Newington pupils take to the stage for Poppins-themed show

Poppins-themed fun at Newington

A practically perfect Poppins production was the climax of a magical term of learning and teamwork at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

The show featured girls and boys from all age groups in a range of music and dance numbers weaved around their inspired interpretation of the mystical nanny Mary Poppins who takes up residency with the Bates family in Edwardian 1910 London.

And after two years of pandemic restrictions the young cast ensured that their performance was the spoonful of sugar that everyone needed, complete with high energy routines and even kites flying across the stage in one number.

Poppins chimney sweeps

The show was called The Magic of London and was the culmination of a term of Poppins themed learning that began in April when the whole school visited the West End to see the latest musical production of Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre.

That set the tone for weeks of creative learning on subjects across the curriculum with a range of activities.

These included Year 1 pupils flying kites they designed and made, Nursery children learning the Feed The Birds song and finding out about their feathered friends; Year 6 making moving toys fit for the children’s nursery at the Banks family home. Creative artwork transformed classrooms with beautiful London skylines and landmarks, each year group made a giant kite that were hung together in the hall as a statement of school unity, and pupils designed their own Mary Poppins tee shirts for the performance.

Deputy Head Teacher Becky Andrews co-ordinated the term’s activities and praised the enthusiasm and creativity of the pupils and thanked the staff for their support and dedication in creating “a truly magical learning experience for the children.”

Special thanks went to teachers Tim Knight for transforming the school into a supercalifragilistic theatre coordinating each class to produce the fantastic back drop for the show and for creating a  show-stopping entrance; music lead Warwick Eldred who ensured that every child’s voice was recorded and integrated in the live performance as well as conducting in real time; PE lead Keilly Bowyer who choreographed dances for every year group, and ICT lead Chris Bing who ensured that every possible technical issue was in ship shape order.

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor said: “This has been a phenomenal term.  Our school value of collaboration has permeated every aspect of Newington life for the last five weeks, as we have set out to show the children what it truly means to work together and what that can achieve.

“The importance of Team Newington and how we create a sense of belonging for all of our children and staff is at the heart of our ethos and this term we have come together with spectacular results.

“The show was a brilliant culmination of a range of learning activities. It was hugely enjoyed by everyone involved on stage and behind the scenes, and also by our audience of families and friends.

“It was a powerful evocation of our community spirit.”