police presence on Margate seafront! It’s not as if they’ve got far to travel!
    Serious anti social behaviour by locals and visitors.
    On a sunny day, the seafront is rammed with people who take no notice of cars driving along, frequently just stepping into the road and ignoring traffic crossings. Cars are being parked on the pavement by the Nayland Rock, no wardens to be seen. Youths speeding along pavements on electric scooters, causing people to jump out of the way. Get this sorted TDC, either a permanent police presence or a reputable security firm!!

  7. Its all to do with drinking too much, there are far to many bars in the town. Over the last few weeks I have had my grandchildren with me and we have been to Deal several times, its much nicer from children there. Margate has always been like this but it is getting worse. I have lived in Margate for many years and TDC have always failed to see the problem. I am still in the area (not Margate) and I never go to Margate beach.

    • If someone wants to get drunk, they will. Regardless of how many bars and pubs there are. Keep visiting Deal.

    • Most of those who are causing the issues are bringing cases of beer and bottles of spirits with them to the beach – along with their cannisters of nitrous oxide.

      They may be buying their alcohol from local shops and supermarkets but I would not think that nitrous oxide is available in vast quantities from local shops.

      • You can buy nitrous oxide in bookers I remember guys turning up to buy it when I use to work there

  8. To be honest it is the Police I feel sorry for, they have to deal with the dregs of society. Undermanned, underpaid, unappreciated and unsupported by the majority of the public and government. I’m surprised anyone wants to join the police force. And if anyone complains about them even a known trouble maker Professional Standards makes their life hell even if it not justified.

    • An interesting piece; it does however beg the question of just why the police are ”…unappreciated and unsupported by the majority of the public…” something they could surely do something about themselves as an institution?

  9. PSPO in order on coast&beach area neer me, kind of meaningless if not monitored 24/7

    Hopefully the recent altercations and general bad behaviour is bot a forerunner for the rest of the summer months !

    Really need proactive pcso patrols 24/7 rather than reactive policing after the event.

    So all sorted then, have a lovely day !

    +Anyone know why the police helicopter was circling around ramsgate newington area for half an hour last night just after emmerdale

  10. Southeastern trains should also take responsibility for teens coming down from Medway areas as it free travel nothings to stop them coming down to Margate.

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