Photos: (Not) The Margate Meltdown 2022

Bikers on (not) the Margate Meltdown Photo Frank Leppard

The Margate Meltdown was on, and then off, unofficially on -and then ordered to be off – but in the end bikers came in their droves today (June 2) for the annual run to Margate.

Photo Louis McClaren

Motorbikes of all shapes and sizes parked along the Stone Pier and seafront and people enjoyed the glorious sun and the first day of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Thanet council had issued a statement “encouraging regulars of the event not to coordinate an unofficial gathering.”

Photo Roberto Fabiani

The authority added: “Doing so could have a significant impact on residents, road users and visitors in the area especially without the level of support in place to ensure it operates safely.

“We anticipate that those who usually attend and do so in a respectful and safe manner will understand the potential risks. We would only expect to have to take enforcement action as a last resort, if public safety were being compromised.”

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The statement did not put off bikers who were determined to enjoy the trip to Margate.


  1. Looks great.

    The best things ever to be at the TC ! (Car park )

    Nice to see bikes and scooters together

    Be interesting to see what happens next year.

  2. Great photos too see and thanks to all bikers for coming down to margate and enjoying yourself and day out.

    • I understood that the cancellation was caused by the failure of the organisers (Ace Cafe, in London) to fill in the correct paperwork in time.
      That the event didn’t officially happen was nothing to do with TDC.

      • Nobody said it was the fault of TDC Phyllis. The big annoyance is thatTDC told the bikers to keep away and that they would be enforcing parking regulations with fines. Bullying and shameful tactics from that mob inCecil Square not helping local businesses one iota and preventing the public from enjoying the spectacle. 😡😡😡

        • Trying to keep Margate safe and pleasant for all the visitors who didn’t arrive by bike was also TDC’s responsibility.
          The bikers were not “entitled” to take over Margate.

          • All the visitors and kids were loving the bikes,all chatting and having a laugh, no trouble, no crap everywhere like your “normal ” visitors. No doubt the local shops done well as well.

    • I wonder if they were out as promised enforcing bikes on pavements and speeding over the 20MPH limit they had put in all along the seafront and Fort Hill. I bet not. They make you laugh with their threats.

  3. Shame they turned up really.. but showd the sort of people we have to deal with .. the environment suffered for the sake of a few ice creams being sold .. pity ..

      • Judyg.. one day that Ray of sunshine you talk about will be so damaging due to climate change from pollutants (petrol / diesel vehicles in this case motor bikes) and temperatures will be so high you won’t be able to go out of your front door.. have the bike event you LOVE so much.. but maybe change the pollutants to electric bikes.. save the thanet …

        • Says the man that admits he does not have a car due to the damage to the environment and he admits to using buses all the time. So lets look at that, bus engine 17 ltr diesel that is 10 cars to one bus. Or 17 cars at 1000 cc so who is doing the most damage. So I will be good and just call him a brain less idiot.

          • Dave you clearly want climate change to happen and the earth warm up year on year.. I don’t… I walk a lot and I take buses a little.. I take the train a little … I care about climate change.. one day buses will be electric … clearly you don’t… we disagree … but will never insult you … 😊 … have a nice day Dave

          • How many people does a bus contain? How many does the average private car contain? Public transport, when well used, is much less polluting than the private car.

          • Well it’s good to hear more leccy buses are on the way soon. There needs to be some sense, and it cannot all be done straight away. If Boris get’s off his fat a… and get’s on with his environment declaration along with other leaders then things will change. Only issue is that they are a bit slow in the challenge as David Attenborough is telling us we must change now if we don’t want the planet to die.

      • Brenda .. no need to protest .. education is key here .. they can be educated .. and one day their bikes will be banned from the roads .. 🙏

      • I walk a lot or take public transport train or bus .. don’t own any vehicle.. save the thanet … I take it you want climate change and the displacement of millions of people all over the world… narrow streets .. narrow minds …. just being Frank 😊

  4. Large numbers of visitors aren’t a new thing, for decades they always parked up neatly on the prom, keeping paths walkaway, happy to chat with folk about their bikes or scooters, let folk take photos etc. Interesting to see now it works perfectly without road closures, and the problems that brings to other road users.

    • Would you have been happier if dozens of police and DVLA enforcement officers turned up?
      Perhaps most bikers needed the advice to stay away, and those that came were responsible?
      Ironic, isn’t it, that posters on here, usually quick to criticize DDLs, are welcoming them with open arms?

  5. Good stuff. Big 2 fingers stuck up at the Council.

    They can bully their staff but they’ll never bully the bikers !!!

  6. Seems alot of people want people to visit margate but not on motor bikes.

    I guess if they come in their posh cars and visit the Turner Centre and spend money in TC posh restaurants and spend money in the expansive art gift shops that’s ok.

    But bikers who spend money on chips, cafes, ice cream etc arent wanted

    We people who want to stop others from having any fun what so ever because of the environment.

    Well as some who spends his weekends travelling around England following my mighty Manchester City and this week again at the Etihad to see our kid Liam Gallagher. I am going to live my life.

    I do my bit for the environment, walk when I can. Only use the car to do more than one thing. Car share etc. I have a wildlife area in my garden, I have hedgehogs, frogs, snakes, newts, lizards.

    It’s about getting a balance.

    • I applaud you happy manc 👏… you get it .. the others on here will through education.. save the thanet ..

  7. They looked pretty bored when I walked through town. Pint of lemonade and lots of lounging on bikes texting..!…not the raging hords…..😝

    • Thanet toilets are notoriously either very bad or non-existent. We strolled through Boughton Street yesterday, a village with 3 shops and 2 pubs, yet not only did they have toilets but they were very modern and clean, thanks to Swale council. It would be like Garlinge or St. Nicholas having clean and modern toilets (instead there are none of course!).

      • Yes, they are both Council run bogs. If you want a decent one then you need to use a business’ one. It is handy to keep a ‘Just Can’t Wait’ card in your wallet just in case of emergencies when out and about. They can be got from some charities.

  8. This is England. Governed by English Common Law. Not the Code Napoleon. T.D.C. has no lawful right to tell anyone, “Do not come!”
    Thankfully, the patrons of the Ace Cafe ignored the Little Napoleon’s. Great day. My grandchildren loved it.

    • Wonder what other things they ignore ? .. speed limits … ? Just being Frank 😊 .. your grandchildren need the environment to be looked after by YOU! Showing them pollution machines the very things that will make climate change fail and average temperatures rise is irresponsible at least.. just being Frank 😊

  9. Bless you and your trolling Frank.
    I raised 4 children without a private motor vehicle.
    None of them drove until their thirties, when their own family obligations prevailed upon them to do so.
    Neither did we fly or cruise.
    The whole life carbon footprint of an E.V., including the waste inherent in both electricity generation and charging, is at least triple that of the dirtiest diesel.
    Old fashioned plastic bags locked in the ethene portion of carbon generated by the fractional distillation of petroleum crude. Unlike their “biodegradable” alternatives.
    My late mother – whose own 96th birthday it would have been on Jubilee Day – was full of Methodist homilies and adages. Two of which appear appropriate here:

    “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”
    “Judge not, lest ye yourself be judged!”

    Good advice Frank.
    Regarding extinctions and human evolution. The first three chapters of T.E. Lawrence’s “The 7 Pillars of Wisdom” give a good insight as to how this happens. As does the history of Morocco.
    We’re not all going to die because a few bikers road to Margate (the scooterists are all assembling today).
    Meanwhile, all those white bearded men who used to walk around London carrying sandwich boards bearing the legend, “The End is Nigh!”, have either died or gone home for their tea.

    What is the carbon footprint of all the Extinction Rebellion protests globally (particularly the ridiculous costumes)?
    What is the carbon footprint of your trolling today?

    Happy holiday Frank!😁

    • Well said Harry I’m glad you have taken my advise and are now helping change climate and save the thanet ! .. thanks H

      • I haven’t taken your advice Frank.
        I’m a grandfather of five. I’ve been living it for forty five years! I was “Green” before the phrase even existed.🙄

        • Then use your experience to spread the word .. let’s help the planet.. make climate change be as low as possible for your grandchildrens future .. well done Harry! ..

  10. Frank. I learned forty years ago that people don’t like to be preached to/at. I live my life and let others live theirs. Your quasi-religious earnestness on this thread is likely to have precisely the opposite effect to that which you intend.
    Leave it alone and stop wasting precious resources posting messages that effect no change whatsoever. Stop telling. Start living.

  11. Harry I’m not telling I’m learning from you ! You are and have been a great example of how we should all live ! I thank you for sharing and being honest about your care for the environment… just need a few more people in thanet to copy you .. you the man H ! … all praise 👏 to YOU ! X

  12. Harry Webb what happened 40 years ago for you to learn this ? Was you trying to tell peolpe was it the ‘I was green before green was here ‘ … just interested.. it’s obviously stuck with you all these years … you are an interesting man …

  13. As a child, back in the ’60’s, I was fascinated when I discovered the Tour de France. Not just the race, but the scale of human physical ability.
    As a martial artist, ten years later, I learned that, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”
    Simple as that. In the Evolution Stakes, he who needs the least survives the best.
    That’s the wisdom I discovered. Anything else is hot air!

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