Boris Johnson announces resignation as Prime Minister – but will stay until new leader is elected

Boris Johnson announces his resignation

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced his resignation today (July 7).

Following the collapse of his Cabinet with more than 50 Minister and aide resignations since Tuesday, the PM finally gave into the pressure to step down from “the best job in the world.”

He said it was “clearly the will of Parliamentary Conservative Party” that there should now be “a new leader of that party and so a new Prime Minister.”

A timetable to elect that new leader will be released next week with Boris Johnson serving until a new leader is in place.

He thanked those who voted Conservative in the 2019 election and said the reason he “fought so hard” in the last few days to stay in office was so that he could “continue to deliver that mandate in person not just because I wanted to do so but because I felt it was my job, my obligation and my duty to continue.”

The announcement comes in the wake of the resignations after Downing Street admitted the PM knew about allegations of inappropriate behaviour against disgraced former Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher in 2019, but still appointed him in February.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid was the first to announce his departure, followed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and then a swathe of other Ministers and aides.

Mr Pincher resigned last week after new allegations of groping two men at a club in London.

Mr Johnson added: “To (the) new leader… I say I will give you as much support as I can.

“And to you, the British public. I know that there will be many people who are relieved and perhaps quite a few who will also be disappointed.

“And I want you to know how sad I am to be giving up the best job in the world.

“But thems the breaks.”

This morning there have also been several new Cabinet appoitments:

  • Rt Hon Greg Clark MP as Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities
  • Rt Hon James Cleverly MP as Secretary of State for Education
  • Rt Hon Sir Robert Buckland QC MP as Secretary of State for Wales
  • Rt Hon Kit Malthouse MP as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
  • Shailesh Vara MP as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
  • Andrew Stephenson MP as Minister without Portfolio.

Mr Johnson began his time as PM on 24 July 2019. He then held a snap general election in December 2019, where the Conservatives won a majority.


    • I think the PM resigning affects everyone, no matter where you live. So, although I generally wouldn’t cover national events this, like the covid updates previously, is relevant

      • Didn’t see an update on the Broadstairs cancer con-woman being ordered to pay just 5 quid back of what she stole(45k) a week or so back.

  1. He basically was ousted due to gross misconduct. No way he should stay in the role. Not fit to lead.

  2. re – roger , no he only comes out to open fetes and garden partys , johnson was the biggest waffling conman since his idol churchill

    • Cllr Barry Lewis that is just as bad joke as it gets. Childish jokes like that won’t win you more votes and get the Labour Party to power. He is still prime minister even though its only interim. I don’t like what he has done with his lies time after time but remember he got there because your party was not worthy in the electrets mind.

      • He got there by lying Big Chris, remember the bus he was swanning around in claiming £350 million a week would go to the NHS instead of the EU, if we left! That was a lie Chris, but gullible people in the Conservative party elected Johnson leader, which meant he automatically became Prime Minister, if the Tory’s won the election, which they did based on a lie!

        • Dumpton, as I said his lies after lies I fully agree about the bus as well as at the time I said his figures do not add up,and now he is going (eventually) he is blaming everyone else for him having to resign but in truth his lies have got himself there,

    • Thanet council have been lieing to the the people of Thanet for years ,so it’s not funny Barry Lewis

  3. The big problem is that he is still in office until a new leader of Conservative party is elected, I would sooner he wasn’t PM because of lies he has said, he has done some good work whilst in charge, but how he expects us to believe all his lies are is beyond belief his last one which eventually has brought him down for someone who used to profess to remember everything he’s been involved with during his working life, no he should resign as Prime Minister as well he doesn’t have to be the Head government would and will carry on without him his no2 can take the reigns as he has in the past. A clean break is what is needed if he is not fit to be head of the Conservative party he should not still be Prime Minister.

      • You’ve changed your tune.It was only a few days ago you were lauding his praises and telling us all to ‘move on’.Unlike pop culture which is ephemeral,some of us have longer memories than a five minute attention span.I would stick to Showaddywaddy it’s safer for you.
        In your idiom, Boris is now a rave from the grave and a blast from the past, and certainly not pick of the pops with the Tory party.
        He will be remembered in a similar way as the crazy world of Arthur Brown for setting his backside on fire.

        • I’m STILL praising his achievements, but I also believe it is NOW the time for him to go.

          I did defend the lovely Ms. Dorries with her pretty little angel eyes though (she could take me under the moon of love anytime!).

          • But the question is did she ” leap up and down and wave her knickers in the air ” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. I liked him as well, now we just need the leader of the opposition to go. They will never get into Government whilst a failed Public Prosecuter is in charge.

  5. Our son works in the Houses of Parliament on the staff side not a political job. He tells me the majority of MPs are friendly and polite Boris is a very easy person to talk to and nice personality. Our Son said those in the House of Lords who can be difficult not all of them but some them. Kathy is right to publish something on national importance it just goes to show there is life outside of Thanet.

  6. I like sherry trifle, but I would not vote for one as PM.
    A Boris’s former editor Max Hastings( who is a well regarded historian, Peter C), was once asked what job was Boris best suited too. He replied game show host and that is what we have endured these last 3 years.
    Covid was a disaster and not helped by some in this HYS who denied its existence; Boris was saved by the sterling work of applied medical science, who delivered an effective vaccine in double quick time.PPE supply, test, track and trace and the stock piling of PPE were all badly handled and cost us dearly.
    Most of his policies have crashed and burnt, because he appointed low grade stooges, rather than people who were capable but not necessarily enamoured of his ways.
    Brexit is not done and never will be, if we want to grow the economy. We are going to have to consider making some painful concessions if we want to stop the pound sinking below the rouble in value.The new PM is going to have to finesse that with the over 65’s.
    I remember some of you saying being poor but free was a price worth paying, well do you want to lose the triple lock, and do you now feel the same, having tasted a dysfunctional economy? It’s nearly 100 years ago since Germany experienced hyper inflation, it wiped out savings, pensions and people’s assets, and led to the rise of Nazism, is that what you want?

  7. Hopefully the country can now get some sort of respect off the rest of the world!

    Now this crass clownish example of the degradation of the political elite has been forced to stumble off on his self-produced banana skins.

    He made the country a laughing stock.

    And those who voted for him and his truffle snuffling party can be considered jokers in the pack.

  8. As said before if you look back in history not one Tory policy has had any long term benefits not one. They have created an housing shortage / thatcher hated the Welsh and wiped out the mines and their industry as well as other manufacturing across the UK. They sold off anything that was owned or run by the public. No benefit to the public but very beneficial to those who it was sold to on the cheap. They are a terrible political party. Who have done the most harm to the U.K.

    • Unlike Labour, who bang on about equality while only ever having male leaders, the Tories put actions before words. Patel, Truss, Dorries, Zahawi, Sunak, Javid… until the meltdown of the past 48 hours, it is doubtful that anywhere in the world had so many women and/or ethnic minorities at the top echelons of their government. We should all be very proud of this (and long may it continue).

      • Peter here is one for you, Boris has resigned from the Conservative party not PM if the tories dilly dally about choosing the new leader he could be PM for more than what is really needed and that is not right he should go now. Maybe I should send him the moody blues hit!!

  9. If and when the establishment cliche SIR Keir Starmer becomes PM, I predict, before the bonnet of the removal van has cooled down, he’ll prove himself to be; ultra conservative (small C) neophobic and terrified of questions like “How do you define a woman?” In short, he’s Harold Macmillan in (slightly) trendier trousers.

  10. Peter Checksfield and Bgg Chris. You can stuff your stupid racist English so-called humour up your bottoms as far as I’m concerned. I am sick to death of reading your snide unfunny comments.

  11. Big Chris and Peter Checksfield, I just want to be able to make comments on this site without being mocked for my nationality. So stop it.

  12. Any male or female dressing up as the opposite sex should be prosecuted for fraud and sexually deviant and placed on the sex offenders registrar for using the wrong toilets. The fact that those who do the dressing up are often under mental health care speaks volumes. We are what we are are when born. Just my opinion which under my human rights I’m entitled to have. I have no problem at all with gay / bisexual / pan sexual. We are what we are.

  13. I have never heard anyone say “dylyfu” or “sglodion”. I had to look them up in my dictionary. They may be northern welsh words.

  14. “Sglodion” is in fact plural, as well as dialect. “Dylyfu”, though clearly a verb, doesn’t seem to be used without “gen” (My keyboard doesn’t have a circumflex key. “Gen” should have a circumflex on the e.)

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