Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils unearthing Britain’s history

History detectives at RAPS

By Peter Barnett

The lives of the invaders and settlers who changed the face of Britain are being explored by children at Ramsgate Arts Primary.

The Year 5 ‘history detectives’ are delving deep into the past to discover what shaped the way the country developed through the centuries.

Within this term’s topic girls and boys will research the Roman invasion of our shores including how the Britons reacted and what happened after. They will also find out about the heritage and culture of the Anglo-Saxons, the Viking invaders, and Alfred the Great.

As part of their learning pupils have already looked at a range of artefacts in class. These include a replica sword, a Roman-style mosaic and candlestick and a statue of a goddess, together with a cooking pot and a fibula which was used to pin clothing.

Head of Year 5 Hannah Dannell said: “The children have also created a Saxon-style brooch using an embossing technique. They embossed tin foil over cardboard and then coloured it using permanent markers to make it look like metal and jewels. The patterns they created were symmetrical to look at and as authentic in detail as possible.”

Head of School Nick Budge said: “Exploring the social history and development of our country is an important part of our pupils’ learning as they unravel our rich and interesting heritage.

“The invaders and settlers work enables our Year 5 pupils to dig deep into the past and find out how and why Britain developed in the way it did centuries ago – they will trace timelines to map the way our society progressed and dealt with huge changes along the way.

“As well as expanding their knowledge, it will develop our children’s critical thinking skills.”


  1. i wonder if they are teaching them about the latest invasion ? i feel that will have a greater effect on the childrens future

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