Shoppers surprised by fantastic East Kent Mencap flashmob in Ramsgate

Fabulous flashmob in Ramsgate

Shoppers in Ramsgate town centre were treated to a surprise Flashmob today (June 1) to mark the start of the Jubilee celebrations.

A group from East Kent Mencap performed alongside drag artists from Margate Pride to a track by Queen.

The flashmob was part of East Kent Mencap’s Jubilee project to inspire people with a learning disability to connect with their creativity, working alongside professional artists. Members of Margate Pride ran three workshops with EKM in Ramsgate, learning the choreography and practising their moves.

Photo Amy Rutland

The project was funded by Arts Council’s Let’s Create Jubilee Fund, coordinated by Kent Community Foundation.

Performers donned yellow bandanas, fake moustaches, sunglasses and glittery jackets as a homage to Freddie Mercury and performed to a mash up of ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.  As the crowds gathered, EKM members handed out Union Jack flags and hats and encouraged people to sing along.


Mayor of Ramsgate, Councillor Raushan Ara, came by to watch and congratulated the group on their wonderful show.

Fundraising manager Jane Brooke said: “The project was hugely successful.  Many of our members enjoy performing and this was a great opportunity to showcase their talents and enthusiasm.  Margate Pride was so much fun to work with and really inspired everyone to put on a fantastic performance.”


    • The towns hardly bustling these days, just a lot of homeless, smack heads pretending to be homeless and begging.. sadly this is most towns

      As for the jubilee, well what a waste of money, all things considered it would be best spent making sure families have food on the table

  1. quite right – we are asked to celebrate a bunch of freeloading billionaire , inbred perverts and misfits , no thanks

  2. Wow! Some of you need to read these are people with a learning disability livening up the town. The town has had problems but credit to RTC it is now improving. I Suspect you all go to Westwood Use the town or lose it

  3. At least one car and one van in the video, I thought it was a pedestrian area and no stopping at any time 24/7 ?

    Just saying !!

  4. What a lot of misery minded people who have commented here. A group of people who taken their time to Brighten up people’s lives, no wonder Ramsgate is getting its reputation with miseries like those who have commented here apart from a few who see the good in what they are trying to do and put a smile on faces what a fantastic good idea, well done to those who took part in this impromptu show. 😊😊

    • The town centre is just occupied by the homeles, the drunks and the smack heads? whats open these days to bring anyone in, if they want to celebrate the lizard queens jubilee, then thats their choice, cant expect people to have much to say about ramsgate town centre than the truth

  5. It’s good to see typical Ramsgate people enjoying themselves.. looks like a fun event .. everyone smiling 😃

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