Westgate man arrested after parcel of cannabis sent from USA intercepted

Image Kent Police

A man from Westgate has been arrested after a parcel containing a large amount of cannabis was intercepted.

The package, believed to have originated from the USA, was stopped before it could be delivered to a property in Westgate.

Nearly a kilogram of cannabis was found inside, which has now been seized as part of an ongoing investigation.

A 31-year-old man from Westgate was arrested yesterday (June 23) on suspicion of importing a controlled drug and has been released under investigation while enquiries continue.

Detective Inspector Julien Lawton, of East Kent CID, said: “Importing an illegal drug is a serious offence which can lead to a lengthy jail sentence.

“I would like to warn anyone thinking of ordering illegal substances that police officers are more likely to be knocking on their doors than a postal courier.”


    • Totally out of order comment as a postie of 27 year,you should be praising the authorities for catching the person .
      Class A drugs are not welcome in Thanet

      • Just a joke, like Postman Plod in Viz used to be. Although of course there are many cases on record of postal workers stealing-often for a long time, such as former Margate manager Lee Holness, who pocketed 20 grands worth of cash & goods & this clown in the link below. By the may Marijuana is not a Class A drug, it is Class B.


  1. The fact that Jellyfish have survived for 650 million years with no brains should mean there is at least some hope for this gentleman.

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