Drug arrest and groups dispersed during evening patrols in Thanet

Police and special officers with PD Dougal. 

A suspected drug dealer was arrested and more than 25 people were stopped by officers as part of work to keep Thanet safe in the summer evenings.

On Saturday (May 28) evening, officers from the Thanet Multi-Agency Task Force carried out patrols in Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Margate Railway Station.

Kent Police Dog (PD) Dougal, a specialist dog trained in detecting drugs, worked with officers from Kent Special Constabulary and the British Transport Police at Margate Railway Station where several young people were reported for being in possession of drugs.

A 27-year old man from Ashford was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs with intent to supply. He was released on bail until 1 September.

PD Dougal also joined patrols in Pierremont Park and Memorial Park in Broadstairs to help carry out a stop and search of people suspected of carrying drugs in the area.

A dispersal order was in place to tackle recent reports of anti-social behaviour resulting in officers moving on groups of young people from the parks. Parents and guardians will be contacted by officers as part of ongoing work to deal with those responsible for causing any issues.

Plain clothes officers were used to identify further potential drug use at various areas in Broadstairs.

Additional patrols were carried out in Ramsgate, including in the High Street and Harbour Street, to encourage safer socialising in pubs and clubs.

District Commander for Thanet, Chief Inspector Matthew Smith said: “During the summer months it is understandable that people want to spend a day or night out and we see more people coming to Thanet to do so.

“Most people cause no issues at all, but those who do, can impact on others in the community. We remind people to socialise safely and with consideration to other people.

“Our officers will be carrying out further work with partner agencies, local businesses as well as the public this summer to ensure the area remains safe for all.”


  1. It’s about time, this should be an everyday day action until drug dealers / yobs / trouble makers realise Ramsgate is not the place to take liberties.

  2. This is what should have been done in sainsburys underground car park 4 years ago.never safe for me to do my job as a trolley collector. Had to leave.

  3. Hopefully these brave police officers and support will attend the CANCELLED ‘margate morons’ motor bike event and do the same to those who drefy the BAN ….

    • It wasn’t a ‘ban’ ..it wasn’t officially sanctioned by Ace cafe…but it wasn’t banned …otherwise plod would have put road blocks up

    • Here here Chris…as a trike rider I didn’t attend but I’m sure those that did attend behaved in a responsible manner

  4. Nothings changed apart from the fact thanet is a lot more populated nowadays so these incidents seem more frequent.In any case its only because the middle classed londoners are moving down in droves that the police are now acting,after all we can’t scare the cash buyers away old chap,that would never do

    • Lol. It’s those pesky down from londerers again.

      Take back control of Thanet borders I say.


  5. Hopefully these don’t waste their time with the law abiding, big on charity bikers.

    It’s a shame it’s often harmless groups of teenagers that get targeted to just boost numbers to justify man power. When I was a kid groups of teenagers out and about was seen as a good thing.

    Now we seem to want them chained in their bedrooms.

    The older generation are such snowflakes.

    • I suppose in your day they was not hanging around in crowds and beating people up. Or Stabbing people or acting like uneducated morons were they? The little so called Gangster Hoodie Chavs.

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