Appeal after teenage boy attacked by man in Broadstairs

Image Kent Police

Police are appealing for witnesses after a teenage boy was assaulted by a man in Broadstairs and suffered a broken jaw.

On Thursday, June 23, between 10.45pm and 11pm, the teenager was punched in the face by an unknown man. This knocked him unconscious and he was then been kicked in the face.

Kent Police attended the scene of the assault in East Cliff Promenade where the teenager was taken to hospital for treatment for a broken jaw.

Officers investigating the offence have since spoken to a number of witnesses and reviewed CCTV. The suspect has been described as being aged between 18 and 20, around 6ft tall with blonde hair and was wearing dark clothing. He is said to have left the scene in the direction of Harbour Street.

Anyone who may have seen what happened or who has information that can help with the investigation is asked to call Kent Police as soon as possible.

Please call 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/121145/22. You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555111, or using the online form on their website.


    • Not nearly as bad as Ramsgate or Margate please do not make this into something more than it is bad as it it Broadstairs is still a relatively safe place

  1. I bear that in mind if am walking through Ramsgate town center at that time,or Margate and Broadstairs. No where is SAFE. Why i never be out that time of night.

    • I agree Mark Durrant cliftonville as well is equally as bad as the other three towns, but still nowhere near as the Medway area or Dartford, violence is on the up everywhere its back in football.and getting into Rugby crowds as well, ordinary law abiding people are at best anxious if walking alone in these towns we just don’t know if the person who you’re walking towards has plans to attack you & rob you or just want to kick hell out of you. Will more police make a difference slightly because we won’t get the amount to truly make the difference, its down to government cut backs over years and I believe this is the reason why all our 3 emergency services are struggling to recruit is the amount of them getting attacked as the criminal know if its a lone copper in particular he/she will do anything to get away.

  2. Hailing from lawless Reading, I can tell you Thanet is way safer.

    Overall, crime is rising everywhere in the UK. Many reasons could be ascribed to this trend including the rise in the CoL, housing, population growth, to name a few. Tribal disaffection among the younger cohort is infectious once you start chipping away at their economic outlook.

  3. “Broadstairs is among the top 5 safest medium-sized towns In Kent.”
    Broadstairs/St Peter’s crime rate 76 per 1000.
    Kent crime rate 87 per 1000.

    Reading crime rate 70 per 1000. general Berkshire rate 87 per 1000.

    These are 2021 statistics, on

  4. All of these comparisons between different places are only valid if crimes are recorded in the same way. We all know that the level of violence is far higher than is reported. Those who don’t sustain injuries requiring hospital treatment usually don’t report crimes.

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