Harry Styles beauty range ‘pre-launch’ at Dreamland – only UK location chosen

Pleasing stock at Dreamland

‘Pleasing’, a beauty brand by singer Harry Styles, drops new range called ‘Hot Holiday’ next week with a ‘pre-taster’ of the range at Dreamland this weekend.

Dreamland Margate is the only destination in the UK where fans can get first dibs of the range while stocks last. The other two locations were it is being launched are Los Angeles and New York.

Harry Styles’s custom-made silver shop, with Hot Holiday stock is open at Dreamland from 11am to 6pm today (July 16) and tomorrow. The Hot Holiday range officially launches on July 19.

Dreamland is free to enter.


  1. Oh good !

    Does that mean dreamland with be plastering thanet in fly posters about it ? Like they have about Simple Red ?

        • A sad lament to the state of the music industry in recent decades. Quite how we got from Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney etc, to the mass produced, identical sounding rubbish of the last 20 years or so is amazing.

          • I recall the late Chas Hodges (of Chas ‘n’ Dave) talking about 50s rock ‘n’ roll, and saying something like “Back then, everyone sang the same songs but sounded different; nowadays, everyone sings different songs but sounds the same!”.

        • Correct. If he’s launching here that’s a big thing That’s the equivalent of Robbie Williams doing same 20 years ago

  2. Think its 8 years until dreamland can be bulldozed in favour of what the developers require.

    Great to see Harry Styles beauty range in town, they should well !

    Dreamland could be partially saved if they had an old type music hall for 500 + people. Same as bricklanemusichall.co.uk.

    Opp s not advertising

    • Hmmm . . . I gave it 8 years and that was 8 years ago – surely it cannot continue grasping at straws for that much longer and merely running itself into more debt ?

  3. How did I know this would descend into a Bunch of Uncles Alberts claiming “music was better in my day”

    Well done. Parody accounts are no longer needed.

  4. According to the Sunday Times Rich, Harry Styles is the richest musician in the UK with an estimated net worth of £100 million ($124 million) in 2022.21 May 2022 So done well for himself

  5. It’s a good job literally no one other than you sad acts cares what any of you think.
    The lad wears dresses and make up too (and looks fierce whilst doing it) which ought to further trigger you snowflake gammon losers.

        • As a “author” I’d have thought you’d be more aware how language works. Words that used to mean one thing “back in your day” now have different or multiple meanings…. I’m in my Forties and would not be offended being called a lad. I will give examples to help you grasp it…

          “He is a good lad, he constantly tries to educate the old folk that have lost their way and have rose tinted glasses on”

          “He is a top lad, trying to make others be more tolerant and accepting of others”

          Hope this helps.

      • He also chained people up and sexually abused them. So I’m sure he is one of your heroes from “back in the day” pop your Gary glitter cassette on. Watch your Jimll fix it VHS and keep preaching about how society has fallen and it was better back then.

          • Ah that old chestnut. You are one of those. Yeah you keeping telling yourself that. Top seller was it. People queuing to celebrate the “pop culture” of those three?

            Could you be more morally corrupt?

        • Dear Mr Impressed – ”Back in the day” people learned hoe to use punctuation and grammar.

          I think you are referring to Gary Glitter. When the word is used as a proper noun it starts with a capital letter.

          You are clearly an example of how society has fallen

          Jim’ll Fix It follows the same rule with the addition of an apostrophe to denote the abbreviation.

          It is also bad form to end a sentence with a preposition.

          The likes of Mr Checksfield and myself can only continue to do our best to educate those who are less able to communicate effectively.

          • Thank you John.

            As for the rightness or wrongness of including GG, BG and JS in my books, I write the books that I would buy (and really, who would want a book on Glam Rock that doesn’t include GG?). I guess I’m fortunate in that several thousand people so far have also liked MY kind of books.

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