Meteorite Mash-Up sessions at Discovery Planet and AiR in Ramsgate

Demonstrating damage from one grain of sand Photo Pete Bateson

The latest workshop at the Discovery Planet HQ in Ramsgate is particularly topical this weekend.

Dr Vicky Mason, a research scientist at Kent University, said: “Discovery Planet’s workshop this Saturday, called Meteorite Mash-Up, could not be better timed.”

Why? Well, earlier this week reports were received that the world’s biggest space telescope, the James Webb Telescope, had been damaged by a micro meteoroid.

NASA said that one of the main mirrors on the huge space observatory had been damaged by a tiny rock fragment. Despite the tiny size of the fragment, the super high speed at which things move through space means that even the smallest objects can cause a lot of damage if they hit something.

Photo Pete Bateson

At the free Meteorite Mash-Up event people will learn why spacecraft need to be built to withstand the impact of tiny particles of space dust, and will have a go at building their own shield. They’ll also learn how to identify the minuscule micrometeorites that can be found on most of our roofs.

Workshops will take place at Discovery Planet’s new HQ, 47 High Street, Ramsgate CT119AG, on Saturday (June 18) for members of the public. They will begin on the hour, every hour from 10am to 3pm, which is when the last one starts. The 10am session is set aside as a special quiet session for people who particularly need a calmer environment. There is no need to book – just turn up!

Photo Pete Bateson

Discovery Planet’s collaboration with Arts in Ramsgate is continuing too. Participants will be able to walk straight over to AiR’s new High Street venue and explore the space topic further with artist Melanie King who will be making meteorite cyanotype artworks using the power of the sun and actual meteorite dust.

AiR’s sessions will start at 10 minutes past the hour, are open to anyone, and are also completely free of charge.

More can be found about Arts in Ramsgate and their ongoing programme of events and activities by looking at their website Discovery Planet’s website is