Extra police patrols for Margate and huge clean-up operation following mass disturbances on main sands

The mess left behind Credit Rise Up Clean Up

Extra police officers will be patrolling in Margate following a number of large disturbances on the main sands yesterday (June 17).

Police were first called yesterday morning when youngsters drinking, using laughing gas inhaled from balloons and abusing passers-by were reported. The disruption forced the closure of beach business Kiddies Corner for the day.

Disturbance on Margate Main Sands

Officers and paramedics were then called back in the afternoon after more disturbances and three men were arrested – a 62-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer, a 46-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly and a 38-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure.

Photo Simon Hiller

During the evening disturbance a number of people were also seen jumping on one of the police cars parked on the seafront.

A dispersal order was put in place for the area at 4pm yesterday.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police responded to a number of disturbances on Margate Main Sands on the afternoon of Friday 18 June.

“To prevent further disorder and anti-social behaviour, a 48-hour dispersal order was imposed on the Main Sands and in the surrounding area from 4pm.

The order gives police additional powers to move on anyone causing a nuisance and, if necessary, to arrest those who return to the area once dispersed.

“During their response to incidents in the area, a 62-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer, a 46-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly, and a 38-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure.

“Extra officers will be carrying out patrols in the area over the weekend.”

As well as residents and visitors having to endure the antisocial behaviour, a tide of rubbish was also left behind.

Photo Rise Up Clean Up

Volunteers from Rise Up Clean Up spent three hours clearing the debris. Seventeen volunteers collected 80 bags of rubbish but say the beach was so disgusting that when they left at 9pm “it still looked like the end of a festival.”

The group say bins were not emptied after 5pm and so much rubbish had mounted up that it was blocking exits from the beach.

Tommy Penn cleans up the debris

Two Thanet council staff -and the tractor- have been attempting to clear the beach this morning.

Kiddies Corner boss Adam Pegden and staff member Tommy Penn have also been clearing away rubbish, laughing gas canisters and broken bottles. The Bay Inspector has also pitched in.

Adam said: “The behaviour from the teenagers coming into the town was unacceptable. This is a family resort, we welcome all, but antisocial behaviour including fights, drug use, underage drinking and gas canister use really isn’t welcome.

“There were many families on the beach yesterday, If I had been visiting and seen how the beach was, I certainly wouldn’t comeback. It was very sad to see.

“Kent Police did a great job, but unfortunately there were so many people misbehaving it just was not manageable.”

Photo Adam Pegden

Many other residents have also cleared up numerous nitrous oxide canisters discarded yesterday.

In Broadstairs a 48 hour dispersal order was put in place Thursday (June 16) afternoon to combat antisocial behaviour following  a recent incidents including a disturbance in the town this month which required the attendance of armed officers.

However, there were reported disturbances Thursday evening and Friday

There are now calls for co-ordinated action from Thanet council, Kent Police and British Transport Police.

Photo Nerak

In 2020 Independent Broadstairs councillor Ruth Bailey was prompted to write to MP Craig Mackinlay after clearing some 200 laughing gas canisters from Viking Bay during a beach clean. She said she has two main concerns – the harm caused to young people using the laughing gas balloons and the impact on the environment from the canisters left behind.

Legislation introduced in 2016 made it illegal to sell the gas for psychoactive purposes. But Nitrous Oxide has legal medical uses and is also sold in catering shops to produce whipped cream – making its circulation harder to control.

In December 2018, a former Chief Crown Prosecutor said the new law had failed to stop the supply and described the product as ‘death in a box’.

Canisters of the gas are dispensed into balloons for inhalation. It can cause euphoria and of makes people become giggly and can cause hallucinations.

Risks include breathing problems when a large amounts of gas is inhaled, it can also cause burns due to coldness if inhaled directly from a canister or anaemia and nerve problems due to vitamin B12 deficiency associated with heavy use.

Side effects can include headaches, dizziness and bouts of paranoia. If too much is taken a person can risk falling unconscious and/or suffocating from the lack of oxygen.

Police called and beach business shuts for day following report of youths causing disturbance at Margate

Police and paramedics called to large disturbance on Margate main sands – again


  1. Does TDC not realise we live in a tourist area and rubbish needs to be cleaned up even up to the evening if needs be. What a sight to see for holidaymakers to be greeted with. We should not have to rely on volunteers! It’s unfortunate there are some scum bags that visit Margate who ruin it for genuine visitors but TDC really needs to be all over this. We should be encouraging proper holidaymakers but seeing this is a real turn-off! Also more police for a safer place.

    • To think if they do it here this must be how English people leave the beaches in benidorm and all the other places they have turned into drunken hell holes abroad. No wonder most of Europe doesn’t like us

      • Go where.. Holland is so clean. But dear Paul. Margate for over 40 years has had no management. Your mayor has had 40 years of precepts and we in Margate have had no money. The council spend it on Your Leisure Ltd, giving them free reign in funding them since 2007 and before. A poor management service. Gavin Waite was head of town cleaning . All folk do here is gripe away. If you don’t like it here.. If you just sit back and moan.. Then your just saying its what exactly.

        Be proud of Margate

    • So TDC should have on standby (at taxpayers- ie my- expense) a team of litter pickers, refuse lorries, beach tractors and so on just in case a large group of anti-social hooligans turn up?

      • Nope, not on standby but every day. This is the summer season and it happens every year. The lack of any extra facilities during the season is a failure. The leaders at TDC should provide cleaners and litter removal during daylight hours like it should provide decent toilets that are open. Other coastal destinations in the UK do it so why not here?
        Why isn’t the Margate mayor and her Councillor colleagues doing anything to improve this situation? It’s the same every year there, all talk but no do as no workers.

    • What’s wrong with taking pride in where you live? Are you saying we’ll, it’s not my job attitude sounds like it to me.

      Margate to some locals is seen as a what, to others who come here it’s lovely that visitors can embrace Margate.

      We are too much of let’s moan.


      Those few who cause harm our police dealt with.

      An awareness of how dangerous laughing gas needs to happen. No more bringing it onto beach.

      Beach security.. Oooh nice thought about mutations of covid

    • Back in the day TDC hired a horde of seasonal workers who worked 6am-noon every morning cleaning up the beach. Does this system not exist anymore?

  2. A day too late as always. Why can’t the Police watch the weather forecast. This is the most predictable and preventable problem every single year. Absolutely shameful effort from Kent Police and British Transport Police again.

  3. Interesting to see the ages of the individuals who were arrested. A man in his 60s,another in his 40s! Assuming they are actually guilty of something, were they reliving their past youth, rioting on the beach?
    Ah! The good old days! When you could create mayhem and ruin other peoples days out , not get arrested, and still have change left for some speed to get you home without noticing.
    Young people today don’t know how to make their own entertainment. Not like us old ‘uns. We had to start our own fights, not sit at computers pretending to be violent.
    No wonder the country’s going to the dogs.
    Personally, I blame the immigrants. I mean, they come over here, work all the hours keeping the railways and the Health Service going. But they insist on keeping their own cultures. When did you last see a Muslim lying face down outside a pub covered in his own vomit from too much chemical lager?
    Exactly! They won’t integrate into our way of life!

    • Stop talking rubbish Keefog, Watch police interceptors on channel 5 and you will see that in places like Bradford, Leeds etc a lot (not all) of the younger generation of Muslims are no different to the local feral scum we have here. The parents are hard working but just like here the kids smoke drugs and drink alcohol in excess and treat the local areas like a garbage tip. Unfortunately a lot (not all) of the younger generation are feral scum who are not of afraid of the police and the deterrents that are currently in place.

      • Feral scum… All young people according to you are feral scum. Nice words of derogatory. Waiting to say feral scum.. Blaming parents, really no, kids behave how they think is right. I love how diverse we are be boring if we were all feral scum.. Oh you said not all. Which percentage are not? You.. For being derogatory

        • Reb, I said a lot,not all. The majority are decent people but unfortunately there are many who are feral scum, and yes, it’s poor parenting that’s to blame. Decent parents are able educate their children and teach them the difference between right and wrong. Decent parents instil morals in their children at an early age. The only people to blame for out of control children are the parents. Rich or poor it doesn’t matter, poor parenting is indefensible.
          The rest of society shouldn’t have to suffer the crime and antisocial behaviour that goes hand in hand with feral kids and terrible parenting. If your old enough to have children then your old enough to be held accountable for poor parenting.

    • Keefogs.. What has immigration got to do with any of the above report?
      Sounds as though you just made a racist comment. Leave racism out

  4. Makes you wonder if tourism is cost effective. What now follows is all the rubbish that isnt picked up flying around all the surrounding streets.Along with the hundreds of fag butts that are never swepted by TDC.If I didnt pick up litter and sweep my street, god knows what a slum it would look.

    • Question is dropping litter against the law, yes. Try and police it. You say TDC should pick up your dropped litter. Humans create the mess not the council. Yes, they collect rubbish it’s their duty. They empty those big bins three times a day. Good for you for keeping your area clean. If it is that bad then move out you find streets the same everywhere. Councils plead poverty at least I can say most of the precept money has been cleaned out for 40 years.. Hence Margate, Cliftonville et all got hidden as we don’t exist because we are not even named as a parish blame the council for that.

  5. Hopefully Marva, Phylis, Andrew and the other left leaning liberals will help to clean up the beaches after the scum that they constantly defend leave the beach looking like a garbage tip.

      • If you don’t want to pick litter Marva, Perhaps you could clean up some of the graffiti that blights Thanet or perhaps clean up the trails of broken and smashed beer bottles that blight our pavements, or maybe even clean up the nitrous oxide canisters that these thugs throw from their cars.
        Don’t be shy Marva and co. You lot maintain that these people should be left in the community so you should be responsible for their actions and clean up for them.

        • This “you lot” just pointed out that sending people to prison did not deter them from crime: 75% of prisoners reoffend.
          This “you lot” doesnot condone crime, just questions whether the knee-jerk “lock them up” is the right way forward.
          This “you lot” recently read of a scheme in Denver, USA, where antisocial behaviours was met, not with baton wielding police, but social workers.
          Antisocial crime dropped by 34%, compared with other districts where the old fashioned methods held away.

          • Oh Phylis, perhaps it’s time to revisit your completely out of date ideas on crime. You should look at the most recent statistics on crime in democratic held states in America where they have been soft on crime and now all crimes are rising rapidly at an alarming rate with Democratic governors and mayors now calling for the police to be tough on crime and increasing funding to increase police numbers.
            When some of the most staunch defund the police protesters have done a complete reversal it kind of tells you that the experiment has failed. Don’t believe me ?, even the politically correct BBC has recently had a front page article on how far left politicians in America are asking the police to be tough on crime as criminals have made whole areas of cities no go areas. Sorry Marva, Phylis, Andrew and Co but the be nice to criminals experiment has failed miserably and the cost will be felt for years.

          • “”old fashioned” methods would include truncheons, beatings, and, if you go back far enough, whips, guns, chains…
            ALL societies today have a prison/jail system of one kind or another, so it’s hardly ”old fashioned” to lock up people convicted of crimes.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever defended lawlessness.
      And I dare say I’ve picked up more litter from the parks and beach than many posting on here

  6. Most of these people 40s and below( school lessons ,taught about the past 20/30 years about the green agenda )are supposed to understand ,the green side of today’s life ,recycling,keep everywhere clean taking rubbish home ,except,that is when they leave their houses,I bet they are at home and saying dirty bastards ,never catch me doing that

    • Ray the bread

      Interesting point

      This is the age group 40 and below who drive the kids to school, causing gridlock. Causing huge pollution problems.

      It would seem that being green is lost on the 40’s and below.

    • The green /eco/ man made global warming / renewables lobby consists of a vocal minority, the majority really aren’t interested apart from how much its costing them. The effectiveness of the message is plainly visible in the amount of rubbish strewn across the nation. There’s a facebook post about margate beach which starts talking about the rubbish but is soon hijacked and then focuses on plastic and waste in genereal.

      • It’s a shame the majority aren’t interested in recycling and other attempts to stop or slow down global warming. Perhaps accepting the reality of global warming is so unpleasant and worrying that people try to blank it out.

  7. The sale of nitrous oxide should be controlled. For medical purposes through a prescription or for catering using a special licence.

    • That won’t stop them though. The plentiful amount of many small shops in Thanet will provide anything legal or not as long as they make a profit out of it.

  8. Let’s see….hottest day of year, on a Friday, schools and colleges finished for most 16+ kids, trains rammed….. how did a)the police and b) the council not prepare for the inevitability of beaches packed with youngsters!!! I drove past at 11am yesterday and it was already very busy on Margate Main beach.

    • Surely councils are not allowed to take pre-emptive action; doesn’t a Health & Safety officer have to go look first before deciding if any action is appropriate?

  9. This was nothing compared to the days of the mods and rockers fighting. I was a special constable then and loved it. We soon sorted that lot out.

    • That was in the days when a whack or two with a truncheon was allowed or a day or two in a cell was meted out for punishment to minor miscreants.

      Now everybody has human rights which includes the right to dance on the top of a police car with no consequences whatsoever.

  10. Well done to the volunteers that have taken time out to rectify the issue. I suspect there was more unspeakable detritus than the waste actually pictured. Grim.

    I guess no one needs to be told that hellraising 16-year old Brad and Britney will do as they see fit in 21st century Britain.

    Your empathy will be understood if you allow them safe passage to marry and produce offspring; that urine-soaked sand will then be replaced by soiled nappies…

  11. What an absurd comment!
    If that’s the sort of thing you spend your time wondering about then your lifestyle must be rather limited.
    As it happens, I live in Ramsgate, and I go out whenever and wherever I want to. I’ve no idea if other people feel safe, when they see me.

    • That’s astonishing!
      To read that a strapping bloke should feel unsafe in the street with a little old lady.

      • But how would Paul Link know that the person he was looking at, who made him feel unsafe, was Phyllis Quot? If he doesn’t already know her, that is..

  12. Whilst eating my lunch in a fast food outlet. A group of adults bought balloons. May I suggest a ban on selling balloons to groups of lads who are beach bound and no selling of heluim gas either to over 25.

  13. Meanwhile, the calm, placid waters of Ramsgate’s Main Beach are being churned up yet again by flotilla of jet skis, churning back and forth. A real hazard to folk enjoying a swim or a paddle board.
    And to add insult to injury, one jet ski actually launched from the main beach, scattering picnicers and trashing kiddies’ sand castles.
    Never mind extra police patrols for Margate: just one Beach Inspector would be a huge benefit. Margate and Broadstairs have them. Why not Ramsgate?

  14. Good to see all the middle class busy body curtian twitching doo gooders out in force cleaning up …. then take photos of themselves doing it and show how much they collected … bully for you ! .. just being

  15. Today the Fire brigade and police were at piermont park in Broadstairs the local youths were setting fire to the trees. It’s beyond a joke by now !

  16. Also read that staff had glasses and abuse thrown at them in a pizza place in margate on Friday night.

    This country seems to have not come out of lockdown very well. Everyone seems more short tempered .

    • Not just short tempered, don’t forget entitled. Years of doing what you want with no consequences and years of having everything you want leads to feelings of entitlement, a lot todays parents have raised a generation of selfish self centred animals who only care for themselves and have zero empathy for others. Years of stand off parenting with parents calling their kids mate and being afraid to upset them is finally starting to show its consequences.

  17. as marva will tell you , they dont have this problem in wales – you see its now controlled by the welsh mafia = the taffia

  18. I have no idea what problems society has in Wales,as I have lived in England for over 40 years. I have never heard of a ” Welsh mafia”.

  19. Perhaps TDC are approaching the annual outbreak of violence on the main sands. Cordon off a central area of the beach, build staged seating on the raised pavement area and sell ridiculously high priced tickets for weekly displays of violence. We could launch with a spectacular of Garlinge Yobos verses Ramsgate Idiots.

    Advertised as blood sports for social workers it would attract tourists by the thousands. Time to update our Mods and Rockers history!

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