Police and paramedics called to large disturbance on Margate main sands – again

Disturbance on Margate Main Sands

Police have been called back to Margate main sands, along with ambulance crews, to what is understood to be a mass disturbance on the beach.

Police were first called this morning (June 17) and at least one beach business shut for the day following a large group of youths causing disruption on Margate main sands.

The ‘Kiddies Corner’ rides were closed off following youngsters drinking, using laughing gas inhaled from balloons and abusing passers-by.

Photo Carl Hudson

A Kent Police spokesperson said this morning: “Kent Police was contacted at 11.45am following a report of nuisance youths near Marine Drive, Margate.

“Officers attended and the group had dispersed and left the area. Local officers have been made aware.”

However, officers have since been called back to the area along with paramedics after a disturbance again broke out on the beach.

Photo Simon Hiller

Kent Police say: “A dispersal order has been imposed on Margate Main Sands and in the surrounding area following reports of nuisance youths. Kent Police will not tolerate people coming from outside of the area and causing trouble in Thanet.”

In Broadstairs a 48 hour dispersal order was put in place yesterday (June 16) afternoon to combat antisocial behaviour following  a recent incidents including a disturbance in the town this month which required the attendance of armed officers.

An investigation was undertaken and three boys, two aged 16 and one aged 15, were later arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.

The  teenagers, who are all from the Sittingbourne area, were later bailed to return to a police station on Monday 4 July.

It is reported there was also a disturbance at Viking Bay last night where two men and around 10 youths were involved in an altercation.

Margate Photo Carl Hudson

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to disturbance involving a group of people in Harbour Street, Broadstairs at around 7.30pm. Officers attended and spoke to the individuals, however no offences were reported and the group was dispersed.”

Further reports today indicate a number of young people were also rounded up by police in Broadstairs.

Police called and beach business shuts for day following report of youths causing disturbance at Margate


    • Unless our relationship with alcohol changes in this country, this sort of thing will be happening for many years to come. Why do you need to get tanked up to spend the day on the beach in the boiling heat. Look at yourselves. Nobody else behaves like us. And that’s not only the people involved in this beach brawl today. Acting aggressive and fueled up on booze is normal to our society

  1. blimey – that was a lucky escape i just about to book a fortnights holiday in margate – no not realy , this sort of thing is happening to often , and summers just starting . a no go area thats for sure!

  2. Community sentencing does not work, These thugs are simply not deterred by it. The time has come to stop with the liberal approach to sentencing and build more prisons and lock the scum up so the rest of us are safe. Enough is enough, scum deserves to be imprisoned.

    • Locking “the scum” up doesn’t work, either. 75% of inmates go on to reoffend.
      I was on a train from St Pancras to Thanet this lunchtime, and it was heaving with young people. I wonder if some sort of “rave” had been loosely organised on social media?

      • No phyllis, locking them up does work as they can’t reoffend while in prison. The innocent need to be protected not the feral scum. It’s people with your forgive everything attitude that empowers the scum. Even diehard democrats in America are starting to see that a soft approach to criminality is not working. (Read the news)

        • The British way of jailing people doesn’t work. As Phyllis Quot says, re-offending is common. Rehabilitation is what works. Some other European countries do it better than the UK.

          • Marva and Phylis, the fan club of the ferals and criminals. You and people like you are responsible for the breakdown in society. Your forgive everything mentality only emboldens the scum. Perhaps you should show some empathy with the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators. Perhaps you should speak to some of the people who are actually harmed by the scum you seem to protect at all costs, you would soon change your tune. You really do need your heads examined.

    • You cannot permanently lock them up. Even if you make sentencing harsh, at some point they’ll reach a release date… They won’t have changed in anyway for the better. If anything inside they will end up mixing with even worse than themselves, and come out more hardened criminals ready to reoffend doing even more nasty or severe crimes than before they went inside.
      For me I think is lack of morals, respect and discipline that causes more of this antisocial behaviour. So maybe NATIONAL SERVICE style training/boot camp is needs for offenders. Where people learn respect for themselves and others and adopted morals and good standards?? They also learn consequences that really mean something to them. I do not believe prison is a deterrent. I don’t believe it reforms either. Your only safe during the term inside. But upon release these people are worse than before… locking up is kicking the can down the road… while allowing it to be filled with petrol and waiting for an incident to ignite it.

      • Well said , some of the youngsters today have this attitude that they are untouchable like the little yob giving a shop keeper a hard time and acting up in front of his mates . Maybe in the knowledge they could end up doing a type of national service will make them think.

  3. Kent Police say: “A dispersal order has been imposed on Margate Main Sands and in the surrounding area following reports of nuisance youths. Kent Police will not tolerate people coming from outside of the area and causing trouble in Thanet.”

    Yes, support our local Yahoos causing trouble instead.

    • What does calling people vermin do to help improve things? Nothing. They may be unpleasant people but they are still human beings.

        • There’s far too much of this attempt at dehumanization going on on these comment threads about crime. And not enough discussion about the root causes of crime.

          • Marva – people with liberal minded out of touch views are major problem now. It’s gone too far to reverse unfortunately. As for rehabilitation etc, you are joking! Root cause of crime is lack of parenting, lack of discipline and lack of respect. But your blinkers are getting in the way of reality.

  4. There isn’t enough police to deal with any trouble then if they do turn up just ask them to move on which dosent work.

  5. Just drove past 5 mins ago and another bunch were squaring up to each other. Looked like a girl vs boy in late teens. Saw a policeman start to radio fir back up.

    • Indeed – back-up has now arrived – three additional van loads of police now parked up on the seafront.

      Such a shame that this behaviour by our youth is causing seaside business to have to shut – thereby losing businesses money and causing disappointment to those genuine visitors who have come to the seaside to enjoy a day out – not to be treated to the spectacle of drugged up morons dancing on police cars.

      • It’s time to name and shame the scum and make them pay for the lost business and any damages they cause. . If they are underage make their parents pay. Years of soft sentencing has created a tidal wave of scum. Make people accountable for their actions. Make the scum pay. Perhaps when it costs them something they might think twice

    • Marva what you need to do is go and watch the scum, vermin etc or whatever you wish to call them, they go near decent law abiding people start messing around kicking sand up taking drugs drinking alcohol and ballooning the decent family know what will happen if they say anything like asking them to stop because of your kids or just get up to move away the scum will just follow them goading them in the end they get up the main mouthy one is more lippy the thing is the decent family don’t know if it kicks off if they have knives hidden or will get bottled this is why they are scum they have to fight or lose face within their gang. Trust me marva go down to the promenade and watch them, they are humans your correct defiantly not animals as animals do not act like they do. I believe that we should bring back the stocks & the birch as other methods on work on 1 in every 8 person’s either way prison or rehabilitation, and anyway there is no room in prison. I have a very controversial idea instead of our useless government sending our boat people migrants to Rwanda send all the druggies & those wanting to fight on the beach throughout thanet & England their.

      • No, that’s not what I need to do. And corporal punishment, even capital punishment, didn’t have as much effect on crime as some people hoped it would.

        • To the contrary violence is the only thing these idiots understand, they know that they can act pretty much with impunity because the criminal justice system has become so convoluted polite and touchy feely.
          It’s not a coincidence that in the days of the police wading in and giving the ringleaders a bit of a kicking that things stopped ( in france, spain, germany to name but three the police still work this way). The notion that talking nicely to drugged up drunk idiots playing up in front of their mates will stop them is daft, the easiest way to stop them is to break a bone or two in front of their mates, they’ll soon get the message.
          But it won’t happen, instead margate/thanet will get a reputation for such occurences and normal day trippers will stay away, perpetuating thanets decline.
          Much to the dismay of some today the policing methods of the past worked for such things. In years gone by margate had “shotgun” an officer who’s mere presence and reputation was enough to restore order.

        • Marva you write capital punishment didn’t have much effect on crime as some hopped, well each one who’s sentence was executed ( carried out ) never did any crimes again. No we do not use it for what happened on Friday 17th but rehabilitation is not going to work for these people who are only interested in fighting, taking illegal drugs and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, because the jail’s are full they just get a telling off /slapped wrist its only if they get caught time after time they may get something stronger like community service etc, but you know this is true. The chances of getting caught very often is so low its almost nill why!! Not enough police. So you see as I’ve laid out what is happening how I see it, what do you suggest on how we deal with these people committing these crimes, you cannot say rehabilitation as it never gets to court unless they keep repeating the same crime. Marva I await your response

          • I have no suggestions, I leave that to people who are better qualified than I am to consider things impartially and come to practical conclusions.

      • Here, here. Why should everyone else have to put up with that sort of behaviour? They are morons who’ve been dragged up and who have got no respect for others. Unfortunately,it’s not just in Margate. It’s happening in a lot of areas now which is very sad.

  6. Marva they are feral scum end of!

    Their sole purpose in their little brains is to cause trouble.

    Why?? Because they know the law is soft on them, theyve lacked discipline growing up and because they are sheep following the next one to be “the man”.

    Maybe start having ticket collectors at the station with Transport Police and turn them around.

    Or maybe cut their benefits and make them work!

  7. Blah blah blah. Lot of talk about these visitors being scum or ruining Margate. Carry on tapping out your fantasies about these lower-order types being punished if you like, but all types of people have been coming to this beach, being looked down on and sometimes having a scrap since long before any of you were here and will still be doing so long after you’ve gone. If this is not to your liking Eastbourne is not too far along the coast.

    • Als

      Thing is in the ‘old’ days they scrap would be among themselves.

      If they picked on say people of my age we would simply put them on their arses with one punch. As most blokes could.

      But these kids know we cant touch them , if I put one on his arse the police will nick me for hitting a minor. Even though this minor is pissed, drugged up and asking for it. I just have to put up with this behaviour because we have gone soft and allowed these kids the freedom to do as they please.

      The kids try it on knowing we cant raise a finger against them. The same in school. They had no discipline because it’s been taken away from the teachers, the police etc.

      I can look after myself no problems but if I do against a group of these youths i am the one in trouble.
      I have seen a copper tell a kid to get of his bike in a pedestrian area, the kid just said ” what you going to do about it ?” And carried on riding. You know what the copper didnt nothing. Properly couldnt be bothered with all the paperwork needed.

      The youth know they cant really be touched. That’s a problem.

  8. If you want to treat them like the Neo Nazis commentating here do then good luck, They got hammered in WW2. They also locked up so called scum and worse. They believed the it was right to treat criminals with lock ups for life or worse. Go down that road at your own peril. Calling humans scum and vermin says a lot about yourself. i for one don’t want to know you or be near you. Prisons often make them much worse. Where is the best place to learn more about crime? Prison. So go and lock them up and reap the reward of them being turned into hardened criminals. I would say get a life if you have one. I read these comments with much sadness as you are all at each others throats all the time. Thanet is now a right wing neo nazis area now. Very sad. One reason I never look for any replies to anything I write here. i GIVE MY VIEW AND MOVE ON.

    • Joe, judging from your comment you are the true bigot.
      Perhaps you could take in a pedo or rapist if you don’t believe in prisons, how about an arsonist or violent offender. What do you think ? If these people don’t deserve to be imprisoned surely someone like your self and similar minded people should offer them rooms in your families house so you could re-educate them. You would soon change your opinion if you actually had any dealings with the scum.

      • I don’t remember reading that anyone doesn’t “believe in prisons”. Is it the same as “believing in Manston Airport? I have,however,read and written comments criticizing British prisons for not putting more emphasis on rehabilitation.

  9. I’m old enough to remember the sixties and seventies(well, the fifties as well,really) and it was the same old, tired howls of “Lock them up, it was better in the good old days ,we are too soft on them today. We never used to have this problem when I was younger etc etc”
    The “good,old days ” were always a couple of decades ago. It was always better then, apparently.
    But don’t people recall the Teddy boy panic about their winkle-picker shoes and flick-knives? Or the long-haired “hippies” of the sixties? Or all the beach fights between Mods and Rockers?
    Were’nt those supposed to have been the good old days where all it took was a “clip round the ear” from the local “Bobby” and all was sorted.
    Yes, we need some new thinking about how to deal with this kind of behaviour. But banging on about how it used to be better handled with official violence and prisons either misses the point or is just a downright inaccurate version of how Britain used to be.

    • The difference being that in the “good old days” those wanting a bit of a rumble , did so between themselves, they didn’t as a rule intimidate and goad peaceful daytrippers.
      The numpties on the beach want to give it the big one but not to anyone who might be able to hand it out, so not only violent thugs , but also cowardly bullies.
      The majority of the general public ( myself included) don’t have the ability of mindset to stand up to such idiots and so either have to put up with it or leave, which just further emboldens the idiots.
      It was in the same in the 80’s those that liked a bit of a fight on saturday night seemed to find each other, they didn’t pick on people walking home peacefully as seems to happen these days.

  10. Was the same when the cancelled margate meltdown morons arrived on their bikes .. margate attracts these peolpe .. one solution.. Close the beaches .. just being Frank

  11. So Joe thinks anyone who doesn’t agree with his opinion is so obviously neo-nazi seriously.Im sure his view and all the other liberals would soon change their views should they or a member of their family ever become victims of these yobs.I have a suggestion for these liberals who want a soft approach,why don’t you actually take some of these yobs into your house in order to I’d in a rehabilitation scheme and as upstanding citizens you could eeducate them on how to become useful members of society.Best of luck with that one.

    • Go and scratch your bottom, Joris Bonson, as we say in Wales. What’s your real name? Do tell us, then people can praise you for your wit and good manners when they meet you.

  12. Trouble was far worse 40 years ago. You all have rose tinted specs.

    You are all rabid to inflict physical harm and everyone that isn’t in your demographic is the enemy.

    Some of you need to study history to see the path you are heading down.

    Good luck with that…..

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