Upton’s 200 Club for dedicated young readers

Upton 200 Club members

Love of reading is one of the important cornerstones of literacy learning at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs.

Every week in assembly, a child in each class receives a champion certificate for amazing and dedicated home reading or for their fantastic responses in class.

Girls and boys also receive rewards for the amount of reading they have done at home throughout the school year – the more they read, the more rewards there are including reading wristbands, book marks and badges for their lanyards.

Upton also has a special 200 Club for pupils who have read more than 200 times.

Assistant Head teacher Gemma Scarr said: “Congratulations to the children who have made it into the 200 club and who have read so many times this year.

“We are proud of their excellent efforts – and all our children who read at home also deserve praise.

“Developing a love of reading is an enjoyment and benefit for life. It is so important for the world in which we live. At Upton we know how important this is and value all the time put into it by children, parents, carers and staff.

“Literacy is a cornerstone of our education and our girls and boys have a love of books and stories, whether it is for education and research, fact or fiction. It helps them develop a love for words and encourages the use of grammar – reading is the key that unlocks their imaginations.”

During the next school year Upton’s literacy drive will be boosted even further with the introduction of the Accelerated Reader scheme and a digital platform to read on at home.


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