Properties in Broadstairs without water for second time in 12 hours

Southern Water

Properties in Broadstairs have been left without water or with low pressure for the second time in just over 12 hours.

Last night properties suffered low water pressure and loss of supply in the Broadstairs and St. Peters areas. This was understood to have been fixed but now a power outage has disrupted supplies again in the CT9, CT10, CT11 and CT12 areas. There is also reportedly a burst main in Albion Street.


If you are experiencing discolouration or no water call Southern Water on 0330 303 0368.

UPDATE: A Southern Water spokesperson said: “Power issues on Friday evening caused the reservoir which serves the Broadstairs and St Peters areas to fail. Less than 2000 homes may have seen low pressure or supply interruption for around two hours. Water supply was returned at around 11pm.

“A further power issue this morning has meant that the same customers were impacted. A mitigation has been put in place and many of our customers will already be back in supply.

 “We are very sorry for the disruption this has caused, especially during the hot weather.”

Southern Water is recommending customers to check out the company’s facebook or twitter pages if they can  as they carry hints and tips for low pressure and discoloured water upon return of supply.


  1. Sometimes things breakdown.

    The problem with water pipes is the only time you know of a problem is when the leak gets out of hand yet some people think they should foresee problems with crystal balls.

    Southern Water is in for a battering no matter what theh do or dont do because of some keyboard warriors out there!

    Truth be told… its probably not affecting them but they need to pipe up!!!

    • Haha typical corporate apologist. No one expects no outages it’s how you deal with communicating outages and solutions. Many people simply can’t be without water especially in this weather.

      But yeah keyboard warriors are the issue here. Southern water are the innocent victims.

    • To be fair Southern Water, like all the privatised water supply and treatment utilities, had massive grants (public money) and waiving of debts when they took over. They have hiked up service costs and chose to de-prioritise infrastructure investment over share-holder dividends and senior officer salaries.
      Parallel to this the regulatory agencies have been cut back so badly they cannot properly carry out investigation and enforcement duties.
      The victorian systems were exceptional in design and quality but they wouldn’t have imagined that public officers would allow these systems to remain after 150 years, or more.
      Southern Water and central governments, from Thatcher, through Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May and Johnson, have chosen to create the perfect storm we have in our water supply and treatment.
      So, please, let’s have no crocodile tears for those charlatans and profiteerers who have created this. More so, let’s not make excuses for their socially violent actions.
      The reasons and blames for this is clear. The solution is massive investment to upgrade infrastructure, to implement testing, repair and maintenance regimes and to require all new developments (domestic and commercial) to build in as routine water saving and management technology. Lastly, existing premises need to be adjusted to retro-fit this technology.
      For those who will say “who’s going to pay” the answer is easy – claw back the money from privatised water companies, tax large firms and the mega-rich fairly (the same proption (or more) of income as the low-paid do now) and also take back all the public money given to contractors for non-existant ferry’s, PPE and track&trace and tax the London money laundering enterprise (The City financial gang).

  2. This is as bad as the water issues in The Sahel region of Africa.How are we expected to survive in these adverse times?I blame global warming for this water shortage.

      • Yet another idiotic comment – I am constantly amazed by the rudeness shown by some contributors on this site.

        • I guess, facetiousness and sarcasm doesn’t play well in print. Nonetheless, if you think Southern Water has been offering value for money then I’m not the only idiot in Thanet.
          Rude? This Continental corporation deserves all the rudeness the residents of Thanet have to offer.
          If anything, the local population has been more than patient with Southern Water.

  3. Iirc when the water supply company’s adopt low water flow pressure, its to ration their supply either due to high demand or infrastructure failure.

    Could be both !. So difficult for those affected, hope its sorted very soon.

    ~Some time soon we will have thunder storms, hopefully sw are aware. A plea to SW please dont allow sewage discharges on our beaches.

  4. When your water bills come, tell them you cant pay, due to a low bank account, and see how they like the excuse.

  5. Does no one read anything? Power issues on Friday evening caused the reservoir which serves the Broadstairs and St Peters areas to fail. Less than 2000 homes may have seen low pressure or supply interruption for around two hours. Water supply was returned at around 11pm.

    “A further power issue this morning has meant that the same customers were impacted. This would imply that the issue was with the power and not the water delivery system. Better maintenance and local back up supplies (i.e. generators) were in place and available. Sadly the bean counters have deemed that shareholder return is more important than the customer getting what they pay for and if a few have disruption to supply, when looked as a percentage, then it equates to a very small number. The same comment applies to the local electricity company, who have a very similar ethos! As a former supply industry worker, I speak with some knowledge.

    • Understand. SO it was Southern Waters fault that there was a power cut.I am no rocket scientist by why is it Southern waters fault is beyond me when I’m guessing it’s network is already under pressure due to the weather which again not Southern Waters fault.To me it seems the public have made Southern Water a top easy target to attack.I am aware of living in a blame culture world but fair is still fair.

      • It is usual for many essential services to have a back up generator, so if they had one why didn’t it click in? If they don’t have a back up generator, then they should have! PS. I reported a leak under the Ramsgate Viaduct on the 12th May, its still leaking! Its most probably due to the £60 billion paid to share holders since privatisation, money which should have been invested into the decrepit water supply system!

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