Man handed suspended sentence following stand-off with police at Viking Bay

Police were called to the scene Photo Mr Leung

A man who went into the sea at Viking Bay last Sunday (June 26) in an attempt to evade police has been sentenced to 77 days imprisonment suspended for one year.

Kent Police attended the reported disturbance on the seafront and a number of police officers and a lifeguard were assaulted during the response where the man went into the tidal pool to escape capture.

Alex Ephgrave was arrested when the tide went out and was later charged with one count of assault, three counts of assaulting an emergency worker, one count of obstructing a constable and one count of attempted criminal damage, in relation to a police dog.

The 38-year-old, of Manston Road, Ramsgate, admitted all six charges before Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 28 June and was given a 77-day sentence, suspended for one year.


  1. He assaulted several people and caused chaos around Broadstairs and yet he get a suspended sentence. No wonder the police get so demoralized!

  2. Why on earth is this a suspended sentence. This is giving out the wrong nessage to criminals and not supporting emergency workers.

  3. In my day (90’s) I would not have hesitated releasing the dog on an adult trying to avoid capture.
    Today, mustn’t hurt people’s feelings, what a woke world we’re all living in.

  4. so all he has to do is behave his self for a little while , and hes got away with it , when you have unqualified social climbers acting as JP.s no justice will be served

  5. No wonder the streets arent safe.If I apprehended this person for the safety of others,I probably would have received a prison sentence.

    • Totally understand.. Corruption for criminals its okay.. Victims well according Mag is strated victims are to blame

  6. So let me get this straight – “A man who went into the sea at Viking Bay” Was hounded by Police & fought back and was charged – There were no other charges from before the Police intervention – So he obviously wasn’t breaking the law before the Police intervened? Do I read this right?
    Broadstairs gone mad – Last year we had the armed response team called for loud music on the beach – Yet last week Margate sands saw a mass brawl & one police car + two officers were sent I see photos of rouges jumping on the roof of the Police car – I don’t understand the over Policing of Broadstairs & the under Policing of Margate???

    • Met poached all Kent police force can keep them too. Useless bunch of criminals most have kiddie pics on pc or murder women or just waste tax payers money supping tea

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