Broadstairs Town Shed takes national title

CHAMPS: Broadstairs Town Shedders with Kerry Millett at the awards

Broadstairs Town Shed has been awarded a top national title.

Members attended ‘Shed Fest’ at the University of Worcester Arena on Saturday (June 25) and were crowned UK ‘Men’s Shed of The Year’ 2022.

The event is organised by the UK Men’s Shed Association. ‘Shed Fest’ showcases innovation, products and initiatives all linked to the development of Men’s Shed in the UK.

According to research,. Men’s Sheds reduce loneliness by 96%, anxiety by 75% and depression by 89% and  97% of Shedders make new friends on joining a Shed and 88% feel more connected to the community.

At the ceremony John Latchford, Chairman of UK Men’s Sheds Association, said : “This year is the first year back since 2019 and the field of nominations is incredibly strong.

I congratulate Broadstairs Town Shed for the quality of their nomination and this is why we shortlisted them for the award.  My sincere best wishes to them and all the Sheds that took part this year.”

The Town Shed, based near St. Peter’s, was then awarded the top prize and pronounced ‘UK Men’s Shed of The Year’.

Kerry Millett, from Broadstairs Town Shed, said: “It was such a strong field.  So many people donate their time, skills and energy to make Sheds work and support their communities at a local level. Our ‘Shed Heads’ are all heroes and support all members by donating many hours each week to make the project work.

“There are 580 Sheds open already in the UK, and another 140+ in development. Sheds not just all across the UK, but across the world, really do make a difference to so many people’s lives.

“We are unbelievably proud of what all our members have achieved since we started in our tiny building in Pierremont Park back in 2014. To be given this award is the icing on the cake and are excited to see what the next eight years might bring to our community.”

Award winning Broadstairs Town Shed

The Broadstairs Town Shed is a volunteer led initiative.It is a place for older people, (50+) to get together, and participate in meaningful and rewarding DIY/woodwork and metalwork-based activities.

Joining the Shed can help tackle loneliness and isolation, allows members to share and learn new skills, and increases community involvement and engagement.

The Shed is based at Unit 3 Oakwood Industrial Estate, Dane Valley Road, Broadstairs.

Men’s Sheds are also run in Birchington and Minster.

Find Broadstairs Town Shed on facebook here


    • Sheds have always been a place where men can find peace from their nagging wives Peter (it’s a well known reputation).
      I personally won’t like to go into a shed to find peace but whatever makes a man find peace so be it!

      • Indeed Lucy, but as they also (quite rightly) welcome women too, the name is a bit confusing. A bit like the Women’s Institute making men welcome – not that I’d go to ANY of these things myself!

        • Yes it’s “outdated” by today’s standards but I’m sure men of a certain age will remember.
          My comment was to emphasise the history of “sheds” and the reason why men love them.
          Nowadays they’re different size, shape and some now have heaters and comfortable chairs, some have been converted into an extra room in the garden, so sheds have come a long way! Not just for garden tools Torywife.

    • Peter, Broadstairs Town Shed is called so because women are welcomed. I’m a Shed Head there and we have a growing number of female members.

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