Two people arrested over suspected drug dealing in Margate

Image Kent Police

Police have made two arrests after they were alerted to potential drug dealing in a Margate churchyard.

Officers from Thanet’s Community Policing Team attended the site in Victoria Road on Wednesday (July 6) after following up concerns from residents that suspected drug dealing was taking place in the area.

As police approached a group of people, a man tried to leave the area on an e-scooter.

The man was detained and a rucksack containing cannabis with an estimated street value of £10,000 was seized. A quantity of cash was also recovered.

A 25-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman, both from Margate, were arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs with intent to supply. They have been released on bail pending further investigation.

Inspector Ian Swallow from the Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “If residents believe drug dealing is taking place in their street or community, it’s important they report it to Kent Police so officers can follow up that information and take action to identify who is responsible for this illegal activity.

“Working together, we can keep Thanet a safe place and send out a message to anyone dealing illegal drugs that they are not welcome in the district.”


  1. Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea of the percentage of people who are released on bail, actually show up for subsequent court appearances? Maybe any persons actually “caught in the act” should be tagged until they appear in court?

    • Unfortunately we live in a society where there are no consequences for illegal actions.

      In another article on this site (which we are not allowed to comment on) two persons have been released on bail following charges of attempted murder.

      It beggars belief where somebody charged with such a crime is allowed to walk the streets.

  2. there is an element of people on these pages that for some reason seem to think crime does not happen in thanet – despite what we all read in the news ? mind you that mind set did not get the prime minister far in the end .

      • No Marva.. Margate del Costa criminal Isle.
        The fact that Marva we don’t even have Margate council for 40 years. The mayor has been getting all the other towns with no council precepts. Hardly setting an example are they?
        Or fact of matter all assets needing repairs and maintenance are then sold off… Yet council has a duty. I’ve lived here over 3 years.. Drug dealing is all over the globe. In the USA Fentanyl is their drug to die or overdose. I don’t like it getting into children’s hand. Children as young as 10 smoke..

  3. one of the females that is part of the gang has a small child, and uses the church yard to get high and then hop over the wall back to her house. I believe that is child endangerment and abuse.

  4. Correct John. No one is held accountable for their own actions. The police arrest the same scum day in day out but our liberal judges fail to incarcerate them.
    Our legal system needs a complete overhaul. Criminals now use the human rights argument more than any other group. Criminals aren’t persecuted, they are scum and should be imprisoned to make the rest of us safer. What about the human rights of the law abiding citizens who are forced to live in the same areas as the thugs and scum who are on their community sentences rather than being imprisoned? where’s their respite from the crime violence, theft and antisocial behaviour that comes from keeping scum in the community?
    Until our legal system takes off its rose tinted glasses and starts imprisoning offenders, the criminals will continue to act as they are now,!with no regard for anyone else other than themselves and they will continue to destroy innocent peoples lives and communities will continue to have to live in fear.
    In 1973 the first community sentences were issued. The crime and violence that we now witness in our communities on a daily basis are a result of keeping convicts in the community. The experiment is over and it’s failed. Build more prisons and keep the scum away from the rest of us. Why are the majority still having to suffer because a few liberal fools keep persisting with an experiment that has clearly been detrimental for the majority.

  5. All bull imagine writing a article about people without the real facts being written! And it’s also funny how they are a gang when there was only 2 people 1 which was not involved 💀

      • The police lie and you don’t know that until stuff happens to you, who is thick enough to sit in a grave yard with all that on them I say again the police lie

        • Someone that has smoked a load of weed is thick enough to have 10K worth on them, its only 3-4kg, so would easily fit in a rucksack.

          Druggies lie! They obviously thought they were a bad man showing off there few KG of weed, then they got arrested and there weed taken by the police and now they will be in debt for years to the people they bought it off. So now they will go round robbing trying to get the money.

          Drug dealers are scum no matter how small time, especially when they are as stupid as this lot.

        • I would believe the police over you every time. Drug dealers cause misery to the areas they deal in and to the people they sell their drugs to. All drug dealers are scum and need to be locked up and yes smoking dope in front of kids is harmful to them, only an idiot would think otherwise.

          • Crack/heroin/cocaine bad yes but weed is nothing and does not cause misery half of Thanet smoke weed Karen

          • Smoking in front of kids/ Arounds kids etc is harmful to them but if it’s being done away from them then what’s the problem people drink? More likely to harm child under the influence of alcohol

    • Hea, smoking weed and looking after kids is not good and is definitely a welfare issue for the kids. Parents should be mentally in control when parenting not wasted. A junky trying to justify being high while in charge of their offspring is a danger and tbh a disgrace.

      The chemicals in Cannabis can have many benefits but also many negatives, its negative effects include mood changes, memory loss, loss of motivation, and even a general lack of intelligence and don’t forget Cannabis-induced psychosis, a serious medical and mental health issue that is growing substantially among long term drug smokers. No responsible and competent parent would get high while looking after their children, trying to justify yourself is indefensible and a spaced out parent is definitely a danger to their children.

      • A junky isn’t someone that smokes weed I know lawyers/teachers/politicians/ celebrities that smoke weed , class B drugs are junky drugs if, officers let the guy go because they care more about the hard drugs not a bit of weed

  6. So, Jo, tell us which parts of the article were untrue and just as importantly, how do you know this?

    And on a related note, did the police book the man for attempting to leave the area on an e-scooter?

    • In some African and Asían countries it’s legal for girls as young as 13 to get married and have sex, so according to your reasoning that would also be ok ???????? Just because something is legal somewhere else doesn’t mean it’s ok. Now put your joint down and go and start looking after your kids

  7. Look at the weed heads & friends of those who got caught in here. You lot crack me up & i dont mean with a pipe.

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