Drop in donations may force Thanet cat charity to cut back on services

Cats in Crisis needs more income as price rises bite

A Thanet animal charity says some services will have to be withdrawn as it faces a massive drop in funding.

Cats in Crisis is completely manned by volunteers who voluntary rescue and rehome cats in the Thanet, with particular concern for elderly cats and ferals.

The charity, which has been running some two decades, usually has more than 100 cats in its care at any one time, all being looked after in the homes of volunteers as there is no rescue centre. Recently volunteers have taken in eight cats from a gentleman who died and all need various forms of treatment, such as dental and for skin problems, before volunteers can even start to think about rehoming.

Now Trustee Mary Knott says less help will be on offer because the charity has suffered a huge drop in donations and legacies,

It means financial help has to be withdrawn as well as the possibility of being unable to take in more cats in need.

Mary said: “It is proving more and more difficult to find good homes for the cats we already have in our care because it is increasingly important for us to ensure new owners are aware of the financial implications of having a pet.

“It is a long term commitment and veterinary costs are now so high that it is beyond the reach of many families who are already struggling. Some offer lovely homes but ask if we can help with vet bills should the need arise.  In the past we have tried to do this but it is getting harder.

“And if we cannot rehome our cats then we have no free space to take in new ones, some of which are in dire need of help.

“We are also getting more requests to provide cat (and sometimes dog) food for families on low income.  We will try to continue with this for as long as we can because the alternative is for them to give up their much-loved pets which would be devastating particularly for the children.

“The costs involved in treating cats at the vets is at an all-time high and with income falling below previous levels – for very obvious reasons – we are having to make some very difficult decisions.

“As many people will know, our vet bills in 2020 were £63,000 and much of this was for emergency work, injured strays, elderly cats with major health problems, as well as routine neutering.

“We truly do not want to cut back on our work but unless income increases I regret we will have no alternative.”

Find out how to donate via https://catsincrisisthanet.wordpress.com/donate/

For PayPal please use ‘family and friends’ if possible as the charity then does not have to pay charges.

It is possible to set up a monthly donation via PayPal.


  1. Disgraceful comment. “It is not whether they can reason, it is whether they can suffer”. Plenty of evidence that shows cruelty to animals lead inexorably to cruelty to humans! Please donate something to Mary and show we all care.

  2. I agree with Keith , Disgraceful comment real world. Cats, dogs , birds any pet are part of the family.
    They are not to be tossed out or chucked to one side.
    I am often short of money and go without food or heating , BUT MY DOG ALWAYS COMES FIRST.

  3. Real world you should change your name to sad world.
    There is no difference between humans and animals just that animals are in a different form to us, animals feel pain hunger and thirst hot cold and love. Cats dogs and other animals bring much happiness and love to millions of adults and children. It’s wonderful to know there are people volunteering to care for them.

    • Bill there is a difference , well my dog anyway.
      He don’t hog the bathroom, he don’t moan as much as humans female ones worst.
      He don’t turn the tv over when I am watching something.
      He don’t bring strangers into my house (like my Daughters did).
      When I return home he is happy to see me, goes through my shopping to see what I bought him home.
      I used to get from my humans , what time you call this , er 3 4 AM how do I know after 10 pints, where you been.
      Could my humans not tell the time , why ask where I been , they not see chilli sause down my front or bits of kebab.

      If any one reading this has the problems I had maybe get “a moan box” every time they moan they put a quid in and donate that to animals .

  4. The adoption process needs to be made easier. We tried to re home a dog, our application was declined because we’d never owned a dog resulting in us purchasing a puppy from a local breader.

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