Ramsgate man jailed for ‘horrific’ attack on victim in Newington

Stephen Parfitt admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent

A man who left his victim seriously injured following an attack in Ramsgate has been jailed.

Stephen Parfitt admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent in relation to the incident in October last year.

The 45-year-old, formerly of Ringold Avenue, Ramsgate, was jailed for seven years at Canterbury Crown Court yesterday (July 14).

The victim, who was known to Parfitt, was asleep in a house in the Newington area in the early hours of Saturday 16 October 2021 when Parfitt gained entry to the property.

Parfitt picked up a craft knife and assaulted the victim, causing serious injuries.

The victim was taken to hospital by a friend and medical staff alerted a Kent Police officer who was attending for other matters.

Parfitt was quickly identified as the suspect and he was tracked down and arrested on the afternoon of Sunday 17 October.

The weapon was recovered from the scene and clothes were seized which the victim and a witness said Parfitt was wearing when he carried out the offence.

Parfitt was charged on Monday 18 October and admitted the offence at a court hearing on Tuesday 19 April this year.

During sentencing he also received a 15-year restraining order not to contact the victim.

Detective Constable Paul Rigden, Kent Police’s investigating officer, said: “Parfitt attacked his victim as he lay asleep on a couch, completely unable to defend himself.

“The injuries he inflicted will stay with the victim the rest of life. I hope the sentence handed down by the court gives the victim a sense of closure and allow him to try and move on from this horrific attack.”


  1. How was this only worth 7 years ? This was attempted murder. Our criminal justice system is a disgrace. This psycho will be out in half that sentence.

    • I think the case here is one can only be charged for an offence once , had an attempted murder charge been put , the guy may have walked.
      Courts are limited to sentences given . Yes he be out in half of that maybe only serve a third so a couple of years.

  2. I could be wrong, but I thought GBH with intent was a maximum of 9 years.
    If I’m correct, then that is what he should have been given in my opinion ,although still not harsh enough,poor victim will remember this for life.
    If given 7 years / 9 years you service that time if you behave, if not then add another 6 months on to the sentence each time you misbehave

  3. Jeepers, that kent cop photo must be fake. Just look at silly boy stephens nose. it is so crooked.

    Hey silly boy, enjoy being locked up and be nice to your room mates mr bugg and mr ing.

    Just another local career criminal off the street for 3 years, keeps the police in business thou.

  4. Can’t believe there are some justifying what hes done!

    Still it says alot about that area of Newington!

    If this was because he caught the bloke in bed with his wife, then what did he do to her??

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