Collapse of Cabinet support continues with PM expected to resign

PM Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson clings to his role this morning but is said to be set to step down as the number of resignations rises to more than 50, including the newly appointed Education Minister Michelle Donelan who quit after just 36 hours.

Ministers, including new Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi have told the PM his position is unsustainable and he must go.

In a letter Nadhim Zahawi wrote: “Yesterday, I made clear to the Prime Minister alongside my colleagues in No 10 that there was only one direction where this was going and that he should leave with dignity.

“I am heartbroken that he hasn’t listened and that he is now undermining the incredible achievements of this government at this late hour.”

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale, who has been reselected as Conservative party candidate to contest the North Thanet seat at the next General Election, has aired his views that the PM should step down.

On news of the forthcoming resignation, Sir Roger said: “Faced with the reality Prime Minister has made the only right decision. Our job must now be to unite and run the country in the interests of all of the people of the United Kingdom.”

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay has not commented on the crisis in Parliament.

The mass resignations began on Tuesday after Downing Street admitted the PM knew about allegations of inappropriate behaviour against disgraced former Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher in 2019, but still appointed him in February.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid was the first to announce his departure, followed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and then a swathe of other Ministers and aides.

Mr Pincher resigned last week after new allegations of groping two men at a club in London.

Yesterday it was reported that the PM was determined to stay at No 10 but today (July 7) The Independent, Sky news and other national outlets report he is set to resign with a new leader to be installed in October. There are currently calls for a caretaker PM until that time.


  1. Boris is gone.

    Where was Craig???

    CRAIG? You here Craig?

    Too busy denying the cost of living crisis.

    The people of Thanet will not forget your silence.

  2. Reshape your cabinet Boris , this is your chance to get rid of “back stabers”, if you were other PM you have given up by now but it goes to show that the Conservative party has a Strong leader!! 💪

  3. Bless him.

    He SHOULD go now, but, once all the fuss has died down, I believe his legacy will mostly be a good one.

    Hope he doesn’t become a bitter back-bencher, and instead spends some quality time with Carrie (or any other “top totty” that takes his fancy!).

      • (a) He got Brexit done (unlike Mrs. May), (b) he handled the Pandemic better than most others in the world (including the EU, who were months behind us in the vaccination programme), (c) he has shown Ukraine far more support than many (when countries like Germany still support Russia’s economy by buying from them).

        • Brexit is a disaster.
          The UK had the highest covid death rate in the Western World.
          The UK, as a member of NATO, and until recently a member of Europe, is standing shoulder to shoulder with other Western nations against the tyranny of Russia.

          • Blah blah blah, boring… my point is that he promised to get Brexit done – after years of Mrs. May’s dithering – and more or less did so. As for NATO, that has nothing to do with economic sanctions – as you know.

        • Legacy….. dont make me laugh
          Highest inflation in 40 yrs
          Highest taxation in 70 yrs
          Biggest drop in living standards in 65 yrs
          Biggest fall in wages since records began
          UK trade performance at its worst level
          One of highest death tolls from Covid in world.

          • He might have got Brexit done. He had, he said, an oven-ready deal.
            A deal which, amongst other things, decreased GDP by 5%; presents the probability that part of it will have to be (illegally) torn up to cope with Northern Ireland; removes us from the Gallileo GPS system, and prevents UK scientists collaboratingwith EU colleagues on major projects.

            The deaths referred to are “excess deaths”, over and above those that would normally be expected. I don’t think hundreds of thousands of people suddenly became morbidly obese. I do think a lethal respiratory virus had something to do with it.

          • Andrew, are you just playing stupid or doing it for real? The “excess deaths” are almost certainly due to Covid – which our fat and unhealthy population were/are more susceptible to than others.

  4. Fair comment about Craig M – he had already written to me saying he didn’t see anything wrong with Partygate. I had been in hospital and prevented from seeing my wife or friends for over a year while the buffoon we had as PM was happily partying the night away. It’s a bit disturbing that we have an MP who even now has told Bozo to sling his hook!

      • He got Brexit done? What ‘Brexit’ was that? It was never defined in the leaver campaign anad the, oven ready model, was always vague and non-commital. All the analysts are pretty clear that the Brexit that Johnson’s cabal have forced upon us has been a disaster on economic, international relations, cross border security and social levels.
        The pandemic? 50-70,000 deaths that could have been avoided if medical and scientific advice had been taken, probably more saved if the lessons from the Governement’s own panedemic exercise of 2016 had been implemented.
        You’ll say I’m extreme and come out with your ususal troll like comments but, since this lot got power, they have increasingly resembled how a fascist group takes over in a democracy.

      • Can you continue your exchange with Andrew and Axle?

        Was a very interesting and revealing exchange.

  5. Over 50 and counting, who seem to have found honesty and integrity, who knew? Johnson is a pathological liar, and one that believes his own hubris. He was only elected because during Brexit he claimed £350million a week would go to the NHS, instead of the EU. THAT WAS A GREAT BIG LIE, and people fell for it. Johnson is a mini Trump, who had 30,000 provable lies recorded during his election campaign, when he was elected, and he continues it with his claim of election fraud!

    Will Johnson try the same? I doubt it because in this country we don’t have such a compliant press, or other mass media, even the Daily Mail is against Johnson!! Also, to its shame the US Republican party joined in with Trumps delusional claims, that isn’t happening here, because its the Tory MP’s who are dumping Johnson, not the electorate! No one other than the blue rinsed brigade Tory members elects a leader, who can become a Prime Minister, we the people can’t vote for them!

    I have lived through four times when Tory Prime Ministers went unwillingly, Ted Heath, who called an election during the 3 day week, with the slogan “Who Governs Britain” well, it wasn’t him, and Labour were elected. Thatcher went after catching Mad Cow Disease, sacked by her own Tory MP’s! Cameron left because he made a mess of Brexit, and May bless her, because she was just incompetent!

    I don’t have any faith in Starmer, who is a poor mans Blair, and because he has turned his coat and is now a Brexiteer! But will use my vote according to who is prepared to stand for election in South Thanet, because an election is nigh folks!

          • I have a thing for redheads, and I’m very shallow!!

            Erm… I do find her a surprisingly good debater of late, though she is often oddly subdued whenever Starmer is around. Anyway, it’s sometimes healthy in politics to have polar opposites (Cameron and Milliband were almost interchangable!).

          • What’s wrong with being a communist?

            “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

          • Its people like you who should have their right to vote removed, for being ignorant, and ill informed! Angela tells it like it is, and runs rings round Johnson, exposing his lies, and buffoonery trope!

      • Theresa May was a bit wishy-washy, but she also came across as honest and sincere.

        I see that Suella Braverman – an ethnic-minority female in her early 40s – has said she’d put herself forward in any leadership contest. Could be an interesting choice?

        • She was or felt like an interim leader but I was shocked that she was there as long as she was!
          I have no idea who should take over to be honest!!

  6. This is the Conservative Party planning to lose the next General Election and it’s poisoned chalice. The next cyclical global economic crash – remember the late noughties, early nineties, mid seventies, late fifties, etc. – is due at just about the same time as the election.
    Meanwhile, Sunak has been nagged by his wife into getting a proper paying job again. As she is now paying more tax.
    Javid doesn’t have to endure another winter of fending off the S.A.G.E. sociopath technocrats.
    Raab, Patel & Truss are playing chicken to see who blinks first. Failing to realise that they have already been tarred…
    Let’s just hope it isn’t Tugenhadt. Otherwise, 1984/Brave New World is upon us for real!

    • Who are “the S.A.G.E. sociopath technocrats? I thought SAGE consisted of scientists from the appropriate fields.

  7. Radio silence from Mr. MacKinlay who voted in confidence for Mr. Johnson only weeks ago. I can only assume his lack of a statement is because he is busy putting together his own bid for leadership. Wonder if he will get to keep the wallpaper in the Downing Street flat.?Well done to Mr. Gale, whilst I agree with absolutely none of his politics I admire his judgment of character and his consistency in being able to see through the gaslighting and truth twisting of the outgoing PM.

  8. Steve Baker said on radio 4 this morning that Johnson was chosen as the only person who could beat Corbyn after the scare of the 2017election. Astonishing. I never heard any Tory say that before

  9. GB news filming live on harbour parade near the arty barge, apparently some political news around today.

    Ramsgate looking great !

    • I don’t think she’s “a commie”.
      She’s disingenuous – calling Johnson out for “misogyny” when he hinted that he knew about a conversation on which she had previously stated her “Basic Instinct” strategy. Not to mention not being at a gathering in Rotherham, at which she was present! Making her appear an unwise fool.
      She spends too much time in front of the hairdresser’s mirror(as does Starmer).
      Having spent some years combatting bullying and harassment in the workplace on behalf of others, her body language and manner speaks volumes as to how she has come to political prominence.
      I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. Were Labour to be voted into government, what would be her portfolio? Putin & Xi would be laughing their heads off

    • Jupiter….you’re certainly from a different planet.. Are you nutty checksfields agent?

    • Jupiter…. clearly from another planet or are you nutty Chelsfields agent. Its the sort of thing he would say, mind you he’s totally nuts as you’ll see if you can stop laughing at some of his posts, talk about living in the past as the great Jethro Tull sang when music was music not some of crap he refers to.

  10. we need to get rid of the lot of them , the problem is the people that think they are conservative , when deep down they know they are just council house snobs. these real tories would not p**s on you if you were on fire !!!!

  11. Marva.
    Did you (…think they were scientists)?
    Science 101 says that Scientists think, develop hypotheses, conceive of experiments to test the hypothesis and, draw conclusions. It also says categorically that, “… Social Science is NOT Science!”
    If you check out the credentials of S.A.G.E. members, few if any are practicing Scientists. They are, by and large, social and pharmaceutical engineers. Once the “Germ Free Adolescents” about whom Polystyrene sang. Amongst them Communist Party member Susan Michie, a disproportionately large contingent from Imperial College (heavily funded by Chinese benefactors) and other assorted individuals of no particular portfolio.
    An uninformed democracy is no democracy at all!

    “Those who see beyond the lies of their society will rarely be listened to, let all ne believed!” Plato

    • Because they’re not?🙄
      Like I said: “Science 101”. The first chapter in any Science undergraduate course describes what Science is and what it is not. Who is a Scientist and who is not. I have provided you with a very brief precis. You know now.

    • Marva.
      When you’re not busy posting here. Or singing with the Van Der La-Las. There’s a new Channel 4 drama you may find interesting: “The Undeclared War”.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Who are the Van Der La-las? I have never heard of this group, but I expect they don’t sing the kind of music I like.

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