Crews attend small fire on barge at Ramsgate slipway

Crews at the scene Photo Mark Stanford

Two fire engines attended the slipway at Ramsgate harbour yesterday (June 15) to deal with an incident on a barge.

Fire crews were called to Harbour Parade to reports of a fire on the boat at 5.29pm. The crews extinguished a small fire involving a bag of wood.

Photo Mark Stanford

There were no reported injuries and the cause is not yet known. The fire service finished at the scene at 5.43pm.


  1. pity it wasnt that shipwreck of an ” arts ” barge , i would like to know whos paying for the mooring of that rusting hulk ?

    • Oh the barge known as Vriendscrap !

      Was told its due to be on the slipway this summer, for hull shot blast, paint and other nautical work.
      Open for business mid 2023 so worth a visit.

      Yearly Mooring fees, paid by the artsbarge company. Probably around £5k+

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