Former Canterbury CEO appointed as Thanet council Interim Chief Executive

Colin Carmichael was appointed to TDC in 2022

The appointment of an Interim Chief Executive of Thanet District Council was approved at Full Council last night (Thursday 14 July).

Colin Carmichael, previously the Chief Executive of Canterbury City Council for more than 25 years, will start in the role on Wednesday, July 20.

The 69-year-old also worked at the London boroughs of Hackney and Camden prior to his appointment with Canterbury council. He was awarded an OBE in 2013 for his service to local government.

Mr Carmichael left his role at Canterbury in March. He had been responsible for around 500 staff at the authority.

Council staff were informed in a briefing this morning.

Council Leader, Cllr Ash Ashbee said: “I’m delighted with this appointment to the role of Interim Chief Executive. Colin brings with him a wealth of experience, leading a neighbouring authority for a number of years and extensive knowledge of the local area.

“The focus will be on supporting us through the implementation of the Independent Monitoring Officer’s recommendations and leading on a restructure of our Corporate Management team. I am absolutely confident that Colin will drive the organisation forward through the next stages of our journey and help to build the foundations for the future of Thanet District Council.

“I look forward to working closely with Colin and ensuring we provide the best possible services we can to our residents.”

At the Full Council meeting, Sameera Khan was also appointed as the council’s Interim Monitoring Officer and Head of Legal Services and will start in post on Monday 18 July. Sameera previously worked at Medway Council.

The vacancies follow the immediate dismissal of former monitoring officer Tim Howes in April and the exit of chief executive Madeline Homer – with a £327,000 pay out- announced last month.


  1. From what I have heard Colin will be a huge improvement on every senior Exec member that has served at TDC over the last decade.

    I look forward to seeing things improve. A very positive appointment.

  2. Good luck to him. We have had a badly run council for as long as I remember and a large number of people living in this area who have extremely negative views to anything that could progressive or that could be prosperous to the area. Things need to change

  3. Quite frankly, I’d be astonished if we saw any difference in our day-to-day experiences. No matter who is CEO, we’ve still got the same councillors, trying to provide local facilities, in the face of government legislation.

  4. How long are these interim appointments for? What are they costing? Has the process started find a new permanent chief exec?

    • I should imagine he’ll work for consultancy rates as opposed to a pro rata salary. Could be as much as a grand a day.

      Whoever has the job, to coin a local phrase, it’ll be like polishing a turd!

  5. LC the clue is in the title. Interim. For a senior role I’d estimate at least 6 months possibly 12.

    Even if the campaign for the permanent post started tomorrow it would typically take 6 months to advertise, hire and then wait for someone to complete their notice elsewhere. For CEO level roles this is usually also 3 to 6 months contractually.

    Like you, I am keen they mobilise the permanent campaign and that it is public, and transparent.

  6. as Driver has already criticised this appointment I’m pretty sure TDC have made a good decision

  7. You have to wonder if there is anyone alive that Ian Driver would approve of as CEO. Perhaps he’d like to enlighten us with some positive suggestions instead of his seemingly endless toxic communications.

      • Why is that a go to response to anyone that doesn’t share similar views or wants better…. “Don’t like it move” why didn’t all the leave voters just move?!? Why make us leave EU if you weren’t happy move?

        It’s a ridiculous argument. I don’t particularly have a view one way or another with the chap you are discussing but if everyone that thought Thanet needed some serious “levelling up” moved it would be a very empty island and the same goes for the U.K. in general. Expecting better and pushing for better is the way you improve.

        TDC is a shambles and I have my doubts a 69 year old is the answer to turn things round.

  8. I am afraid it maybe a sad end to a fine career.CC manning the helm is unlikely to raise a sinking ship.
    TDC as an institution is a failure and nothing can be done to restore it’s fortune especially with the current crew in charge.
    Amalgamation is the most viable option.

    • They tried a bit of amalgamation with the formation of East Kent Housing , no doubt it’ll never be revealed how costly that fiasco turned out. Really can’t see how greater unity would work especially given the two areas are so different. (Canterbury versus Thanet). Plus why would canterbury want to end up carrying the thanet millstone round its neck.
      Even with the best management available at the helm what chance do they have of making real progress in a district with no money and unable to form a stable council politically for more than a couple of years at a time, with the differing priorities and hobby horses each change brings.

  9. 69?!?!?

    This is half the issue the U.K. faces we constantly see positions of power filled by those 65 plus….. in normal roles they are forced to retire but in these massive senior roles we often turn to gentleman of a certain age.

    I think it would be far better if we allowed this gentleman to enjoy his retirement and picked one of the many other brilliant members of society that would be capable of this role.

    Was it ofcom? That recently had a 79 year old put in charge part time.

    Does anyone really think that’s sensible. This isn’t a agist thing it’s about allowing people to retire and allow young people to have their chance.

  10. Whether it is good or bad for Thanet. It is good for him 69 years old, 25 years at CCC. Nice pension. Even one year at TDC has to be £125,000 plus expenses. He is one pensioner who does not have to worry about his winter heating costs. Why not give him the job him the job full time. Then we can give him another pension, and pay off in 18 months. Nice work if you can get it.

    • Amen. It’s a sad indictment of the state of the British workforce that we are turning to a 69 year old as the best option.

      • I think what you needs is an experienced chief who understands the laws and can build a foundation of stability. CCC is a good council mainly because they throw money at everything. But Colin was a great leader so to come to TDC and improve it is amazing news. You shouldn’t be so negative.

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