Car crashes into house in Ramsgate

The road was closed off Photo Roy Foord

Police were called to Boundary Road in Ramsgate after a car ploughed into a house.

Officers were called in the early hours of today (June 22) and cordoned off the road while the incident was dealt with. Officers say there were no reported injuries.

Photo Roy Foord

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police officers attended Boundary Road after a car collided with a residential property at around 12.15am on Wednesday 22 June.

“No injuries were reported and the officers arranged for the vehicle to be recovered.”


  1. I live near there, and there has been a local campaign to try and slow traffic down! My guess is the car must have been coming down Boundary Road, from the direction of Park Road, which is downhill. It must have been travelling very fast, and lost control on the bend by the Fury Pub. Lucky no one was hurt, just hope the driver was insured to make good the repairs to the house!

    • First step is to remove the parking which makes the road narrow and no one gives way ,so unsurprisingly accidents will happen!

    • I was 100% wrong! Looking at the picture it gave the impression of looking down Boundary Road, and I assumed the vehicle had gone out of control on the bend by the pub. In fact it was numbers 101, and 103 Boundary Road, that took the hit, on the left hand side going UP Boundary Road, towards Park Road! How the driver managed to lose control at this point is beyond me, unless they were going so fast they lost control on the bend by the pub. In any event major damage to the property has been caused, and I hope the driver was insured! The owners of the property should have Buildings Insurance, so let them sort it out. If the driver wasn’t insured, then the owners Insurers should sort this too! If the properties had tenants then its to be hoped they had Contents Insurance, for any damage to their property, in my experience few tenants ever bother with obtaining Contents Insurance, but they should!

  2. The speed some are driving at especially in built up areas is getting out of hand now!

    Once again an innocent person suffers because of an idiot, thankfully this time it was a building that got hit and not a pedestrian.

    Just hope there is no structural damage and they can get it fixed asap and that the driver has insurance.

  3. What a silly idea putting a house there. It was inevitable one of these fine upstanding & 100% sober car drivers would crash into it eventually.

  4. Curiously, someone drove a car into a parked car in Margate Road, at about the same time, causing severe damage! Saw the parked car being removed earlier today, no sign of the car that did the damage, but a police tape was put up!

  5. Police pulled over a Thanet youth and were amazed to find his car was taxed, tested and insured!
    It wasn’t stolen and, when searched, there were no stolen items and no drugs were found.
    The driver was sober and had a full licence with no points on it.
    A Police spokesperson said there was no option but to fine him £80 for wasting police time.

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